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Spy x Family Season 2
Spy x Family Season 2
2 hours ago
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Tian Guan Cifu Er
Tian Guan Cifu Er
2 hours ago
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2 hours ago
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Yuru Camp△
Yuru Camp△
Aug 30, 12:37 AM
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Chi's Sweet Home
Chi's Sweet Home
Aug 30, 12:37 AM
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Aug 30, 12:36 AM
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Kurt_Irving Oct 30, 9:37 PM
Happy Halloween!
Kurt_Irving Oct 23, 8:04 PM
With that said, I'm finally rereading Silent Möbius and I really want to get into the sequel QD.

Out of all those characters, Yuki Saiko is my favorite. Kiddy Phenil is very cool also and she reminds me of how tomboyish my big Virgo friend is.

Kiddy, Bulma, Reiko Mikami and Meryl Strife were all voiced by the late Hiromi-sama (her last name means crane in Japanese).

May that lady rest in peace. Best seiyuu since the 80s.

So yeah! I'm finally able or prepared to read past those unadapted chapters. I have to for QD where the AMP unit ladies would be middle-aged or old after 17 years.
Kurt_Irving Sep 22, 10:52 AM
To be quite honest, I think that Silent Möbius is as cyberpunk as Batman Beyond which is more futuristic than Ghost in the Shell. In a cyberpunk world, you get a metropolis full of flying vehicles. A technophobe's worst nightmare.

Yu Yevon from FFX is the biggest technophobe in pop culture history. His creation Sin is literally the product of technophobia.
Izabel972 Sep 19, 7:35 PM
You're welcome! :D
Kurt_Irving Sep 19, 6:59 PM
I did study some Japanese history with the help of Mr. Boyé Lafayette de Mente who is still a very convincing author. Even after he passed away. He even wrote a page dedicated to the history of romaji and how Hepburn became an influencial part of Japanese.

Silent Möbius is as cyberpunk alright, but at the same time, it's a whole different manga story. Simply different than conventional manga. Hopefully later this fall, I'll be able to know all kanji so that I'll be able to read that underrated manga more comfortably. At least I managed to memorize ~660 Chinese characters so far.

Instant Japanese said that Japanese schoolkids usually learn around 1,006 Chinese characters by the time they get to junior high. 1,006 would definitely be enough for me to get a PhD. 1,006 Chinese characters IMO is the stepping stone mastering all 3,000 for Cantonese and Mandarin (as you can see, Yamato period Japan used way more Chinese characters than modern China).

I also can't wait for Pluto to get an adaptation too. Speaking of which, I've been thinking of reading that manga too. Especially after Suikoden 3 which Aki Shimizu did a great job adapting to manga which has very detailed plot.

Glad you like that recent graphite drawing of Misato by the way. I'll definitely show that to my Ontarian penpal on Christmas Day.
Izabel972 Sep 10, 7:34 PM
Happy birthday! :)
Kurt_Irving Sep 10, 8:28 AM
Happy birthday! Here it is:

Kurt_Irving Aug 22, 10:42 PM
With that said milady, I'll be reading more Suikoden 3 until my Japanese is good enough for Silent Möbius.

You could say that Suikoden 3 is a very good manga.
Kurt_Irving Aug 4, 9:02 PM
My hiragana and katakana are doing fine thanks to Instant Japanese. Kanji or Chinese 101 is a topic for another day. Kanji or some set of Chinese characters are underused in modern-day Japan. Japan went from using 60,000 Chinese characters to only 1,945 as of 1982. So seven years before I was born have they discarded a lot of kanji.

Japanese itself is like the Esperanto of oriental languages and Esperanto is several times easier than Spanish. What makes Japanese potentially easier than Romance family languages is the lack of direct object pronouns, the preterites and those annoying accent marks on every vowel.

As for Silent Möbius, it's about a team of female detectives specialized in fighting demons from another universe called lucifer hawks in the distant future. Similar to what exorcists would do so think futuristic exorcists.

The only place that has every Silent Möbius volume is Limetorrents. The adaptation could have had season two, but it was either canceled or the dead studio Radix was too broke.

Sunrise should have adapted it instead since sci-fi is their forté, specialty, etc. I'm glad that I found Instant Japanese.
Kurt_Irving Jul 4, 9:07 PM
With that said, I hope that you had a happy 4th of July.
Kurt_Irving Jun 17, 10:04 PM
Hello again miss! I hope that you are doing well this spring.

I've been taking some hiragana lessons and I look forward to see how well my Japanese will turn out. Could be very useful in helping me understand the whole story of Silent Möbius. The Kia Asamiya manga, that is.

Might as well learn Japanese because chances of Silent Möbius getting a proper remake is very unlikely to happen. Imagine Silent Möbius taking centuries to get a complete adaptation like Frankenstein (with the 90s Sony movie being that good, there's no need to watch the Toei adaptation). Even the sequels Mr. Asamiya made much later deserve representation.

That language can also help me understand what the lyrics of Akiko Seko's Middle of Eternity mean which I think is a very underrated song.

Coralruler Jun 13, 7:16 PM
wdym? Mahoutsukai no Yome never failed. We got a season 2.
Kurt_Irving May 24, 11:35 AM
With that said, I've been playing FFX-2 after FF9.

No way will I ever play FF3 which has a world heavily dependent on kids like in Attack On Titan.

I feel like FF3 started the whole trend of kids saving the world thing (bland and boring story also). Yes, that does sound generic.

Why should people rely on kids to do a grownup's job? Since when are kids capable of doing anything stressful. They can't even clean their rooms or wash dishes.
Kurt_Irving May 2, 8:55 PM
I'm doing rather well and I'm liking advanced math since I've been relieved of such anxiety I had as a kid to younger adult. Some people have had a higher degree of math anxiety than me. Even after early adulthood and elementary algebra that used to be my kryptonite is now part of me.

Some guy in an online game said that real men learn differential equations. I don't know about that, but I do know is that I'll be ready for differential equations by the time I'm completely middle-aged.

I like the fact that abstract algebra along with FF9 are keeping me busy until a future Macross movie gets its official release date.
Kurt_Irving Apr 29, 2:30 AM
How are you doing this spring? As you can see, I've been reading Digimon V-Tamers.

Manga aside, I have moved from calculus to abstract algebra. Can't wait to get into differential equations next.
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