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May 3, 2019
So, this manga is probably one of the best your gonna get from this genre. At least, as I've found so far. I said this with the anime as well, but Kimi ni Todoke is as realistic as realistic get with romantic fiction, and that's really nice. I won't lie to you: if you don't like slow paced things, this manga will probably bore you more often than not. It does take the story extremely slow, so you need to be invested in the characters to care about what's happening.

Though, that really shouldn't be a problem, because all of the characters written for this manga read more
Apr 30, 2019
Listen, I don't know why I'm reviewing ten minutes of footage, but my self-rule is to review everything, so here I go.

This is nice. Not in a boring way, I mean it's a really warm and sweet little piece of work. If you don't want to watch Boruto, but you want an idea of what Naruto and his family are like, check this little movie out. I think it's really cool that something was animated to show Naruto becoming the Hokage, although, it would've been cooler if it were an OVA. How am I being picky about ten minutes? I know, I know, but this read more
Apr 27, 2019
How do I even sum up this series? How can I review something so special to me? Still, it must be done, so let me tell you why Naruto is a series you can't leave on your PTW list.

Let's start with the basics: sound and art. Naruto (especially Shippuuden) has one of the best soundtracks in anime. Not only with its openings and endings, but its OST songs fit the anime and its tone better than any other anime I've seen. The art is GORGEOUS. Again, especially in Shippuuden because it's more recent compared to the older animation of the original Naruto series. The read more
Apr 26, 2019
In my heart, this is a ten, but I'm trying to give it an honest score based on the actual quality of the content.

I mean, it was still a really good movie. My main beef with this movie is that the tone isn't the classic Naruto tone. It isn't as intense and passionate as the original series is because it isn't meant to be-- it's meant to showcase a romance... which might not be a great fit for Naruto. So, I think the movie sacrificed some of what made Naruto so great, but it was still really lovely to watch.

The reason I say that is read more
Apr 9, 2019
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
Listen listen listen. You need to know that I'm reviewing this based on the canon parts of Naruto. The reason it's probably rated so low on average on MAL is because of the amount of filler that's in it. If I was taking all that into account, I'd probably more likely rate this series an 8 instead of a 10.

However, since I'm not going to do that, please let me tell you why Naruto is one of the best anime to be made. The story in its barest form isn't all that original, right? It's typical Shounen, so I can't really vouch for the read more
Mar 31, 2019
This anime just kinda makes you wanna go "ah, youth." I'm really surprised I ended up liking it this much, actually.

So, as far as the art and sound go, I'd say it was pretty average. Honestly, there could've been some really awesome sound design done with this anime that wasn't 100% there, but I really don't get too picky about that sort of stuff, so it doesn't matter.

The story itself was decent. It was a little bit cliche, but I think that it was done well. I like that the story followed four romances (or beginnings of a few romances) without it being segmented. read more
Mar 30, 2019

I get it, people don't like it, but I'm gonna take a minute to explain why I loved it oh so much. Number one: the sound design and art are absolutely gorgeous. I think the storyline for this season gave a lot of opportunity for beautiful art, and this season didn't disappoint. I think I have a thing with lighting effects because every time I see an anime with stunning lighting, I have to bring it up. See: SAO. The sound, also, especially during the last half of this read more
Mar 26, 2019
I'm not gonna lie to you guys okay? The ending was a bit rushed. Like, they could've pumped it to 25 episodes instead of 23. But maybe I'm only saying that because THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ANIME I'VE EVER SEEN, AND I WANT MORE OF IT.

Okay, where do I start? The soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Not just the openings and endings, but the background tracks are so, immensely good at setting the mood for this anime. The art is GORGEOUS. It's hard to explain what exactly I love about this art style, but I'm hoping to find something similar to it in the read more
Mar 25, 2019
Y'all, I watched this during work because I was so into it. Don't tell my boss.

Alright, so I'm gonna harp on why this romance is such a good one for anime. It's realistic. Well, as realistic as a fictional romance can be. I like that it's messy and sad and confusing and painful. I like that it's surprising and mundane. I just like it.

This anime gets a lot of things right-- a lot of cliches right. For example, the very premise of this anime is overdone, right? Popular boy meets shy girl? And yet, somehow, this anime takes that premise and turns it into read more
Mar 24, 2019
Oh, goodness, I can't believe I actually found a 100% realistic romance anime.

I'm just gonna jump into why this anime is one that everyone should watch. For one thing, it isn't just a romance. I've been noticing this a lot lately, but many romance anime do this thing where EVERY plot point revolves around the main romance story. I hate it. Kimi ni Todoke actually managed to break that barrier. At its core, it's your standard "popular boy meets shy girl" plot, but once you delve deeper into it, it really becomes a story about friendship, and that's why it's so good.

The characters read more