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Jul 5, 2023
Mashle (Anime) add
It starts slow and silly but once you get to half (around episode 6 or so) it starts to get interesting and entertaining. It's not that exceedingly extraordinary, you can actually guess most reactions and stereotypes/clichés. However, it's fun and that what matters. I would consider it a kind of shounen parody genre.

To be more specific, the art is ok, the music is also normal, nothing compares to the AAA anime. So that's why it's just good, because it feels alright just for amusement. I thought at first to give it a 5 or 6 but I changed my opinion later on because I didn't ...
Apr 5, 2022
Real score: 6.5

I knew it! I've never been a fan of Inuyasha even though I was a 90s kid. In fact, I like this more than Inuyasha as it's more focused on the girls rather than a general romance comedy isekai. This was dilapidated in the former season as it was the worst thing in the world, and guess what? This was one of the few decent ones that I've watched from Fall and Winter 2021.

The best: It's entertaining enough to follow on the story they're trying to tell us. And it's interesting for the simple fact that we're able to see what happened ...
Jan 6, 2022
(+) Nice aesthethics, interesting lore, there are people and beasts in many forms.
(-) Slow-paced, boring in the first half, no extraordinary OST.

General feelings: I was skeptical about this one, because it was very slow and the MC was still at the same place for five long episodes where nothing happened apart from the extensive dialogues and the training. Then, he starts to travel and meets new people and so the lore expands about what is going on in this new world. William doesn't remember much about his previous life so everthing he believes in is based on his three progenitors: the mage, the warrior and ...
Jan 4, 2022
Blue Period (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Main feelings: I had pretty nice vibes with this story. It's one of those rare anime where it's bad but you can't hate it because it has good intentions about taking care of ourselves and following our life calling and dreams. Despite what I said, I didn't like much the main character for some reason.

(-)What lowered the score: animation and character design, predictable, incoherence in what they say and we have seen, lack of realism, no relevant music at all.

(+)What I appreciated: the concept of the main plot, the values about life, inclusive characters that we normally don't watch in anime without using it ...
Oct 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
It's not bad but not too good either. It's a very chill movie that you watch some afternoon to pass the time and it's nice to see.

(+) The animation is decent and it feels cute and positive. They added some fantasy. The romance is also adorable but the reasons they have issues are for dumb reasons.

(-) The plot lacks so many extraordinary features, the characters are too generic, they tried to add something supernatural with some character but at the end it's irrelevant. Just a passing dream. Not intriguing, not exciting.

Even with the darkest and the most melancholic mood I think that I wouldn't ...
Oct 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
This part of the story thanks to Hotaru (Saturn) and the rest of the outer solar system, gained more momentum story-wise and was slightly better that the previous movie Moon Eternal 1. At least when it started...

The thing is, this can't be too right. The team behind this decided to skip many important plot moments because they just assumed this was for fans and they had already watched this, so why wouldn't they connect the dots? I felt that the Amazon girls needed something more overall, as one of the main antagonists.

Oh, finally, they added a nice background music until it led to that idol ...
Oct 19, 2021
This is my review as a whole from episode 1 to 26. These really aren't specials, it just that they couldn't air all the episodes at the time and added them later, fortunately, so we could watch the end of the story. By the way, this is a reboot from the male version 'Ie Naki Ko'.

Let's see... As it starts it looks like it could be a sob story, and it is. There is life and drama in a little 10-year-old girl that knows how to sing. She goes on an adventure unwillingly because of her personal situation but she somehow will learn to be ...
Oct 19, 2021
Takarajima (Anime) add
This is about 'Treasure's Island' by Stevenson but the thing is... Is this worth it to watch? I think that's correct. However, it has good and bad things so I'll summarize a little what I'm talking about without spoiling the fun:

(+) The story itself is nice, the characters are memorable and you can empathize with them. There's not black or white about this, you could change sides from time to time while watching this. The opening and ending songs are melancholic and nice, it really has that classic nice vibe so no issues about it either. For a 70s animation it really has nice quality, ...
Oct 7, 2021
Did you love 'Rose of Versailles' and 'Glass Mask'? If you don't know any of them I'd recommend watching those (Glass Mask has a remake, by the way) and if you love the classics as much as I did, you'll totally love this series. This has been one of my favorite anime of the year.

It's difficult to tag what genre is this but something is certain: it's a mixture of shoujo and josei (some students are from high school and others are already 19-year-olds) and a mixture of shoujo ai and sorority. Everyone is complex and has their own situation and trauma. It has that ...
Oct 6, 2021
This will be a short review so I'll just write what seemed to be the main points.

Real score: 7.5

I'm going to say this straight: it was more enjoyable than Inuyasha. I actually don't like Inuyasha that much and this one was more "edible" to watch and more fun. That's why it's not really a Inuyasha story, it's a different anime, a spin-off/sequel of sorts.

(+) What was good: Empowered and strong women, every chapter had a different story but never deviated from its main plot. There are certain mysteries that have yet to be revealed and it gets a little better when you reach episode 13 ...

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