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Jun 27, 2022
I mean, this little ten minute episode was fine. It kind of shows how Koro-sensei and Karasuma met, but not really, which you'll understand once you watch it. Given that "not really" is a part of how accurate these two characters' first meeting was, I don't think it's sensible to call this a prequel, so if I were you, I wouldn't bother watching it. It's funny enough, but without the element of the kids in the classroom, it doesn't hit the same. This OVA, like the rest of Assassination Classroom, did the more serious/creepy tone very well. But if you came to Assassination Classroom for read more
Jun 26, 2022
Wow, I didn't expect to walk away loving this manga as much as I do. If you're here reading this review after watching the anime, wondering if the manga is worth it, let me tell you that it is. The anime paced itself far too quickly--though it was still entertaining--but the manga lets that arc and the following arcs (for the most part, but I'll discuss that in a moment) breath so you have plenty of time with these awesome characters. If you want to know if you should check out the manga, I'll tell you that, if you liked the anime, you'll adore this.

Yamada-kun read more
Jun 25, 2022
How am I supposed to review an anime that felt great to watch but didn't actually do much? That's really all Spy x Family is--as an anime I don't think it's likely to inspire "obsession," if you will. It's just a series that mostly everyone seems to really enjoy watching. Is it because they've read the manga and know a little bit of where this series is going (I haven't read the manga, by the way)? Is it because it's funny? Is it because the characters are endearing? Is it because of the premise? Is it because of the promise of romance and family in read more
Jun 25, 2022
Honestly, I blew through this series so fast that I don't know if I'll be able to give a super detailed review of this season that doesn't just rehash all the great stuff in Kaguya-sama that has been there for the last two seasons. I guess the biggest thing is that, if you were waiting for this series to open up into a place where it felt like it was more than just Miyuki and Kaguya running the show, this season is really going to give that to you. Yes, the second season began that process as well, I was glad to have a full read more
Jun 19, 2022
As I guessed, as this series has progressed, it's become less of a closed setting and has branched out into other areas of these characters' lives beyond the student council. I was both excited for that because it meant Kaguya-sama wouldn't be a one-trick pony and worried because I thought shaking up the content too much would make the series lose its charm. It didn't. I will say that the balance the previous season had between its various genres wasn't quite there in this season, but I still think the trade-off for a deeper look into a couple of the main characters was worth it.

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Jun 19, 2022
Would it be weird to say that I love this anime because the ridiculousness and continuous humor is reminiscent of Gintama, one of my favorite anime? Most people would probably find that assessment weird, and I'm sure there's plenty who have watched Kaguya-sama and hated it for how ridiculous it is, but honestly, that overly saturated humor is incredible on its own, let alone when it's balanced well with the other elements of this anime. And I did think this anime was well-balanced (granted it ~is~ the first season, so if we're talking about major developments, there aren't really any) between the humor, romance, and read more
Jun 18, 2022
Wanna know what, I wasn't expecting an anime with a premise as corny as this one to be as enjoyable as it was, but my goodness, I had a great time while watching it. Maybe it was the characters or the mechanism of the supernatural or the wonky premise itself somehow, but I was super engaged during every episode, no matter what new characters came in or where the plot went. There are a few bits of this anime that I noticed hurt the watching experience a bit, but if I were to go off and read this manga, I don't think any of those read more
Jun 17, 2022
So, the general consensus with Tokyo Ravens is: it's fun to watch but it's totally unoriginal. I found while watching this anime that this statement was either true or completely opposite, and that fluctuation between good and bad is what's going to make it super difficult to write this review. Leaving aside the animation that could be decently done at times (like during certain battles) or bad at others and the sound design, which was bizarre to say the least (songs either fit or really, really didn't), the story and the characters are the two hot topics for me with this anime.

I won't lie: I read more
Jun 15, 2022
I actually have no clue how to review an anime I find no faults in. Well, maybe not no faults, but it's definitely hard to review something I loved so much. From the gorgeous art, the incredible acting, the humor, the emotion, the simplicity--this anime is probably the most satisfying romance anime I've ever seen. To the point where the typical romance tropes feel like such a waste of space when other anime could have been doing what Horimiya did. The couple of things I could pick out about the anime that are most likely not a problem in manga have to do with pacing read more
Jun 14, 2022
People tend to say that Cheer Danshi!! is a unique sports anime, and I'd kind of argue that that's because it doesn't carry itself like a sports anime at all. Yes, that means that the motivation for these characters to cheer is different than your standard sports anime, which is always to be the best team in the nation. But it's also the way this anime tells its story that makes it so different. I don't really know how I feel about this anime after watching it, but I think the conclusion I came to is this: it does well to make you fond of read more