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Lupin III: Part II
Lupin III: Part II
Jul 8, 11:40 PM
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Kingdom 4th Season
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Totsukuni no Shoujo
Totsukuni no Shoujo
Aug 3, 9:29 PM
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Aug 3, 9:28 PM
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Barbara Ikai
Barbara Ikai
Jul 9, 1:00 AM
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-Sonal- Jul 27, 8:11 AM
Did you know about this?
Let me know how Vanitas was!

I do not understand how the yaoi industry keeps growing at an exceptional pace, while churning millions of dollars every year for Japan, all the while being ignored consistently by the anime industry. I guess it is nothing but sexism, but you'd think that seeing huge profits would change the producers' minds.
Kurt_Irving Jul 10, 3:54 PM
Yes, I'm excited about the new Trigun anime and I hope that characters from the Maximum manga series will appear. Characters such as Elendira the Crimsonnail and Livio (Wolfwood's childhood friend with a dangerous split personality).

Fafner is a Xebec original sci-fi anime and it's about festum or golden space aliens driving humans to the verge of extinction. Humanity's only hope of winning a tough war against the dangerous festum are mecha called Fafner.

Everyone knows that Xebec is defunct and that their sci-fi properties got sold to Sunrise fairly recently.

Love Hina and Sorcerer Hunters, on the other hand, got sold to IG.
-Sonal- Jun 25, 9:37 PM
I don't watch many anime with deaths in them, so that's why I have no idea about these death flags. Seems to me these were meant to be red herrings, but who knows?

I feel it's ironic how, despite yaoi being one of the most popular sub-genres in anime, studios still hesitate to add gay stuff to shounens and isekais because...... homophobes > genuine fans.
-Sonal- May 21, 8:26 PM
What death flags does anime have? I haven't watched many shows with death in them, so I have no idea death flags were even a thing.

> ot too much second-hand embarrassment from it. I don't know why, it's usually ones chuck full of a specific kind of looking anime pretty boy.
Pretty boy anime embarrass you? Why?

> I've noticed anime always tend to tone stuff down, whether it's violence or sexual stuff.
Except when it doesn't. I've read too many criticisms of many anime for being unnecessarily violent or sexual in nature, and how those things added nothing to the plot of the anime, except for maybe shock value.

> ofc anime has to skip any LGBTQ+ content because reasons.
I agree with you on that, tho, and these "reasons" are cis-het homophobic man-boys.
Kurt_Irving May 21, 9:30 AM
Actually, Kiseki no Umi is the theme song for the 1998 TV anime. Still amazes me that Maaya Sakamoto was singing the song at 18. I love how Yoko Kanno made that song sound so magical.

My big Pisces friend here prefers the OVA because of the voice actors. I like both adaptations by the way and she's a great big fan of Yoko Kanno also.

On the other hand, I heard that Maaya Sakamoto's first video game role was Tail Concerto. Back when she was 18.

Now that I have finished reading Trigun Maximum, I think that I'll be re-watching Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig this summer, but first, Zegapain (I like the fact that Ayako Kawasumi was featured in this original sci-fi anime).

I'm still dying to watch the new Fafner, but I have to wait. The first season or Fafner in the Azure was one of the most original sci-fi anime that I've ever seen. The deaths in Attack On Titan are nothing compared to this.
-Sonal- May 16, 4:15 AM
Yeah I was excited when the anime came out, but then I read stuff about nothing gay being in it and that kinda fizzled my interest in the series.

> and there's some interesting plot points there about Noe's sexuality
See, I'm not interested in fujo bait like questionable sexuality or the "bond" between two dudes, esp if both the guys have female "love interests" for them.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard was also meant to be gay, but for whatever reasons the studio completely removed that aspect of the series. I read excerpts from its novel, and the two kiss (on the cheek) and there's no way you can convince me that that ain't gay. Have you watched it? If yes, then what were your opinions on it? It's the same in these two different series where Satan/some vampire dude takes a human form on earth and his love interest is always a woman, or the people he sleeps with are always girls. But there will always be a mention or a passing reference to one guy to show that hey, this supernatural entity is bi. That shit doesn't work for me.
Kurt_Irving May 15, 1:04 AM
Same, and like you said, she's versatile. Her music is just one of a kind and definitely not predictable like others.

I also found her Record of Lodoss War theme music featuring Maaya Sakamoto very amusing.
Kurt_Irving May 3, 11:09 PM
Hello miss! So what do you like most about Yoko Kanno's music?
-Sonal- May 2, 6:49 AM
It's still in my list - PTR. Idk when I'll get to it. I've all but given up on anime and almost exclusively focus my free time on reading BL manga. You gave it an 8. Does it have BL moments or ships in it?
-Sonal- Apr 6, 7:16 AM
> Have you read anything good recently?
Yes, all the time. But since we have different tastes, it's not like I can recommend any to you. Even the ones that I did recommend in the past (ones that adhered to your taste) were mostly left unread, so I stopped mentioning them altogether.
-Sonal- Mar 18, 5:05 AM
Yes, it takes time and efforts to do anything, be it reading manga or maintaining relationships.
Your manga history tells me that you're only focusing on the Golden Kamuy manga.
-Sonal- Mar 9, 7:07 AM
At least you admit your disparity in both the situations.
-Sonal- Feb 20, 4:42 PM
> I hardly get on here anymore, and when I do, it's as I'm watching anime with my sister and would be rude to stop and check notifications
But it's totally okay to make me wait 2-3 months for 1 reply for 2 years?
-Sonal- Feb 8, 6:27 PM
Maybe we should pause our conversations till you have enough free time to respond? My conversations become months old by the time you respond, and by that time I obviously lose traction/interest in what I told you, and it is also quite difficult to carry on the conversation.

I'm surprised it's taking you so long to settle in. Hope everything is okay at your end!
sockerdricka Feb 1, 5:40 PM
Ok. I think paladin was the first class I played in world of warcraft, loved their background story.

I don't know anything at all about Fire Emblem except that I've just heard about it a few times. What can you tell me about it? What made you get into it?