Feb 21, 2016
Bernstein (All reviews)
Yuru Yuri is a must for those who like cute slice of life comedies and just love to watch a bunch of girls enjoy their afterschool together; it would probably not add anything new to your experience of this genre (except for a big and actually entertaining love polygon), but it won't fail to make you giggle during all the 12 episodes.

The story, as always, is very simple: the four girls that compose the (unofficial) Amusement Club hang out in the club room, visit each other's houses, go to the beach, have fun with the girls from the student council, etc...; the characters are also pretty standard, with the exception of Akari as the protagonist with no presence whatsoever, a fact that's paradoxically remarked constantly throughout the series, even in some "break-the-fourth-wall" instances. What is particular about Yuru Yuri and adds quite a bit to both story and characters is in fact the yuri announced in the title, which touches nearly everyone and affects nearly every relationship in the show: probably in real life this long chain of crushes (Chinatsu loves Yui, Kyouko loves Chinatsu, Ayano loves Kyouko and so on) would destroy the group but here its presence actually strengthen the bonds among the girls; there is a slow but steady evolution in the show where everybody gets gradually closer to each other thanks to it, although it's probably better executed in later seasons where for plot reasons the "improbable couples" episodes are more frequent, but anyway it's evident that all of them simply really like to spend time together despite and/or thanks to all the different love interests within the group.

On the technical side, the art is good and all the characters are drawn cutely, as expected from this type of anime (and they sure were good at creating the horrendous Chinatsu drawings, it has to be said, they were genuinely terrifying); the background music is ok, nothing special, and the opening song is quite catchy.

In the end Yuru Yuri is a very good choice if you're entertained by cute girls doing cute things and you're not annoyed by girl love, of which you'll have plenty, I can assure you.