Jun 14, 2015
Bernstein (All reviews)
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! is one of those animes that both lighten and enlighten your day: it tells you the story of a family caught in a very difficult moment and of a college student who goes out of his way to keep the three daughters of his sister together (yes, I know, two of them are stepdaughters), despite the hard time that this decision is going to give him. In fact the challenges will be numerous, but Yuuto (our MC) will make any sacrifice necessary for their happiness; and this is most certainly going to make you smile.

Story: 9/10.
The story is in my humble opinion one of the strong points of this anime. The plot is not at all complicated though, and it does not need to be, the situation is already tough enough for the girls: they discover that their parents' flight has gone missing and that their life is going to radically change, with them almost surely divided among the other relatives. Yuuto intervenes and chooses to keep them all together in his rather small apartment: from that moment onwards there are very few major events, while the show concentrates on the dozens of real-life problems that this brave but maybe too light-hearted decision will bring on the new family, mostly a chronic lack of money, of time and of sleep. It's this focus on realism that got me: this show didn't need any sudden plot twist to keep you worrying and caring about the main characters; and even with the many little difficulties and the sad event that was the cause of everything, it managed to remain a very heartwarming anime.

Art: 8/10.
There is nothing much to say about the art: the characters and the background are both very good, and the colours are as warm and bright as the show; as expected, the three main girls are drawn in detail and they sure look beautiful and cute.

Sound: 8/10.
I never pay much attention to the background sound of an anime, and well, as a matter of fact that's what it should do, not to catch the attention but to just convey a certain atmosphere suitable to the moment without the audience even noticing it: it worked. Also, the opening was great for me and I listened to it in its entirety every time.

Characters: 8/10.
Segawa Yuuto is the other strong point of the anime. Sure his decision was sudden and not very well pondered, but it was definitely not just on a whim: he was just repaying and even honouring his sister for doing the same thing years before. Also, his behaviour was even impeccable when he had to face the harsh reality of growing three children while going to college: not once he faltered, not once he put himself before the girls' well-being, and he worked as hard as possible to give them all that they needed to have the life they deserved.
The girls too were not just adorable but seriously involved in helping back Yuuto not to kill himself in the effort of making everything right for the four of them (well, here I'm clearly talking about Sora and Miu). I could have a couple of perplexities that are not real downsides: first, the love that Sora feels for Yuuto seemed to me a little gratuitous, as if it was just decided that there had to be some love tension somewhere in the anime (this did not stop me from shipping Yuuto x Sora for the whole series); second, Sora and Miu seemed to remember to feel pain for the loss of their parents only when Hina was reminding them about it (but again, everyone copes with loss in different ways, so it didn't bother me very much in the end).
As for the secondary characters, there were somewhat funny stereotypes as the cool beauty and the lolicon, but they were not too annoyingly flat to be a burden to the anime: they actually had their moments of seriousness and honest help, so sure, ok, I guess I forgive their other excesses.

Enjoyment: 8/10.
This was a very enjoyable experience for me: it didn't have the drama that such a premise could signify for an anime, but instead it focused on making you cheer up for this group of unlucky children and their new tutor. It was a formula that worked very well on me, although it could not maybe be the same for someone less prone to be influenced by kawaii characters and situations; anyway I think it's very likely that you will find yourself smiling throughout every episode, not only for their adorableness but also for their unforeseen strength.

Overall: 8/10.
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! is an effective combination of light moments that you could find in any close family and moments in which the issues coming from the reality of their situation hit the characters (mostly Yuuto), and in both occasions you see them always react in the same way: with a contagious smile. I cannot but recommend it, as it will sure give your day what you need, be it a laughter or a tear.