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Mar 6, 2016
These two special episodes of the second season of Yama no Susume are pretty different from each other and have to be treated separately.

-- Bra no Susume --
The first one is similar in concept to the special episode of the first season, in the fact that it's basically an episode like the other ones but with added fanservice (which is extremely mild in the actual anime): this is something that can be seen everywhere in the universe of moe shows, and even if it's rather surprising to see fanservice in Yama no Susume which is praiseworthy for its lack of boob-grabbing and similar tropes it's read more
Mar 5, 2016
The second season of Yama no Susume has all the cuteness and the good scenery of the short first season, but in its 13-minutes-long episodes it adds a richer and more complex storytelling and a bigger development of the protagonists and their relationships, so that it maintains the moe elements while giving more space to plot and characters.

Exactly as in the original season it's possible that you are worried about the length of the episodes, but again you shouldn't: if the pace is somewhat slower than in the three minutes previously allowed (as one could reasonably expect), this also permits some more interesting dynamics among read more
Mar 5, 2016
This special is a little longer than the episodes from the first season for a simple reason: it's a perfectly normal episode followed by a minute or so of fanservice.

Though being surely an unusual move for Yama no Susume to have fanservice, since it's completely absent for the whole first season, I didn't feel like it was awkward or forced, especially considering its mildness: in fact, given that there were no panty shots, no boob-grabbing, etc... but a very simple girl's locker room that followed quite naturally the events of the first three minutes, I think I wouldn't have even noticed it if it weren't read more
Mar 5, 2016
A new chapter in the collection of "cute girls doing cute things" anime, Yama no Susume is a series of short episodes (which evolved into a longer second season) that does not deserve to have such a low score, 6.85 at the time of writing, being objectively a very good show that satisfies the target audience of slice of life and moe enthusiasts.

Let's start addressing the elephant in the room: can this show be good with three-and-a-half-minutes-long episodes including ED? Yes, no doubt: it's a slice of life, it hasn't a dense complex plot which has to be carefully developed in order to be enjoyable; read more
Feb 21, 2016
Yuru Yuri is a must for those who like cute slice of life comedies and just love to watch a bunch of girls enjoy their afterschool together; it would probably not add anything new to your experience of this genre (except for a big and actually entertaining love polygon), but it won't fail to make you giggle during all the 12 episodes.

The story, as always, is very simple: the four girls that compose the (unofficial) Amusement Club hang out in the club room, visit each other's houses, go to the beach, have fun with the girls from the student council, etc...; the characters are also read more
Jun 29, 2015
Oregairu is an anime whose premise screams "Look at me, I'm not one of those generic romcoms!"... and to a good extent it manages to keep the promise it makes with its audience, although not completely exempt from defects plotwise: it will surely be a pleasant innovation that will entertain the weary viewer of school and slice of life comedies, but don't expect a revolution in the genre.

Story: 8/10.
Our male protagonist finds himself stuck in a club against his will, alone with what are meant to be his two love interests: nothing revolutionary, as announced; the two girls already met him in the past but read more
Jun 14, 2015
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! is one of those animes that both lighten and enlighten your day: it tells you the story of a family caught in a very difficult moment and of a college student who goes out of his way to keep the three daughters of his sister together (yes, I know, two of them are stepdaughters), despite the hard time that this decision is going to give him. In fact the challenges will be numerous, but Yuuto (our MC) will make any sacrifice necessary for their happiness; and this is most certainly going to make you smile.

Story: 9/10.
The story is in my read more