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CesukeZ Dec 3, 3:20 PM
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, my dear and beloved Asuka.
RP59 Mar 24, 7:11 PM
I like making fanart, but am a terrible drawer, so I just use photo editing. I don't know how to send pictures on Steam or if you even can, so I'm going to post it here.

RP59 Mar 24, 5:52 PM
I also thought Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 3 were that series at its best. I recently got a PS2 emulator (my original console broke) and have been playing some of that on there. I've never played Europa Universalis, but I've logged over 100 hours on Victoria II, which is another game from Paradox Interactive. I assume they're pretty similar, but set in different time periods. I've thought about buying EU or Hearts of Iron on several occasions, but usually I spend my money on things other than video games.

As for visual novels, I'm sure that I would like them and I know some people are obsessed with them and want them added to the MAL database. But I've never actually played one.

I loved Yu-Gi-Oh when I was younger and still played with my best friend into our 20s. I still have a huge collection of cards. I'm not a fan of the anime though, especially not the 4kids dub I grew up with haha. I know you don't have 4kids in Spain but, as the name implies, it was just a company that extensively censored in order to be considered appropriate for children. You may have heard of them though, as they are pretty infamous among American anime fans.
RP59 Mar 23, 4:37 PM
I'm definitely considering the Asuka coat figure, especially now that I've read the manga. I'm glad you liked the Asuka and Jung comparison. In general, I didn't really like Gunbuster.

Yeah, I thought the Evangelion video games looked pretty bad and really I feel like most anime video games are pretty bad. The only ones I've tried and liked are the Dragon Ball Z Budokai games and one Gundam game.
RP59 Mar 22, 8:12 PM
By the way, are there any Evangelion video games you recommend? I've been thinking about trying one out, but there are quite a few and most are Japanese only sadly. I know you've mentioned Girlfriend of Steel and one of the Super Robot Wars games
RP59 Mar 21, 6:28 PM
Here are the similarities I see between Jung and Asuka: as you said, both are redheads, both are the lone Europeans in a Japanese cast, both are supposed to be elite pilots, both don't appear until almost midway through the series. Then at first glance, they have some personality traits in common, but on closer inspection it breaks down. Jung is confident to the point of arrogance. But unlike Asuka, it isn't a coping mechanism for Jung - she really is just arrogant. And then Jung has the tsundere character type, but she just seems to flip randomly between being nice and mean to the rest of the cast. In one episode she'll say they're best friends and then treat them as rivals in the next one, as though she's bipolar. That isn't really like Asuka at all. Also, Jung is basically the equivalent of Mari in terms of her role in the story, whereas obviously Asuka is pretty vital to the NGE plot. Jung also has no established back story other than that she's a great Soviet pilot. The main way I know they don't have that much in common is that I obviously am passionate about Asuka, but I didn't even like Jung Freud.
RP59 Mar 21, 5:21 PM
While I do think the Rebuilds are worse about fanservice, NGE is guilty of it too. Did you know that when Evangelion was first being promoted, Anno promised that "Every episode will give something for the fans to drool over?" You can see it in the first half of the series. Off the top of my head a couple examples - there's a scene where there's a close up on Rei 's body right as her plugsuit snaps tight and then in the Wall of Jericho scene you can see straight down Asuka's shirt. Then of course there's the running gag of Misato promising fanservice in the next episode bumps. They changed it in the second half, doing more full frontal "tasteful" nudity. If you've seen Anno's earlier project "Gunbuster," it is full of pretty blatant fanservice and pioneered the so-called "Gainax Bounce."

Gunbuster also has the character Jung Freud (who has by far the most fanservice), who some people consider a prototype for Asuka. While they have a lot surface similarities, I think that comparison is totally superficial. I mentioned it in Gunbuster review and I can talk to you about that comparison some more if you want.

I think I prefer the manga ending. I definitely didn't care for the TV ending and I've always been lukewarm on EoE. I disagree with people who say the manga Asuka is shallow. Less deep than the anime version probably, but not shallow at all.
RP59 Mar 21, 12:51 PM
Well, I finished the manga. I agree with you that the ending was a lot less confusing and a lot happier, especially since we get to see what happens after Shinji rejects Instrumentality. In general, I felt much more confident that I knew what was going on than I did the first time I watched the anime. It could be because I understand the Eva lore a lot better now, but I think the manga did a better job explaining some things. I also added a couple Asuka quotes from the manga to my blogpost.

I found the extra Mari chapter at the end to be interesting. I've always been curious about her and I feel like I like her character, but there is one thing that confuses me. She is featured so heavily in modern Evangelion merchandise and posters, and she has over 500 favorites on MAL (I also just noticed that Pen Pen has almost as many favorites as Kaji haha), but she really does very little in the Rebuilds and in the Manga. I once saw a short 2.0 parody where they replaced all her dialogue with "I am filler" haha. So the question is, why does it seem like Studio Khara is pushing her so heavily in promotional materials, and then barely using her at all in the actual story? It doesn't make sense to me. When I first watched NGE, I had seen a bunch of pictures online with Mari, Asuka, and Rei and the word "Evangelion" (sort of like this), so when I finished the series I was thinking "Who is that brown-haired girl?" Then when I watched the Rebuilds, I thought "Well, maybe she plays a significant role in the manga." Now I've read the manga and I'm thinking "Why is this minor character so famous?" haha

I know that some Asuka fans were initially worried that Mari was a "replacement" for Asuka, but that seems laughable now that we know how minor a role she plays. In the manga, Mari does seem to have some similarities to Asuka. She's highly intelligent and skilled (although Asuka is smarter because she has already graduated college at 14 while Mari only starts college two years early at 16), so she puts a lot of pressure on herself. She also seems to really need validation from others and her "love" for Yui could be said to be similar to Asuka's infatuation with Kaji. Mari explicitly says that she likes Yui because she seems perfect, revealing that she idolizes her as a symbol of femininity, sort of the obverse of Asuka-Kaji. Also, she seems to mix feelings of attachment with feelings of jealousy and hatred, sort of like Asuka. Of course, she seems totally different in the Rebuilds than in the manga, but I guess it has been almost 20 years. That also means she's 33 in 2.0 and 47 in 3.0, which is pretty crazy to think about. Asuka should be insulting her based on her age, not her glasses.

But man, Yui must really be something. Gendo, Fuyutsuki, Mari...she can get people from all different ages, personalities, and genders to fall in love with her haha.
RP59 Mar 21, 12:01 AM
Also, I saved this image from the manga because I thought it would be a funny "Evangelion in a Nutshell" image

RP59 Mar 20, 8:31 PM
The age of consent is a difficult issue, but everybody is different. You see people who look and act very mature when they're 16, and then others have "baby face" and look like a child well into adulthood. To say nothing of how many immature adults there are running around haha. Japan definitely has an odd take on the matter from our perspective. Until the 80s, child pornography was legal in Japan. And obviously the widespread popularity of loli demonstrates that they are very accepting of what we would classify pedophilia.

I don't dislike Kaworu either. I just always thought he was supposed to be unsettling, because he is really the angel Tabris, so he has very little understanding of humans, few real emotions, and a kind of condescending fascination with humanity. But many people just adore him and proclaim him their husbando.

Also, I laughed at that final line. haha
RP59 Mar 19, 7:38 PM
I forgot to mention in my message, I am over halfway through the NGE manga now. Unfortunately, I just got through the part where Asuka is assaulted by Arael. There are several things I'm really liking about the manga and some things I actually think it does better than the anime. It would take forever to go into all the examples and explain what I mean and I don't feel like typing it all out right now haha. But one that comes to mind off the top of my head is I like the way Kaworu is handled. From what I've read, Anno intended Kaworu to be a creepy character that left the audience feeling unsettled. He's always had that effect on me and I've debated with people who insist he's supposed to be a really positive force in the series. Unfortunately, many people just immediately fell in love with him as a character, due almost entirely to him being a bishounen. Sadamoto's version of the character gives my theory more credence. And after Anno made Kaworu unquestionably heroic in the Rebuilds, it's nice to see a version of the character that lines up more with my conception of him.
RP59 Mar 14, 7:57 PM
I agree, I've never liked Touji, so that aggravated me. He seems even worse in the manga so far haha

I also agree with that guy who said that the hospital scene fails as a criticism of hentai/otaku and could be seen to legitimize it. I've definitely seen people online who enjoy that scene because you see Asuka's breasts. Ironically, there's a similar scenario with Satsuki. In the scene where she's molested by her mother, the viewer is clearly supposed to find it disturbing. It isn't intended to be part of Kill la Kill's excessive fanservice, but a lot of people view that as the high point of the series in terms of ecchi. In both cases, the intention of the scene fails because too many people will use it for arousal.

I've also seen it proposed that Asuka and Rei were conceived as parodies/caricatures of popular traits in "waifu"/moe culture, but I don't really believe that theory. In any case, if Anno and NGE are against otaku culture, it certainly hasn't prevented them from marketing to otakus with the endless Eva merchandise and spin-offs haha. There's some hypocrisy there, like when a multi-millionaire celebrity criticizes capitalism/consumerism.

I've never understood why some people complain that so many fans don't like Shinji. I don't even think you're supposed to like him by the end of the series. Yes, he's relatable and I see a lot of myself in him, but maybe that's part of what makes him difficult to like - haha. My favorite characters are very different from me in terms of personality. Besides the hospital scene, the most aggravated I ever got with Shinji was in 3.0, surprisingly. After all the times he's been hesitant or outright refused to pilot the Eva ("Get in the fucking robot," as the fans say), in 3.0 he pretty quickly agrees to pilot it after everyone at WILLE explicitly tells him that's the one thing he shouldn't do under any circumstances. Then he's willing to kill Asuka and Mari to get the Spears, even after Kaworu (who came up with the whole plan) tells him not to do it.

As you can see, I've started the manga. I'm still early so it hasn't departed very far at all from the anime yet. I've only noticed two major differences so far. 1. We see Rei piloting Unit-01 and she sees Shinji and Misato from being killed by the Angel. 2. Instead of cutting away in the middle of the Sachiel fight to Shinji in bed and then seeing the rest of the fight via flashback, we see a brief sequence where Shinji sees the spirit of his mother transform into a heap of machinery before we watch Unit-01 go berserk. I prefered that to the anime because it was less confusing and Shinji's vision is good foreshadowing.

It is interesting that they were so influenced by that doujin. I wish I could find it too, because I like the prospect of it further analyzing Asuka's psyche. But I must admit I've always had to overcome a mental block towards Asuka's relationship with Kaji. I know that she's interested in him because she sees him as the ideal personification of masculinity and that it's important to have in the story because it reveals how desperate Asuka is for attention and affection. But even though Kaji doesn't reciprocate her advances, it's hard for me not to feel uncomfortable when watching those scenes. The age of consent in the US is 18 (as opposed to 13 for Japan and I think 16 for Spain), so Asuka is considerably underage from the American perspective. So I just always have to overcome that when analyzing that relationship.
RP59 Mar 13, 3:01 PM
I had heard that there was originally a live action sequence with the seiyuu, but this is the first time I've actually seen what it would have entailed. Needless to say, I hate it haha. You're right, it makes Asuka basically the same as Misato, using meaningless sex in an ultimately fruitless attempt to compensate for her issues. I knew that the original ending was apparently the result of a lack of funding. But as you said, clearly Anno wasn't going to give it a "normal" ending regardless of how much funding existed.

As I'm sure you know, he became increasingly disenchanted with the otaku community and the anime industry as production of Evangelion went along. Some people theorize that this is the reason every single character has an unfortunate ending. But I think it was conceived from the beginning as a sad story meant to reflect the struggle with depression, so I don't buy that theory. I've also heard people interpret the infamous Shinji masturbation scene as a commentary on hentai doujinshi. I can understand that interpretation, but I'm not sure if it was what they intended.

It's also important to remember that there were many creative people working on NGE aside from just Anno and that production of the series was so difficult. It was consistently behind schedule, over budget, and the script was constantly being reworked. Around episode 13, they just abandoned the original script altogether. It's kind of amazing that it still works so well as a story. I've got more to say on this but I have to go for now to take care of my niece
RP59 Mar 13, 1:09 PM
I will start reading it soon. I assume if that's the way Asuka looks in the last chapter, the ending is a lot happier haha

I'm conflicted on the ending to the anime. Like most people, I didn't like the original ending to the series very much. I have mixed feelings on EoE. There are things I really like about it, particularly the first half and the early Third Impact stuff. But when it gets into Instrumentality, parts of that are too abstract for my tastes. The whole sequence with real life footage just baffled me the first time I watched it and it still kind of breaks my immersion when I rewatch. Maybe that's what it's supposed to do, but it doesn't really satisfy me as a viewer.
RP59 Mar 12, 7:36 PM
I do like that one a lot. She looks very fashionable haha I've never read the manga. I know it goes in some different directions but most people don't think it's as good as the anime. I know it was also one of those rare situations where the anime was supposed to come before the manga.