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Franken Fran
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Yae_Sakura Jan 31, 12:28 AM
Hi ^_^
Thx for accepting
Nice to meet u :)
AnimeCreed Jan 26, 8:54 PM
Thanks for accepting my FR :)
Hows everything going?
lil-angry Jan 24, 2:05 PM
hii, nice collection you've got here ^^
aya_44 Jan 24, 1:58 PM

revysbeanie Jan 9, 5:27 AM
nice pfp btw
Iz_ERAM Jan 2, 10:20 PM
Thank you for accepting my friend request. I'm so sorry for my delayed response. I regret not being more active on the community side of MAL T^T

Based favs and ratings, and did I mention you're an amazing host? 

I have no idea how you made a mistake in 2023 when it is still January. I still hope it's a good one for you. Hang in there lol, there's a lotta cool shows dropping in 2023 ^_^
SMtsundere Jan 2, 1:59 PM
Hello, hello! I apologize for my delayed response again. Also, happy New Year!! I was definitely not in recovery mode yesterday. xD

Best of luck in your One Piece goals! Hopefully by now you have made a bit of a dent towards it.

Yes! Yes, please! I would love to gush over them. Especially this latest season of Made in Abyss.

It is definitely very difficult at its base and is not an exact science. When it comes to likes, preferences, and holding our interests, everyone is so different and with varying ranges/openness. Not everything about a person exactly fits into a nice little logical box. I know I can speak for myself on this even if it does not necessarily manifest itself in what type of characters I like in anime.
Also, I will say Reigen from Mob Psycho is a bit different than the characters you listed, so it makes sense why you may not like him as much. xD Particularly Levi from AoT.

Oh, I see. I did not mean for it to upset you. May I ask why you have such an aversion to this old adage? Do you know people who overuse it (hopefully not me xP)? Or is it something else entirely?
Well, I will say you are a very healthy and mature individual for being that way. It seems an increasing majority of people want to entirely shut out the other side from the discussion. Which history has mentioned never turns out well. Haha, you are asking some pretty deep philosophical questions here. I do not claim to be an expert and this is only my best assumption based on my own experiences around others. Life is not something so precisely defined. If everyone was the exact same, the world and society would function entirely different. It would be a much less exciting place. Everyone at that point would be not too far off of an interchangeable widget all providing the same benefits, beliefs, interests, and point of conversation. Art and music may not even really exist without diversity of thought. As I finish this rant, please keep in mind I could also be completely full of hot air. That is how I understand it at this point in time. While observing the differences is fun and interesting, the exact question of 'why' is maybe not necessary. Asking 'why' some people like you and I find something like this interesting may also be a fun question to explore.
Hahahaha! I will say that I do think Gintama has its moments, I do not think it is as great as everyone says it is. I do have respect for it though as it has some interesting pieces to it. Still, I agree with you. I did find Saiki K very funny though. I loved that series. Just not your style of humor maybe? Did the main character(s) not resonate with you? If you do not like them, you do not like them. You can still be included in my tea parties. xD

I do know there are large groups of people in certain nerd genres such as anime and gaming and many others where these groups act as gatekeepers. They are toxic and not very helpful to expanding the interests of the subject. These type of people probably like they are limiting people to the subject because they want to feel cool and exclusive. Not like they are now bandwagon-ing or liking the popular thing.
I do think it is nice to try and figure out if someone is a more casual enjoyer or deep fan so one knows how to direct the conversation, but it should not be used as a way to demean people for their varying interest in a topic. Humans will be humans. We are still animals at our cores. xP
I understand. I have always looked the 'nerd part' if not slightly intimidating, so I have never been questioned like that for my interests. If anything, slightly surprised at times at its extreme. Constantly being brought to doubt your own interests because of others is incredibly exhausting. It must make you feel like you do not belong in your own skin sometimes. I apologize for your experiences with such folk. I promise the whole world is not like that. Even if it may be the larger majority.
From my own experience, even with people who do enjoy playing and/or want to play, it is still hard to organize it. Finding a DM is probably one of the more difficult parts. If you wanted to do an online session, I know there are websites that help people find other players for their games. This applies to board games mostly, but it also includes tabletops like D&D. If you wanted to go that route, I can possibly guide you in the right direction. I definitely prefer in-person games though, which is the harder category I mentioned. xP Rolling weird dice is a lot of fun. I will admit.

I definitely feel that way any time one of my irl friends ask for anime recommendations. They all mostly watch them to relate to me now and then or make fun of me (which is hilarious xD). But being as green to anime as they all are, I run into the same problem. I am just so accustomed to very weird and strange things I do not question it. Like when Beastars was airing, all my good friend could say was, "oh the furry show'. Like, I get it from the outside perspective, but it is still in itself a really good series. Recommending to other weebs and otaku is much easier but still not exactly 'easy' either. The more anime someone watches the more 'refined' it seems to become. Not any action or mystery will work anymore. Now it has to have x, x, and x elements in it as well. Sorry, I got off on a little rant there about making recommendations. I think I need some weeb friends. xD
Yes! I need to watch the movie yet (probably going to do that tonight), but I really enjoyed NGNL. I see why people want a second season so badly. I have not watched Code Geass yet. I know it is supposed to have one of the best endings, but I have not gotten around to it yet. Probably something I will catch up to this year. Probably after this upcoming semester though. xD
HAHAHAHA! That was VERY bold of you indeed! Yes, basically every episode they go and visit the shower or onsen. xD I feel for you in your embarrassment. I am not laughing at you, I am laughing because I can relate.
I do not remember the first season of Higurashi vividly enough to say for certain, but I think there may have been a couple scenes with the twins. The second season there was like a swim or bath episode, but that was it (I say that like that alone would not disturb people). The horror and gore was definitely the main focus of the first season though, so I am not sure. I would have to rewatch it to be able to understand what they mean.
Haha, as far as liking it as much as you, maybe not so much. I suppose it depends how much you like it exactly. I do really enjoy it though. I can see why it blew up whenever it did and why it has such a strong fanbase. I look forward to watching the movie later.

Does here mean America? I would not personally describe our view on sex to be puritanical. I would agree with you in the 90s and some other earlier time periods. Sex has been in my face since I was an early teen though. If anything, now shows have to outdo themselves with these scenes because people have seen so many. Most big time shows anymore will have sexual content to some extent. STARS, HBO, Netflix, all the streaming services have them in their shows. I totally agree it does not need to be nor should it belong everywhere. To your point on LotR, the original movies did not really have any spicy scenes despite the movies being over ten hours long. Kind of crazy in today's age.
Haha, we both ranted on this one, so at least we can share the blame this time. I hope your frustrations have worn off by now. We all have our days.

For real though, it was a lot. xD
LMFAO! Best comment of the year (2022)! Congrats on your new prestigious award!
Hmmmm, that is a really good question. I am pretty calm and collected in high-stakes situations, but when it comes to bodily harm and loss of limbs, things could get a bit dicey. I have not had an experience like that, so all I can do is speculate. Having the ear contraption or the last one with his hand would probably be a bit much for me. I am pretty good at little games of wit though, so I may have been able to find a way to sneak a win on the old man. That may just be my wishing thinking though.
hugsfrmbelly Jan 1, 2:49 PM
happy new year! :D

Lexi92 Jan 1, 3:24 AM
Wishing you health, wealth, and new blessings to count each day in 2023.
Happy New Year!

TohkaShidou Dec 31, 2022 5:05 PM
Happy New Year🎇🎆✨🎊🎉
Karuta_23 Dec 31, 2022 2:41 PM
Happy new Year!

kwnji Dec 24, 2022 2:18 PM
Gfazo4 Dec 23, 2022 10:00 AM
tl_dr Dec 20, 2022 4:34 AM
Can Goku beat Sebastian? I don't think so.
MrBrawlz Dec 4, 2022 8:39 PM