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Jan 22, 2019
Director Ikuhara returns after a long decade plus hiatus since working on Utena. Utena being a show steeped in symbolism and theatrics, and a show with notorious pacing issues as a little backstory there. Studio Brain’s Base (Baccano, Natsume’s Book of Friends) is a solid studio known for crisp colors and animation work is a good sign to work on Penguindrum. The question posed now as an anime fan is, will Ikuhara improve upon his formula developed during Utena, and will the pacing improve?

Breaking down the story of Mawaru Penguindrum like Utena takes time. Over the course of the anime, there will be sequences of ...
Feb 18, 2018
Tiger & Bunny (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
If an anime involved mech or mechanized suits, Studio Sunrise is a good guess to be involved. The extremely popular Japanese anime Tiger and Bunny is no exception. What is interesting is the director behind this operation was the relatively unknown Keiichi Sato with his only previous work being the creator behind The Big O. He was an animation supervisor, so this work was his first real step into directing. How did the advertisement heavy Tiger and Bunny turn out?

One can basically sum up this anime as what if people with super powers made money by working on a T.V. show sponsored by companies to ...
Feb 12, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (13/26 eps)
Studio PA Works history prior to doing Hanasaku Iroha was meager to say the least with only one real hit being Angel Beats. However, the director chosen was acclaimed worker within Studio Bones in Masahiro Ando (production in Metropolis, Ghost in the Shell). No doubt, at this time the studio and the staff is extremely talented and wanted to make a mark on the industry. Does a show featuring the blandness of everyday life live up to the challenge?

Our story starts off on an odd note. Ohana, an angsty 16 year old, suddenly gets the news her irresponsible and promiscuous mother is going to elope ...
Feb 12, 2018
A-1 Pictures makes some beautiful anime on occasion. Some better than others and some that really bring out a viewer’s emotion. Along with director Tatsuyuki Nagai (Honey and Clover II, Toradora), Anohana is an incredibly sweet and moving story that brings heart wrenching tears to the audience.

Anohana is a story about a group of 5 teenagers. Each character must face the challenge of accepting the death of an old friend from their childhood. The catch is, which is revealed right away, is Jintan can see and interact with the ghost of said friend, Menma. He is left wondering if Menma is a manifestation of his ...
Feb 12, 2018
Gosick (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (12/24 eps)
Studio Bones knows how to make a good anime or at least an interesting one to say the least. This ranges from Full Metal Alchemist to the ever popular Soul Eater. Seasoned storyboard worker turned director for the anime Gosick was given to Hitoshi Nanba (Area 88, Captain Tsubasa).

Gosick is about a Japanese kid, Kazuya, moving to basically southern France (fictional place called Sauville) and happens upon a mysterious loli blond French girl in the upper library. Together they slowly form a sort-of friendship while solving various mysteries they happen upon.

It’s not often a mystery anime comes to light much like any within the horror ...
Feb 12, 2018
Bakuman. (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Covers season 1 and 2

J.C. Staff, check. Director Kenichi Kasai with previous slice of life and romance anime work such as Honey and Clover, check. Even the writer and illustrator combo of Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi, the guys behind Death Note, bring past success to the table.

Bakuman features two kids that want to create a hit manga that will eventually be created into an anime. No doubt this is a nostalgia trip story based on the creator’s as they made into the manga creation industry. The director’s influence from previous work makes its’ mark known here ranging from the pastel colors and pallets to ...
Oct 25, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/91 eps)
Strangely enough, this series has a long history with a sequel, remade movie in 2010, and a spinoff. The studio that made this was Tatsunoko Production, a long standing studio that is still in the industry today. Ippei Kuri, the man whom co-founded the studio, was the lead episode director and series production director worked along with another now-veteran anime industry man by the name of Yoshiuki Tomino or better known as the man behind all things Gundam. Unfortunately, at the time of this review only four known episodes of the show were able to be found. However, they really show off why the show ...
Oct 25, 2017
Originally reviewed 7.June.2015

Third time is the charm for Miyazaki and Takahata. This time around Miyazaki has taken over the majority of the work, while Takahata helps in directing and storyboard. Boy did the duo hit everything just right in this anime.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the world's scientists have used horrible earthquake machines as weapons of mass destruction to ruin the Earth's tectonic plates thus causing water-world.

The story revolves around a boy name Conan and the little girl Lana who washes up on his isolated little island where he has grown. Conan himself is extremely lovable and not only him. The setting and ...
Oct 23, 2017
Shiki (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Ever heard of Studio Daume? Well, at least director Tetsuro Amino is known from such works as Iria, Macross 7, and Break Blade among others. He is a diverse talent and in order to make a compelling horror anime and something unique out of a vampire story needs a unique perspective.

It is summer in the remote village called Sotoba. All of a sudden the village is stricken with mysterious and sudden deaths brought on by a strange case of anemia. The village doctor by the name of Ozaki Toshio is baffled and frustrated to find an answer. At the same time, a strange family has ...
Oct 23, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Here in 2010, the anime world has reached a point of knowing what panders to anime fans. What is the right way to pander? Well, Studio J.C. Staff seems to know of a formula containing of cute girls, school, a school club, a few pretty boys, and a cast of trope characters. Ookami-San and Her Seven Companions is the culmination of how to make an average anime. Is this anime average though? Well, given the tough task of trying to get something special out of this anime was none other than the Love Hina director Yoshiaki Iwasaki.

This story is a comedy parody of sort focused ...

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