Mar 5, 2016
Bernstein (All reviews)
The second season of Yama no Susume has all the cuteness and the good scenery of the short first season, but in its 13-minutes-long episodes it adds a richer and more complex storytelling and a bigger development of the protagonists and their relationships, so that it maintains the moe elements while giving more space to plot and characters.

Exactly as in the original season it's possible that you are worried about the length of the episodes, but again you shouldn't: if the pace is somewhat slower than in the three minutes previously allowed (as one could reasonably expect), this also permits some more interesting dynamics among the 4 main characters which could not have been fully explained in those short episodes; on the other hand, if you're worried about them still being only half the length of a regular anime episode, it's very typical of slice of life shows to have episodes that are already basically divided into two or more sections, each with its own plot, therefore you have nothing to fear: this anime allows as much time to develop a situation as the average anime.

Now to the characters: these are basically the ones you would find in any "cute girls doing cute things" anime, and if you have seen the first season you will not find any surprise; some secondary ones are introduced when needed and a fifth girl will appear around the end (as shown on the poster), but the 4 girls you have already been accustomed to will remain the undisputed centre of all the action. As I already said several times their dynamics become more complex: in fact it should be recognized that, using at its best the elasticity of their characterization, several times the girls depart from their basic traits to allow more intense, dramatic or emotional moments that make Yama no Susume more than a stereotypical cute comedy. The art accounts for the theme of the anime and does a good job (though not outstanding) both in drawing kawaii girls and beautiful landscapes as it is supposed to do.

In the end, if you liked the first season you should definitely watch the second; I also sincerely hope there will be a third one, as suggested by the late appearance of Honoka and a couple of other hints: I believe there is potential for more stories, and I want to see more of these four adorable friends.