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Thebigofan May 3, 12:37 PM
Oh, I never knew about them not paying their artist properly. I hope they are not treating their artist like crap anymore. The artist are the one who is making that company money! The artists should be getting what they deserve. I’m sad to hear that some artists had to stop publishing their stories. I hope they didn’t get discouraged and stopped making comics entirely. I wonder if Japanese BL mangaka are treated the same way by publishing companies. (I hope not :( ) I’m amazed how they can the make comics weekly. I can picture them working on a comic for many hours straight, and it’s saddens me that they are not paid well for their hard work. To be in the art industry you truly have to love what your doing. But I know most love what they do (because you can see it through their artwork) even though they aren’t paid the greatest. I’ll check John’s comics on Lezhin (I love comedies!). I first tried to make an account 3 years ago but for some reason- they would not accept my debit (or credit card)/ I will try again. Even though, Lezhin is not a good company (by the way they treat their artists), I think they are the reason for such a boom in interest of Korean comics. When I first stared reading BL when I was 16( 6 years ago), Korean comics were not popular, I didn’t even know of one. Since Lezhin was created, it has exploded in interest. It’s a new korean wave lol!

If it wasn’t for the free online manga sites I wouldn’t have discovered BL! So yes, it the illegal websites do make it more accessible and popular. I hope more BL gets officially translated so more people can buy them. Do you know the manga/anime Love stage? Well, they had the whole manga series in my local library so I read it all there. Amazing, isn’t? Lol You can’t help who you fall in love with! I went out with someone for a couple of months who was older than me, and my friends thought badly of it, but I didn’t care at all because of love!

Where I live, (Canada) French is a second language so we had to learn it from elementary school until high school but I forgot nearly all of it because it didn’t use it other than in my french class. I can understand the language of my parents however, I can’t speak it. Weird how that works lol. In my Japanese class some people are learning Japanese because their spouse is Japanese and they want to communicate with their in laws.

Oh wow, that’s very insightful view of Chinese and Japanese culture. I’d love to visit China. Have you been there?
Even though Healita is not BL there was an episode where Germany took Italy on a date and brought him flowers. So cute!
Oh you’re taking summer courses? So am I! I’m taking about three courses this summer. Thank you so much for the recommendations! Now, I have something to enjoy when I take a break from classes or studying.

I took a sexuality studies course last semester and we learned about heteronormativity. It was a very good course. I learned so much as it made me think about how society is. It’s kind of sad some of mangaka keep these bad tropes in their stories because I would think that they would be more liberated and more open mind from the kind of stories they write. A lot of good stories I have read started off good but then the bad cliches were written in and ruined the story (10 count for example). Sometimes, I think it’s because the editor pressures the mangaka to change the story and make a certain way.
If I were gay, I don’t think I could come out to my parents as they are very conservative when it comes to that unfortunately.

My parents came from a developing country and immigrated to Canada. So I understand that they want us to have a good education and good financial stability. My sister wants to study art but she thinks should study something more “stable” like business. But I told her she should study what she has a passion for which is art. I hope she studies what she loves unlike me. I wanted to study Geography but my father said I should study something that will get me a job. So I picked information Technology. I didn’t even know what it was but my father kept on pressuring me to go to university ASAP. I haven’t volunteered much this year because I was working a part time job which I have quit. Yay! Now I will have more time to volunteer. I’m thinking of trying to volunteer at an animal shelter or a woman's shelter. I have never done that kind of work before. And it would be great to try something new.
Thebigofan Apr 27, 5:36 PM
Lezhin is a very good site because you can support the comic artist. I love stories that are so romantic that you could just fall in love with them. I want to experience that same kind of love that the 2 main characters have for each other!! I got to read it ASAP.

Good thing that person is an ex friend lol! How can someone be so close-minded?! I want to support the artist so they can continue to make BL and to know that they got fans outside of Japan. BL has more room to grow overseas so we got to support our favourite artist (if we can).

Wow, Chinese as well? Amazing! I heard that Japanese and Chinese are the hardest languages to learn but I don’t think it’s true. If you’re interested in it, it will be easy to learn. That’s what a linguist I met told me. And he’s absolutely right. I tried learning dutch (which is considered the easiest language for English speakers to learn) but I really had no interest in the language so it was hard to study it. So I gave up. My younger sister is learning Korean in high school because she’s very interested in Korea. She’s always playing her favourite korean music out loud or reading korean romance comics.
Anyways good luck with learning Chinese, one day you’ll be able to read the Chinese raws for sure!

You sum up perfectly how I felt about the DJ! It’s so perfectly done. The DJ made me love that ship even more.
Do you know any more BL that is very romantic and heart warming? I really want to just relax with some cute BL after all this studying. I need to treat myself!
I don’t think Zaria has written anymore BL like Mob for Jack haha. Yes, so many BL have rape. I don’t know if they (the mangakas) know that it’s rape or not. It’s a cultural thing? I have no idea. Why can't the uke fall in love with the seme WITHOUT rape?! And also why does one of them keep denying the relationship they're in (*cough cough junjo romanctica)

I think there’s only like 2 or 3 BL anime I have watched that didn’t have rapey vibes in it. There’s a BL anime coming up this summer. It’s called Given. I haven’t read the manga but I’m so excited about it because it looks like it’s going to have a good story (just looking at the PV)

Thanks for your advice.<3 I don’t need to rush but my parents are really on my case about it. Ever since I was little, they would say “ I want my children to be a doctor, or lawyer, or a nurse”! I wish parents would not put so much pressure on their kids. I hope you find a career that you love! I enjoy helping people as well. Fingers crossed I can find a job that helps people.
LemonadeSin Apr 24, 4:22 AM
There is a sea of untranslated yaoi visual novels only few of them are translated it's sad because I played most ones in English and I can't find anything else good to play I seriously considered learning Japanese for them before but I never did lol

I stopped listening to drama cds because it was hard to find translations for some of them and I couldn't enjoy them without knowing what the characters were saying
Thebigofan Apr 23, 10:18 AM
How sweet is a sugar daddy looks like a good read! I’m going to start reading that! I first started learning Japanese because I wanted to read the manga raw, help scanlators, and by the manga in Japanese so I could support the managka haha! Well, that hasn’t happen yet lol but I did purchase some BL in Japanese. Even though I can’t read them very well, they do look nice on my bookshelf and my parents can’t even tell what kind of books there are (thank goodness!). I mainly learned Japanese by taking classes, using textbooks, and making Japanese friends online. And I’m still learning when I get free time. Duolingo’s a good app, I recommend it.

I like Zaria too! The first manga I read from her was a hetalia DJ (it was sooo cute!) and a messed up story called Mob for Jack. Her art is gorgeous. If you like messed up stories I recommend Harada’s mangas- they are messed up but still heartwarming at the same time. One of my favourites is Nekota Yonezou. I love her art so much, and her sometimes funny stories. But my all time favourite is Yamamoto Kotetsuko because I love how heartwarming her manga's are, there’s usually no drama just nice fluffy stories. I really wish her manga Honto Yajuu would get an anime. But more BL anime in general would be great!!

Oh thanks! I think I did pretty decent on the exam (more studying would been better). Hmm, just hoping to get a decent job when I graduate. I’m interested in being an IT auditor or something like that. But even still, I’m not 100 percent sure of what I want to be as there are so many different jobs one can do, I can’t see myself limited to just picking one. How about you?
Thebigofan Apr 21, 8:11 AM
Oh yes! It was really nice for him to express his feelings. I find single father BL to be really cute because it displays how the couple can be family and I really love when you see them do domestic/ family stuff.
Oh, caste heaven? Nice! I haven’t read it in while so if I get back to it, I’ll have to reread it again.
I wish I could read the raws, I only know a little Japanese so I got to wait for the scanlators to translate them.
Do you have a favourite BL Mangaka?
Statistics can be fun but it can be frustrating when I can’t figure out why I got an answer wrong.
I just got one year left of university! Yay!

Good luck with exams!
LemonadeSin Apr 20, 5:48 AM
Thai bl dramas aren't bad there are people who like them but they aren't for me lol
The only Thai drama I liked is diary of tootsies but it's not really a bl

These are some of my favourites:

History 2 crossing the line it's like a gay haikyuu

History right or wrong there is an age gap with a college student falling in love with his professor who is btw a divorced single father

(The history series is heavenly but it's hard to find subs for some seasons)

Addicted heroin step siblings falling in love with each other before knowing they're related

Ossan's love the protagonist is working at a real estate office and suddenly he finds himself stuck in a love triangle with his senior at work and his coworker both fighting over him there's a huge age gap in this one and it's very funny

Yandai byway no. 10 a light hearted love story about a novelist and a pet shop owner

Long time no see (this one is a movie but it's very good)

I used to listen to bl drama cds when I was younger I rarely listen to them now.

One of the other things I like are yaoi visual novels they're seriously the best thing that happened to the human race but it's hard to find fujos who like them
LemonadeSin Apr 19, 2:33 PM
There's a whole world of bl drama I like Taiwanese/Chinese and Japanese bl drame best but I can't stand to watch Thai bl drama they're so cringey 😂 Indigo no kibun finished airing recently it's also 6 episodes it's sad that the manga isn't fully translated yet. I like original pairings too and I have a thing for best friends or childhood friends becoming lovers so this drama is perfect for me but I feel like it's going to mess up my feelings. There's also an airing drama for the manga what did you eat yesterday I really want to watch it but last time I checked I couldn't find the episodes subbed anywhere
LemonadeSin Apr 19, 12:43 AM
It was around 2017. actually it's a 6 episode bl drama I've watched it already and I loved it it's the reasons why I read the manga there's also a drama for Indigo no kibun but I haven't watched it yet
LemonadeSin Apr 18, 3:05 PM
I saw your comments on the pornographer manga chapter discussions I also like that manga so I decided to send you a friend request 😅
sweetangie Apr 17, 11:59 PM
Hi there, Right now I'm putting Akatsuki no Yona on-hold at the moment: no Su-won, no fun... -_-
Thebigofan Apr 17, 5:11 AM
Exactly! It wasn’t intended to be a deep story. Just a fun and silly BL to watch.
It’s exam season for me too. I was supposed to be studying but I ended up binge watching papa Datte Shitai. It only took about half an hour to watch it all it but it was a nice break from studying Statistics
Are you in university?
Thebigofan Apr 16, 7:39 PM
Hi There!
I think I saw your post on one of the BL I was watching! You gave very positive reviews so I thought it would be a good idea to add you. How are you doing?
Jesica3356 Apr 15, 4:32 PM
Hello, nice to meet you too :DD well you seemed like a nice person hahahahaha no particular reason to it :D
orihara_sama May 25, 2018 12:57 AM
My paper was about how KPop "borrowed" western music that came to their country with globalization then how they made it their own national identity. So I need to focused on how KPop use the aspects/components of western music for their own music. And I couldn't found these aspects in anime, so I couldn't choose anime as the topic haha.
We've been talking about your post-secondary education, right? lol, sorry for forgetting T^T. The job hunting is still difficult but there are some call for an interview next week, so it isn't that bad haha. How about your school? I hope you're doing well. Is your seminars already over?

I didn't really understand what happened, since I haven't read the manga yet lol, but you're really detailed when you explained your theory/opinions.
Usually when I joined a thread discussion, it's just to comment how the episode/chapter then I will left haha. I rarely replied or joined the discussion, except when someone replied to me first. I don't want them to think that I'm attacking their opinions. Also, I'm too lazy to argue hahahaha. But maybe I will try to join the discussion more next time.

Thank you for your recommendations. Are Memories & Dark Heaven a webtoon? I want to check them up, but I can't find them . Where do you usually read them?
I see~ so you prefer BL with characters that already comfortable with their or other characters' sexuality. I understand why you prefer that. Happy & healthy relationship is always better.

Okay, I will try to write my review again. Thank your for the encouragement hahaha :D

Wow~ It seems like the author of King's Maker really think thoughtfully about their characters. From your explanation, King's Maker seems to has a deep philosophy for the story, exactly the kind of story that I would like. Now I'm curious to read it too haha. So is King's Maker has similar story to Akatsuki no Yona?
I agree, I hope Suwon will find people that will care and love him unconditionally. I know he has that creepy adviser(?) that always follow him in the palace (I don't remember his name), but he seems so creepy I'm afraid that he will betray Suwon in the future. At least Han Juu Doh seems to trust and loyal to Suwon.

I love the replace series, too bad that it wasn't animated and I only read it from the translated novel chapters. It was really fun and entertaining. My favorite is in the light novel Replace IV, where Rakuzan players tried to beat Akashi in some games. It was really cute haha. Do you have a favorite chapters in Replace?

I know Yuri On Ice. I haven't watch it yet but I plan to. I've read some fanfictions about Victor and Yuri, though lol. Do you ship Victor & Yuri together?
True. It's really nice to see that there are more anime nowadays that included LGBT characters and not just use it to queer baiting.

I've read some chapters of Twittering Birds Never Fly. I really enjoyed it so far. I love how the main character, Yashiro, seems mean and twisted but deep down he is just a sad and lonely person. I love how Doumeki & Yashiro slowly feeling attracted to each other without them realizing it. I'm still on chapter 10, so I'm excited to see how their relationship will develop slowly. Okay, I'll try to listen to the drama cd of Saezuru too. Do you know where I can find it? Does it available in Aarinfantasy? I usually downloaded BLCD from there.

I see~ its great then I can read the manga while listening to the drama cd. You said that the manga of Caste Heaven returned in March, so does the translation up to date to the recent chapters?

Yes. Kotonoha no Hana is really nice. The voice acting and the sound effects in the cd sounded really beautiful. The story was lovely and a little bit angsty. There is a translation for this drama cd too, you can find it here
Seiikanji series is from a novel and I don't remember who is the author. I don't think there is a translation for the novels, but there is translation for the drama cd if you want to listen to it, and here for the 4th drama cd The story is about the Seikanji family members and their love story. I think the main character of the 4th drama cd is similar to Yashiro from Saezuru. I think the story is really nice and complex for a BL.
Yae_Sakura May 24, 2018 9:37 PM
oh nice, I fall in love with many female characters lol
the characters and plot do kinda matter preferably girls that r overpowered xD
do we have to reach common grounds to be friends?