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Mar 26, 2020
Last Game, the closest thing to this series to having an international cup. I finally got around to watching it so, how is it? (SPOILER ALERT)

The movie starts with flashback that fleshes out kagami's backstory (which mostly plays to what happens at the end of the movie) before we plunges into this new group, Jabberwock, crushing a team made out of some graduating members that seirin fought before. And of course, being the super villain they are, the leader went on with making a statement on how every basketball player in japan are just a bunch of "monkeys" trying to play one (They say after read more
Mar 12, 2020
[Spoiler ahead for Killer Killer and Danganronpa series in general]

Oh, Killer Killer. How i want to like you so much for being another danganronpa with my hunger for the series.

Killer Killer follows an episodics style of story (at least till the last arc) where we get introduced to bizzare murder before our MC solved it........well, "Solved". We would often gets introduced to mystery that gets solved instantly without any rhyme or reasons with the sole excuse being, "Takumi Hijirihara" aka Killer Killer knows who's the murderer just cause he likes murderer. 99% characters introduced served as nothing but quirky traits like they're power point presentation read more
Feb 11, 2020
The story of this movie is about the gang going back to "save" megumin's village. The story focuses itself on megumin as we saw what kind of environment that she grew up in, her family, and her relationship with yunyun's. The comedy itself is pretty fast paced, as we gets joke about the eccentricities of crimson demon villager, and there's one joke that really gets me about an ova character that i didn't expect to appear again.

The animation definitely takes a small boost from being a big-screen adaptation (Especially for "EXPLOSION") and continues the second season's more free-flowing animation for character movement. I also gives read more
Aug 24, 2019
"What is your favourite slice of life anime?" What would be your answer for this question? most people would probably says "Oh, mushishi!" or "K-on!" but chances is, you're not gonna hear this anime mentioned a lot. It's definitely one of those shows that stands mostly tall within it's own fandom. So, how good is it? Well, read on.

First of all, let's start with the set-up of the show. It's a show about this kid who wants to be mangaka but is being forced to inherited the old candy shop of his father, comes with the help of our heroine (Shidare Hotaru), the story itself read more
Aug 7, 2019
"Billion Dogs" with title like that what can you expect? Well, try to read on.

Story: 7/10

It's a very straightforward series. There's 3 billion being hidden by the mafia, and it's up to our main character to find them in a grand heist story. It's a very tightly paced series where every chapter is dedicated to moves the plot to that direction without much twisting about it. there's spying, hacking, treasure hunting that you could expect from this kind of series.

Art: 8/10

The art is very crisp and clean with a more realistic style of drawing that fits what the series is trying to do, the panel read more
May 22, 2015
hi i think i decided to review all of detective movie after rewatching it. let's get on to the review

Story: 7

this time the story is about attempt at serial killing of 13 people that are related to kogoro mouri. the build up is pretty good although a bit draggy in the beginning but an improvement compared to the first movie

Art: 7

pretty fluid in movement there is no really major improvement when compared to the first movie overall pretty fitting for a movie

Sound: 6

yeah.. the standard detective conan music. if you like the music from the tv series you bound to like this one too

Character: 6

thankfully read more
May 19, 2015
after done rewatching this movie i just thought "ah why don't i try writing a review about it" and here i am. let's start the review

Story: 6
well the story is nothing unusual for a detective genre. the culprit called the detective and challenged him to found the bomb that he planted and give him some clue to solve it. not the most original thing but enjoyable

Art: 7
the animation are pretty well done. not jaw gaping but fluid enough for eyes and the rest is the usual detective conan art style if you like it then you will like the one here too.

Sound: 6
it reuse the read more
Feb 6, 2015
wow no one write a review for this one yet? okay, challenge accepted

first of all i'm gonna start with saying that this isn't direct sequel of durarara so if you come expecting some of the character then give it up

Story: 8/10

it's the usual narita style of non linear storytelling i found mostly in all narita works that the story is just a canvas for the character of course that's not saying the story is bad or anything it got some intrigue and mystery with some blood splashing around (there is more blood here than durarara) just think of it as japanese equivalent of baccano

Art: 7/10

it's read more
Feb 6, 2015
i never write a review before so why don't i try a positive review for once? well here i go

Story: 7/10

there was nothing really original about the story. well.. actually the summon is quite creative i guess? the story is just pretty much that you can find in pretty much most school based anime most of the joke are pretty typical that you can also find in many anime but the execution of the joke make it pretty funny

Art: 6/10

it's nice but i have seen some that are better

Sound: 5/10

....there is sound? it's pretty forgetable but it's not so bad that it also stand out. read more