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Feb 12, 2017
First of all. This is not an entry point into the series. If you want to get started on Captain Harlock then look elsewhere. Oh yeah. There was one other thing. Endless Odyssey is also shockingly bad. Most of the pieces are there. But they've all been assembled incorrectly.

Here's how I think the pitch meeting went down. In 2002 Madhouse presumably thought that anime fans wouldn't be interested in going back to watch a series that was over 20 years old at the time, if such a thing was even available to find at the time that is. I'd say that was a correct assumption. ...
Feb 5, 2017
The original Bubblegum Crisis is an iconic and stylish OVA that everyone should watch. It seems logical that remaking something that is so stylish would be going in waaaay over your head. And yet here we are! A good remake! Instead of trying to copy everything that made the original good and surely failing. It found its own strengths by taking the core of the original and doing something different, like a good remake should.

The year is 1998. Bubblegum Crisis 2040 was made into a 26 episode show presumably after AIC won the whole legal rights debacle by slicing the head of their former ...
Jan 11, 2017
First of all. If fan service is a complete and total deal breaker for you then move along citizen. Nothing to see here. But if you can tolerate it, or heaven forbid, even enjoy it from time to time then let's continue.

Najica Blitz Tactics is an episodic action series from 2001. It's about secret agent Najica on missions to capture humaritts who are basically androids. On her spare time she drives around in her totally rad Shelby Cobra looking car while getting the yuri stare from her co-workers at her perfumer cover job. Also her partner Lila is a humaritt. Their interactions and relationship is ...
Jul 26, 2012
At my job as a cashier I sometimes use the downtime to watch the junkies and alcoholics that hang outside the church across the street, and sometimes I ponder how the manage to gather the money to fund their frequent trip to my store to buy cigarettes and alcohol only to get distracted by a neurotic woman that wants to buy a pregnancy test. But anyway, the other times I use to reflect opon the finest entertainment I've consumed over the years of staring at a computer screen. Needless to say one stands head and shoulders over the rest.

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