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SK∞: Crazy Rock Jam
SK∞: Crazy Rock Jam
Jun 8, 10:55 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 10
Yowamushi Pedal
Yowamushi Pedal
Jun 6, 3:55 PM
Watching 19/38 · Scored 8
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie
May 29, 10:35 PM
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Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai
May 13, 9:09 PM
Reading 44/? · Scored 10
King's Maker: Triple Crown
King's Maker: Triple Crown
May 1, 4:31 PM
Reading 69/? · Scored 10
Shangri-La no Tori
Shangri-La no Tori
Apr 26, 5:39 PM
Reading 11/? · Scored 10


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Remusquispuair Mar 19, 11:53 PM
Kuroko no Basket that's why
Wallacee Feb 3, 6:32 PM
Hi Cloe,

You are right about the turn the story has taken. It hasn't had any character centered episodes yet (maybe the next one?) and the story is focused on a major event xD on the other hand, let me tell you that you would be surprised if you saw Eren right now...

About Mikasa's dependency, I would say she grew a little right after the ending of Lost Girls. She decided she would live for herself despite Eren being eaten by a titan. Furthermore, before that, she saved a group of people by kinnling a titan and ordering some merchants to stop blocking a ¿tunnel?. I think she developed some independency and she shows interest for others, too. I know it is not enough jaja I understand you, a manga just about these characters' personal interests and goals would have been more suitable!

Sure! seems interesting to me. We can start that way! each of us watches on their own and then we talk about it here. A couple of episodes per day is okay? I live in Argentina, so probably there is a huge gap jaja

Wallacee Feb 2, 4:02 PM

I finished Lost Girls yesterday. Nice stories. Loved your comments. You are right, AoT got really political and it seems it will continue like that in the final season. Still, I recommend it :)

I would love that! Right now, I took a break from the animes I am watching. So, I'm very keen on watching something different. If you want to start a new anime/manga, please tell me! I will join you :)
Hyun0 Jan 13, 7:43 PM
I also loved how every meeting between Takao and Yukino were left in the jurisdiction of the rain, added a nice twist to the story especially after the raining season ended in the movie. Yes! Trying to force a connection by such a forceful interaction always never seems to work, and somehow Shinkai found a way to show how true relationships between two people can from through this movie; how both character's meshed together was absolutely perfect and how their characteristics complemented each other so well was absolutely beautiful.

KyoAni has to be my favorite producers other than CoMix, the art and the characters they develop is crazy good and any show/movie they produce always has me engaged in the story. Both studios somehow make the story about the character and not about some incident or an objective to end the story, which leaves the viewer guessing what the next scene is going to be about.

Also I have to thank you for helping me find Tsurune, the animation was so beautiful and the characters of the story were so interesting and their different reasons as to why they stuck to practicing Kyudo was really interesting to discover.

Oh okay, I'll also add "School Babysitters" on my Plan to Watch, it also seems to have a fun comedic premise. I've just finished watching "Daily Lives of High School Boys" and it was a great watch, the comedic approach and the chaotic feeling of the show made it pretty fun. As for warm feeling animes go, "Tanaka-kun is always listless" is one of my top favorites, the show it really comforting and strangely relatable.

Sounds like "The Eccentric Family" is a great watch then~~ I'm glad you recommended it to me.

Oh alright, I'll also check out the prequel to "The Moment You Fall in Love", I'll probably end up watching it during the weekend if I have the time to do so. I've been very busy recently, so I've been sticking to shows rather than going with movies just to save some time.
Hyun0 Jan 10, 1:39 AM
Yes!! That quote was the absolute best scene of that movie, it was really charming. ·ᴗ·
I think so too, a lot of the elements of the story of that movie is really hard to explain, but by just watching the movie in itself people could probably tell what we are talking about. And I have to agree with you with how, through rewatches, you definitely notice more subtle details that Shinkai added to the story.

Oh that's cool! I noticed that "Tsurune" is a KyoAni production, so that got me even more excited now! I will say that any KyoAni anime has always been in my top top list forever, and I hope that "Tsurune" may do the same.

Hmm, I guess I'd say a lot of the animes I have given a low rating on has had disappointing character interactions. For example (although I may get flamed for this) "One Week Friends", "Toradora", and "Kokoro Connect" had that feeling of forced character development/interactions. (If you want examples from any of these shows I could gladly explain).

Anyways, right now I'm watching "Nichijou - My Ordinary Life", which has been a lot of fun! The comedy in that anime is top notch, and if you're into Slice-of-life/Comedy anime you'll probably enjoy it as well. I'll definitely have to add "The Eccentric Family" to my Plan to Watch then, read the description here on MAL and it definitely has a fun concept!

Hahaha, that's great! I was just searching for some romance related anime and I stumbled upon "The Moment You Fall in Love", hopefully it is a good watch~~
Hyun0 Jan 7, 9:26 PM
Exactly, the interactions between both MCs felt real and didn't feel forced, which a lot of animes tend to do. Personally, it was extremely interesting to see the outside influences the characters had to deal with (especially with the inclusion of literary symbols such as the rain, shoes, and food had on the narrative of the movie).

Seeing the obvious flaws of both characters which stopped them from being "an adult" (Akizuki's age/impulses and Yukino's lost dreams/dependance), yet they still kept a sense of maturity when it came to dealing with situations that related to one another. For example, as you mentioned— the act of helping another person "learn to walk again" by just showing the blissfulness of youth, and the calm nature of a person when dealing with each interaction— were great displays of maturity by both characters.

Hahaha, it's not a coincidence! I was just checking out your profile and I noticed that you had Tsurune in your list, I was intrigued by the art and I decided to add it to my plan to watch list. I found your profile through the review you left in the Manga of "The Garden of Words" which resonated with my reasoning as to why I also gave it a 10/10.
Hyun0 Jan 6, 10:59 PM
True, I quite liked how both MCs acted like normal human beings with very humanesque flaws (with an added touch of maturity). Thank you, and best wishes for your 2021 as well!
Hyun0 Dec 28, 2020 7:32 AM
I see you are a person of culture as well, 10/10 for The Garden of Words
HazelShonenFan Jun 8, 2020 3:49 PM
Hey, sorry for the late reply😅.
When I saw your comment, I didn't know what to respond with. But I didn't want to leave you hanging either.
LilTinyVamp Jun 1, 2019 1:09 PM
I thought it was cool we both had Twitter Birds Never Fly in common. I hadn’t used MAL for the discussions before, so I thought I’d check a few other BL I liked and I noticed you in ones for Banana Fish, Papa Datte Shitai, Yaribu, and a few others. I liked your long comments and how nice you discuss the episodes. I kinda wanted to see more people talk like that about BL. Especially Banana Fish. You were really getting into it with your comments. I see you’re still watching it though. I hope you continue to enjoy it, it was really good.
I’m surprised you haven’t seen some of the major BL anime like Classmates, Junjou Romantica, or Sekaiichi since you seem to enjoy BL enough to make such nice comments. But I get it if you work and/or go to school since it is time consuming to watch anime. Also, they’re relatively old now but still fine I think.
I only have a few friends here since I am kinda picky but also, I’m too awkward to talk to people even online. Sorry if my replies come like later.
LilTinyVamp May 28, 2019 11:35 AM
I saw your comments on a few different yaoi topics and we have some other anime and manga in common so I shot ya a friend request. I’m not online too much and awkward at communicating but hope you don’t mind. Nice to meet you
Thebigofan May 3, 2019 12:37 PM
Oh, I never knew about them not paying their artist properly. I hope they are not treating their artist like crap anymore. The artist are the one who is making that company money! The artists should be getting what they deserve. I’m sad to hear that some artists had to stop publishing their stories. I hope they didn’t get discouraged and stopped making comics entirely. I wonder if Japanese BL mangaka are treated the same way by publishing companies. (I hope not :( ) I’m amazed how they can the make comics weekly. I can picture them working on a comic for many hours straight, and it’s saddens me that they are not paid well for their hard work. To be in the art industry you truly have to love what your doing. But I know most love what they do (because you can see it through their artwork) even though they aren’t paid the greatest. I’ll check John’s comics on Lezhin (I love comedies!). I first tried to make an account 3 years ago but for some reason- they would not accept my debit (or credit card)/ I will try again. Even though, Lezhin is not a good company (by the way they treat their artists), I think they are the reason for such a boom in interest of Korean comics. When I first stared reading BL when I was 16( 6 years ago), Korean comics were not popular, I didn’t even know of one. Since Lezhin was created, it has exploded in interest. It’s a new korean wave lol!

If it wasn’t for the free online manga sites I wouldn’t have discovered BL! So yes, it the illegal websites do make it more accessible and popular. I hope more BL gets officially translated so more people can buy them. Do you know the manga/anime Love stage? Well, they had the whole manga series in my local library so I read it all there. Amazing, isn’t? Lol You can’t help who you fall in love with! I went out with someone for a couple of months who was older than me, and my friends thought badly of it, but I didn’t care at all because of love!

Where I live, (Canada) French is a second language so we had to learn it from elementary school until high school but I forgot nearly all of it because it didn’t use it other than in my french class. I can understand the language of my parents however, I can’t speak it. Weird how that works lol. In my Japanese class some people are learning Japanese because their spouse is Japanese and they want to communicate with their in laws.

Oh wow, that’s very insightful view of Chinese and Japanese culture. I’d love to visit China. Have you been there?
Even though Healita is not BL there was an episode where Germany took Italy on a date and brought him flowers. So cute!
Oh you’re taking summer courses? So am I! I’m taking about three courses this summer. Thank you so much for the recommendations! Now, I have something to enjoy when I take a break from classes or studying.

I took a sexuality studies course last semester and we learned about heteronormativity. It was a very good course. I learned so much as it made me think about how society is. It’s kind of sad some of mangaka keep these bad tropes in their stories because I would think that they would be more liberated and more open mind from the kind of stories they write. A lot of good stories I have read started off good but then the bad cliches were written in and ruined the story (10 count for example). Sometimes, I think it’s because the editor pressures the mangaka to change the story and make a certain way.
If I were gay, I don’t think I could come out to my parents as they are very conservative when it comes to that unfortunately.

My parents came from a developing country and immigrated to Canada. So I understand that they want us to have a good education and good financial stability. My sister wants to study art but she thinks should study something more “stable” like business. But I told her she should study what she has a passion for which is art. I hope she studies what she loves unlike me. I wanted to study Geography but my father said I should study something that will get me a job. So I picked information Technology. I didn’t even know what it was but my father kept on pressuring me to go to university ASAP. I haven’t volunteered much this year because I was working a part time job which I have quit. Yay! Now I will have more time to volunteer. I’m thinking of trying to volunteer at an animal shelter or a woman's shelter. I have never done that kind of work before. And it would be great to try something new.
Thebigofan Apr 27, 2019 5:36 PM
Lezhin is a very good site because you can support the comic artist. I love stories that are so romantic that you could just fall in love with them. I want to experience that same kind of love that the 2 main characters have for each other!! I got to read it ASAP.

Good thing that person is an ex friend lol! How can someone be so close-minded?! I want to support the artist so they can continue to make BL and to know that they got fans outside of Japan. BL has more room to grow overseas so we got to support our favourite artist (if we can).

Wow, Chinese as well? Amazing! I heard that Japanese and Chinese are the hardest languages to learn but I don’t think it’s true. If you’re interested in it, it will be easy to learn. That’s what a linguist I met told me. And he’s absolutely right. I tried learning dutch (which is considered the easiest language for English speakers to learn) but I really had no interest in the language so it was hard to study it. So I gave up. My younger sister is learning Korean in high school because she’s very interested in Korea. She’s always playing her favourite korean music out loud or reading korean romance comics.
Anyways good luck with learning Chinese, one day you’ll be able to read the Chinese raws for sure!

You sum up perfectly how I felt about the DJ! It’s so perfectly done. The DJ made me love that ship even more.
Do you know any more BL that is very romantic and heart warming? I really want to just relax with some cute BL after all this studying. I need to treat myself!
I don’t think Zaria has written anymore BL like Mob for Jack haha. Yes, so many BL have rape. I don’t know if they (the mangakas) know that it’s rape or not. It’s a cultural thing? I have no idea. Why can't the uke fall in love with the seme WITHOUT rape?! And also why does one of them keep denying the relationship they're in (*cough cough junjo romanctica)

I think there’s only like 2 or 3 BL anime I have watched that didn’t have rapey vibes in it. There’s a BL anime coming up this summer. It’s called Given. I haven’t read the manga but I’m so excited about it because it looks like it’s going to have a good story (just looking at the PV)

Thanks for your advice.<3 I don’t need to rush but my parents are really on my case about it. Ever since I was little, they would say “ I want my children to be a doctor, or lawyer, or a nurse”! I wish parents would not put so much pressure on their kids. I hope you find a career that you love! I enjoy helping people as well. Fingers crossed I can find a job that helps people.
LemonadeSin Apr 24, 2019 4:22 AM
There is a sea of untranslated yaoi visual novels only few of them are translated it's sad because I played most ones in English and I can't find anything else good to play I seriously considered learning Japanese for them before but I never did lol

I stopped listening to drama cds because it was hard to find translations for some of them and I couldn't enjoy them without knowing what the characters were saying
Thebigofan Apr 23, 2019 10:18 AM
How sweet is a sugar daddy looks like a good read! I’m going to start reading that! I first started learning Japanese because I wanted to read the manga raw, help scanlators, and by the manga in Japanese so I could support the managka haha! Well, that hasn’t happen yet lol but I did purchase some BL in Japanese. Even though I can’t read them very well, they do look nice on my bookshelf and my parents can’t even tell what kind of books there are (thank goodness!). I mainly learned Japanese by taking classes, using textbooks, and making Japanese friends online. And I’m still learning when I get free time. Duolingo’s a good app, I recommend it.

I like Zaria too! The first manga I read from her was a hetalia DJ (it was sooo cute!) and a messed up story called Mob for Jack. Her art is gorgeous. If you like messed up stories I recommend Harada’s mangas- they are messed up but still heartwarming at the same time. One of my favourites is Nekota Yonezou. I love her art so much, and her sometimes funny stories. But my all time favourite is Yamamoto Kotetsuko because I love how heartwarming her manga's are, there’s usually no drama just nice fluffy stories. I really wish her manga Honto Yajuu would get an anime. But more BL anime in general would be great!!

Oh thanks! I think I did pretty decent on the exam (more studying would been better). Hmm, just hoping to get a decent job when I graduate. I’m interested in being an IT auditor or something like that. But even still, I’m not 100 percent sure of what I want to be as there are so many different jobs one can do, I can’t see myself limited to just picking one. How about you?