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Mar 28, 2021
I always have to be kind of objective when rating AoT seasons because I don't like AoT that much, but this is the first season where I feel like my rating is accurate. I'm not gonna spend a whole lot of time talking about this season, but I'll share my thoughts on the changes that've happened between the last season and this final season.

So, I haven't read the manga; I've got no prior context to what's going on in this season, but it was *weird.* I don't know what I thought would happen after last season, but what you get in these 16 episodes was read more
Mar 25, 2021
This anime was unfortunate, but the opening was a bop and a half.

Right, so, if you're thinking, "Wow, how convenient that a volleyball anime came out just as the Haikyuu!! manga ended," don't be fooled. Because there's a lot about this anime that's just copy and paste from the Haikyuu!! plot and character work. I mean, obviously, I'm not implying any type of plagiarism, but what I am saying is that this anime had the opportunity to do something different with volleyball, and it didn't. Also, the animation was kind of not great, but I don't like saying that since I know it takes a read more
Mar 25, 2021
I'm really happy Dr. Stone exists, you know? It's such a unique concept for an anime, and the way it tells its story makes it feel so different from anything close to this genre.

If I start with the negatives of this season--there aren't many--it would probably be that the story with Tsukasa took precedence over scientific discoveries. That's not unexpected, mind you, it's just that it meant that Senku playing around with science and creation wasn't happening as often. I didn't mind it all that much, though, because the story was pretty intense and engaging, for the most part.

So, one of my favorite things about read more
Mar 25, 2021
I'm lettin' y'all know: giving this season a six is generous. It was *hard* to get through this season for a lot of reasons. It's like, you start it and kind of think it's going to turn out okay or get better, but it just *doesn't.*

It'll be easier if I talk about the positives first. So, there were pretty interesting dark points to this anime. They were very short lived, but the plot pieces that decided to delve into the darkest parts of these characters or tell a really messed up story were pretty good. Probably because they were reminiscent of the first season. That's read more
Mar 24, 2021
This season was pretty wavy, not gonna lie. I mean, I didn't understand the story as much as I would've liked to, but for the most part, this part of the second season had a lot of interesting stories to tell.

Throughout this half of the season, you learn a lot about Emilia's past, and I think that was one of my favorite parts of the story. Emilia has a lot going on with her motivations and fears, and for a long time, I didn't feel like she had much depth beyond being scared all the time. Her character improved a lot this season, though, and read more
Feb 20, 2021
This series really was unlike anything I've ever seen before. I don't know if that can be attributed to the fact that this is the first historical fiction anime I've watched or if it's just because this series is that good, but nonetheless, it blew me away. It was hard to rate because of its uniqueness, but I feel like the wealth of quality that's present throughout this anime is reason enough to give it the highest possible score.

Starting with the art and animation, I would like to stress how stunning Vinland Saga was. Of course things like the environments, character designs, and landscapes were read more
Feb 14, 2021
Well, this special was a delight. I'm gonna spoil something from the main series now (and this, too, I guess), so shield your eyes! I didn't realize that Miketsukami and Ririchiyo getting together was going to turn Miketsukami into a super perv all of a sudden, but it was hilarious.

I mean, what can you say about one episode? It was super funny; I thought the three mini stories used the characters in the best way they could've to get maximum funniness out of them. The stories themselves were cute, and all of them did actually feature the two main characters dating, even if just a read more
Feb 14, 2021
Ignoring the age difference between the two main characters because, apparently, "it's anime" is a good enough excuse for *that*, let's talk about Inu x Boku. From what I hear the manga is better, but this anime wasn't too bad. I mean, I didn't walk away with any strong feelings about it, but it was fun. I mean, the art style is so that everyone kind of resembles a lamp post, but at least they all have nice eyes.

What a weird introductory paragraph that was. Anyway, let's start with the story. Legit, it took me half of the series to realize that this was supposed read more
Feb 11, 2021
In case fans of Gintama want to know what The Semi-Final is, it basically adapts a few chapters that took place between episode 367 and The Final that weren't gonna fit/didn't blend well with the story in the final film. It's a direct pickup from episode 367, so it does feel a bit weird to watch these two episodes, but it probably would feel nicer to watch if you watch this right after episode 367.

Have I been waiting to watch this forever, or what? To preface this review, I have read the manga content that went into The Semi-Final and The Final, but I'm not read more
Feb 3, 2021
Why does this series have to assault my emotions like this?

Where do I even begin with this review? Well, I guess I'll start with the fact that I skimmed the manga chapters that this film covered after Given, the series, finished airing; as such, I've noticed that there's a few Uenoyama/Mafuyu scenes that've been missed out in this film that were pretty cute. However, given the potential for further anime material, depending on the manga, I'll let that slide. Plus, this film seemed to want to center on Akihiko and Haruki's story, which I thought was just fine because I loved their story when I read more