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okayyoga Oct 11, 10:39 PM
I am alive! Sorry! School is picking up, and so is life. I did not mean to leave you on read on purpose

Isn't shogi like chess?

Well now that you are done with DiTF, do you understand what I meant by first half? The second half is completely different

Now I am watching MHA season 5
okayyoga Sep 13, 10:46 AM
Never seen Ping Pong. It looks weird. For a slice of life, March Comes in Like a Lion has a good story. I like when they focus on the MC's depression, and there is a cute kid boy with a chubby face

But I have no idea about Shogi, so I know I am missing a lot of the plot

The first half of Darling in the Franxx is super good! Love the storybook plot and 002
okayyoga Aug 25, 4:12 PM
100% true. This dude read Catcher in the Rye, and took from it that the Beatles were phonies, and he murdered Lennon:
It's not cool to egg people on for the Joker, but I can understand why. We had multiple theater shootings in a very short amount of time. Shootings everywhere really: schools, work, clubs. Everyone seems so tense that one more stressor will snap people.
I do agree that asking if someone is upset over and over again, generally makes the person more upset than when they started, though

Just watched March Comes in Like a Lion, which was pretty good for a Slice of Life show

I like how you editing your comments has now worked against you ehehehe
okayyoga Aug 7, 11:46 PM
like getting disgusted by it for 10 days and having an entire week of your life spoilt just seems over the top to me
Right, like that guy who murdered Lennon because he read Catcher in the Rye

Maybe these kind of genres aren't meant for you.
Put me in a bubble. I will only watch Slice of Lifes (Lives?)

TotallyMonoFan Aug 6, 10:38 AM
do you really lick your butthole?
okayyoga Jul 30, 11:15 AM
derp derp derpity derp
You have a way with words

I mean PunPun was a realistic tragedy about life situations that people can actually go through. Everyone has their own motivations, and they are all fictional characters in a fictional world.
And I agree that people being affected in an extreme way by a fictional story is over the top, and shows a certain instability/reliance on being told what to do.
However, if you are not affected by things you watch/read at all? That would be really sad, and I wouldn't believe you. Otherwise you wouldn't have opinions on anything. Fiction allows us to experience stories outside our own lives, and if you don't take anything away from these stories, then you're missing out
okayyoga Jul 13, 7:35 PM
I lick my own butthole
You'll probably edit this out of your message too. Butt you can't fool me

I like all of the Straw Hat Crew. Even Sanji has his moments. The most forgettable one for me is Franky, so I hope he gets more screentime. At some point
I have not met the Gravity fruit wielder
Yeah this dude who talks really slow but moves really fast:

I like how those 3 captains have personalities that offset their powers. Kizaru talks slow, but moves fast. Aokiji has an icy power, but his heart is the warmest. And I forget the third one, but I'm pretty sure he is a dick.

I can't fault either Punpun OR Aiko because they were children at the time. They were looking to the adults around them for help, and taking cues from them. That's why I dislike his uncle's girlfriend/wife/whatever. She should have known better. Statutory rape is not a joke, and is never the right choice. That chapter made me sick to my stomach. Of course, a lot of chapters made me feel ill as well
I_Love_NANO Jul 9, 8:27 AM
You mean from what anime?
It's "Monster Musume no Iru Nichijō". That's Miia my waifu :3 hahaha
okayyoga Jul 7, 11:50 PM
I see that added was
That was was not there before!

You really need to proofread

I didn't like Nami at first. There was this one point where a shopkeeper offers her a discount, and she cleans out the whole store. And I remember thinking how I would never do that; how could she just take all those things without feeling guilty? And that made her a terrible person to me
I talked with a friend about Nami in this scene, and I was like "I would probably take one or two things, and leave the rest for other people."
And my friend said, "well maybe that is what she needed at the time."
That really got me thinking about her. Because she lost so much, she is constantly trying to fill that void with things.
It made me empathize with her more, and made me realize she isn't a bad person
Also I miss her old design

I have not watched the part with Katakuri
I do like the Lightning Marine Ford dude who talks really slow

I think gif is from Sakurasou
The censor board watching my final episode:

Because it wasn't what Aiko needed. She clearly needed therapy. They both did. Their love was toxic.
Yik69 Jun 30, 12:05 AM
Yeah Lmao.
okayyoga Jun 29, 8:26 PM
I mean it sort of your fault
I won't be slandered by people with poor grammar!!

One Piece is actually ending?? But like half of my anime jokes are about it lasting forever!

Sounds like you want to be Nami, mapping things
You can still travel at 90!! I believe in you!

Having a dude head over heels is not fun, because then they have no life outside of you. They have nothing new to bring to the table during discussions, and it's suffocating.

Censor board?
Episode 400:

Yeah she did rape him. She is a pretty good character tho.


Yeah, screw Aiko right? Totally her fault he was obsessed with her. She's such a slut for... existing

Yik69 Jun 29, 6:53 PM
I also loved ep 4 and that's why I kept on watching. Lmao. Ep 4 was a banger noone can deny
Yik69 Jun 29, 8:18 AM
Everyone who watches the show enjoys it. People drop it midway. People who stay with this anime till the end would love it.
okayyoga Jun 25, 1:26 AM
My comment section is... getting out of hand...

One Piece character quiz

Apparently, I am Robin. Poor me. I have no ribcage
In second place comes Usopp
So picture me as a hybrid between Usopp and Robin

I wouldn't say I will jump and fight a lion, but I would jump and fight a lion
Hmmm I wouldn't want to be Luffy, but I definitely wish I had a friend like Luffy. Someone who unwaveringly believes in you. I love how when Nami was telling her backstory, he just walked away. And when she was done, he was like "I didn't need to listen to that. I just know you need help, and I am here for you."
Luffy seems so simple and lovely to be around, but I can't turn off my brain like that
Can you be my Luffy?

Best boy in One Piece is difficult. I personally do not like Sanji though. His flirting really gets in the way, and I just find him super annoying. Especially after the time skip. I like Luffy and Zoro. Oh, and I like Mr. 2. I could never get attached to Ace, because I was spoiled on what happened to him before I ever watched the show

How many seasons? At least 20. I need to milk this for all its worth

Isn't Punpun's uncle's wife the one who raped him?
The most memorable chapter for me was his first date with that girl. And the entire date, it shows his anticipation building. By the end of his date, he messes up, because he is so horny he can't think straight.
As a girl, I have never had to think of that from a dude's perspective, and it was explained so well that I actually empathized with him. When the girl rejected him, I was like "god! can't she see he's practically bursting! she is such a tease!"
I had to take a step back. It was like whoa. I really felt like I was inside Punpun for the duration of that chapter. And I had to put the manga down for about a week, because I felt so ugly for thinking that way
HaruChoi Jun 24, 2:20 AM
Of course it is. XD;