May 22, 2015
ChaosSaviour (All reviews)
hi i think i decided to review all of detective movie after rewatching it. let's get on to the review

Story: 7

this time the story is about attempt at serial killing of 13 people that are related to kogoro mouri. the build up is pretty good although a bit draggy in the beginning but an improvement compared to the first movie

Art: 7

pretty fluid in movement there is no really major improvement when compared to the first movie overall pretty fitting for a movie

Sound: 6

yeah.. the standard detective conan music. if you like the music from the tv series you bound to like this one too

Character: 6

thankfully there is more character on this one. frankly its way too eazy to guess the culprit in the first because of how there is only a few character in there, the second have more character and more diverse personalities oh and the character from tv series is coming back.

Enjoyment: 7

as usual detective conan is an enjoyable movie if you have nothing to do at home

Overall: 7

if you are itching for some detective mystery series then go ahead and watch this one