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Jul 23, 2019
Rave (Manga) add (All reviews)
Hiro Mashima had already fully realized his ideal shonen in his debut manga, Rave Master. Although I was never fond of Mashima’s brand of shonen, I gained newfound appreciation of his style through Rave. What made this manga distinct from other generic shonen is the emphasis and love for friendship. This, first and foremost, is the defining characteristic of Mashima’s stories. And like any other Mashima work, this essential feature is both a strength and a flaw. His obsession in friendship gets in the way of meaningful character writing and consequential conflict. The characters never go beyond their archetypal models. It fails to sell big read more
Jun 9, 2019
Sometimes I wonder to myself why I haven't already dropped Samurai 8. So far, it fails to grab my attention. There are two reasons for this, its uninteresting narrative and confusing aesthetics. These two sometimes go hand in hand together making every read a Herculean task.

The first problem lies in the fact that Samurai 8 is essentially another bland battle shonen in terms of narrative. It lacks early Naruto's heart and ambition. Normally, I have great patience when it comes to such kinds of manga. Even with Black Clover's clumsy start, it managed to carve a niche and refined its narrative. For Samurai 8, read more
Jun 9, 2019
Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso wo Kasaneru or, for short, Ookami Shounen is a harmless romantic drama. It almost feels refreshing with the lack of harem shenanigans and. especially, ecchi elements that pervade the romance manga landscape today. Unfortunately, it does nothing special outside of its unique synopsis. Keitarou's gender bending possess no significance except as facilitator for drama. Remove that unique plot point and it turns into your vanilla romance drama. But Ookami Shounen is an entertaining read nonetheless, it has cute moments and flashes of rapport between characters.

The highest praise I could give to this manga is that treats its characters read more
Jun 9, 2019
Frequently, the sports in sports manga has merely been used as a plot device to facilitate other themes such as friendship and teamwork. For example, Kuroko no Basket can easily be about any other team sport such as soccer or baseball with minimal changes. It's themes is universal enough and its superhuman abilities (and other shenanigans) can easily translate to another sport.

Slam Dunk is different.

Yes, it has themes concerning friendship or teamwork but it hardly emphasizes on that. Slam Dunk is not merely a sports manga, it is a basketball manga. While most sports manga uses its sport as a means to tell a read more
Oct 15, 2017
Black Clover undeniably embraces its predecessors. It has the classic underdog story reminiscent of Naruto, the sense of community that Fairy Tail and One Piece possess, and the hotblooded energy of almost every shonen manga ever. Black Clover does nothing new under the sun but it embraces things we are familiar with and turns it to a fun ride.

While Black Clover has nothing special to offer in its first few arcs but it's slowly improving with characters becoming more human and arcs getting more entertaining than the last. The author has a great understanding of character interaction that's why it's easy to get attach and read more
May 31, 2017
As Fairy Tail ends, I would like to give thanks to Fairy Tail, my first anime and manga that led made me start to watch anime and read manga. I would like to thank Mashima for this work. Now onto the review.

When Fairy Tail started, it wielded the sense of wonder and mystery in a land of magic and mages. The world was quickly established, the first page of the first chapter immediately introduces the Magic Council then weaves into Natsu in Hargeon Town into meeting Lucy while it establishes the world in the background. Mages, guilds, magic council, finding draconic fathers and it quickly read more
Oct 17, 2015
Gate is interesting because of the fusion of modern world and fantasy/Roman/medieval world. I always like seeing guns and missiles rekt knights and traditional tactics and weapons and these makes Gate satisfying because it’s done right and we can see the difference between two world and unsatisfying because I still got to wait next year.

Gate’s cast isn’t anything special but at least the MC is kind of likable and most of the characters have different traits, personality and characteristics. Rory as a yandere, Lelei as the curious, cute mage, Tuka as you know…. I don’t know, traumatized because her father is dead? Then we got read more
Jul 8, 2015
Tamers isn’t perfect by any means. But being ambitious enough is what makes it good.
Tamers isn’t also your ordinary kids anime. Written by Serial Experiments Lain’s writer who drove inspiration from NGE. Tamers is one hell of ride.

The story of the Tamers begins like a generic Digimon anime. DigiDestined meets their digimon, for exception that they are not transported into the DigiWorld. Tamers start slowly, building it’s characters and the setting around them. The appearance of the Devas made it seem like it was a generic Digimon anime. Not necessarily a bad thing. They are only setups for the last stage. Tamers shines when it’s read more
Jul 4, 2015
“Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right.”

Emiya Shirou

We are now in the second season of Unlimited Budget Works. Expect spoilers ahead.

I’m not a big fan of this cour (or season as MAL insists). It failed in everything it needed to do. The Caster arc was not really good since Caster was a plain villain. Ilya’s death failed to make at least a little impact on the show (This is why Heaven’s Feel exists). The characters in the show just come and go. Archer vs Shirou and his ideals produced episodes of tedious and repetitive dialogues. The dialogues are overwritten and awkward. Gilgamesh seemed to read more
Mar 20, 2015
Classical music anime and romance combination is not new to the medium. I’m pretty sure some here knows Nodame Cantabile. Then last year, another anime aired with similarities with Nodame Cantabile and probably might be a more tearjerker than anyone expected.

The first half of Shigatsu is most defining moments of the series. The violin and piano competitions backed by amazing direction is really memorable. Not only that, small moments and interactions between characters and individual monologues along with yet another amazing direction is carrying the series altogether.

Shigatsu’s second half becomes more on romance but it went downhill. Melodrama was taken on a extreme level read more