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Apr 7, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add (All reviews)
It's clichéd and has tropes and the bad guy is the same seiyu as Re:Zero but I still enjoyed it a lot because it's something that doesn't let you get bored in any moment, so that's the point of watching entertainment.

Every sports anime has a thing about adrenaline, but I recently watched another one about marathons and gave it a score of 7 because it became dull at some moments, but this one was like admiring "pop funky art sports" if I were to describe the feeling. They go so speedy and acrobatic and I couldn't resist feeling many excitements (except for one only read more
Apr 3, 2021
This will be a short review so I'll just write what seemed to be the main points.

Real score: 7.5

I'm going to say this straight: it was more enjoyable than Inuyasha. I actually don't like Inuyasha that much and this one was more "edible" to watch and more fun. That's why it's not really a Inuyasha story, it's a different anime, a spin-off/sequel of sorts.

(+) What was good: Empowered and strong women, every chapter had a different story but never deviated from its main plot. There are certain mysteries that have yet to be revealed and it gets a little better when you reach read more
Mar 28, 2021
This anime was so popular and great in the first season that I am genuinely appalled how is this possible. Normally, I can certainly see how good or bad is the story and it varies a little depending on its arc/season but not to this level.

As I watched it, I felt entertained that's why I didn't mark a lower score but they skipped so many details, it was so rushed. What were they thinking? It needed a couple of episodes to explain certain characters events and decided to add a recap episode? With that only recap they would at least explained why someone was read more
Feb 5, 2021
I'm not even surprised how not that many people have watched this Ghibli's TV series. I'll just say objectively the good and the bad aspects I found and try to explain why this has happened.

(+) Let's see... The nice thing may be that the characters are goodies, the ambientation is positive... that you may actually cry if you're sensitive enough. It's okay for a relatively young kid that doesn't have anything to watch at the time. And, of course, because this is an adaptation from Pippi Longstocking's Swedish author: Astrid Lingdren.

(+) The characters design were okay, I liked them and reminded me of Ghibli's. read more
Jan 18, 2021
I had to write this review because I felt I had too to point out a different side of the story. I saw that pretty much everyone gave it a great score but I differ a little. I'll briefly explain why.

What was good: The story is original, full feminine cast (men are unimportant in this one), lovable and warm-hearted. When I was watching it, I felt that kind of relief you notice when everything's going well and especially, non-ecchi.

However... I found four issues when watching it:

1. It was quite slow-paced. Why did I feel that they filled in the spaces as if the read more
Nov 12, 2020
In conclusion, I recommend watching it just for the last three eps. Then, you can decide to continue its sequels or read its original source, the manwha.

Does it have any similarity to a Korean Drama?

Yes, because of the D-R-A-M-A. That's the only thing. And... that would be the only good thing about this anime. At first I thought it was just an ordinary one until I started to spot some dramaesque moments that justify the plot somehow. Actually, this is so fast-paced I wonder if they actually skipped all the good parts and just went straight ahead to the main issues.

Another good thing that I read more
Aug 22, 2020
Sirius (Anime) add (All reviews)
I wouldn's say it was tremendously horrible nor quite great either.

It seems there's a disadvantage when creating original works from scratch: they don't have as much time to process the whole concept of the story as a manga author. The first half was good, not extremely original but good as for the second half it just went stray to say the least.

Everything was just normal, not too morbid not too innocent either. Some actions scenes here and there, some "amazing plotwist" that wasn't that great either. I had fun but then I didn't. I didn't care about the later half. Not worth your time read more
Aug 20, 2020
I already watched the TV series (47eps) so I'll do a brief comparative of what can you find in these OVAs.

The first episodes are the direct sequel of something serious that happened in the TV series. It would be the most important arc that this animated series has had. However, the rest of the episodes are simply isolated chapters that were removed from the main series as a sort of innocent fanservice. So this part is like a gift for fans that wanted to continue their lives, somehow. There's practically no more mecha action with Alphonse or any other Ingrams so don't be dissapointed read more
Jul 6, 2020
Real score: 7.5

I suddenly got inspiration to write this review after waiting since last winter. I'll be brief and tell you that this 2nd season it's duller than the first one (I gave it a higher score for the 1st one). I got slightly dissappointed because I was waiting anxiously for the second season.

Fortunately, it became more interesting in the second half but it seems that I'm missing on many information about this new world, and Main is doing way less work as the "engineer of books" as I think she is. It's more related to how to act among nobility but they don't read more
Jul 6, 2020
No-Spoiler Short Review: Pros and Cons.

- Pros (+): Can I just say that this is amazing? It's so weird but the author leads you into thinking very badly about any kind of circunstance that you may encounter in this series. The main could be annoying but you can't help loving her because she's so spontaneous and that's what makes her interesting as a DJ. There isn't a doppelganger effect with the character's designs, each one has a distinct personality and marking features in their physical appearance, voices, clothing, etc. It may be silly but it shows the dedication it was given. A proper anime for read more