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Sep 11, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Ahhhh and so another action manga gets axed and sadly it was just when it was getting going. Jigoku no Gouka is a manga that has a fantastic opening that goes into a ROUGH beginning to pick up in the last 3rd which is when you then find out its got axed and man does it hurt. I don't know why but they decide to introduce the most annoying side characters right after the beginning of the manga and when they finally leave after like 80 chapters in you finally get a breath of fresh air. Finally the MC gets some freedom to do whatever ...
Jun 19, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Story 6: Christ just know that it is slow as molasses. Honestly with 41 volumes a lot eventually changes but to say it gradual would be an understatement. The course of the manga spans about 6 or so years of the Chef Sota's career as a Japanese chef in the top class restaurant of Tomikyu. The first 3rd is him steadily moving up the kitchen ranks from just a griller to a head chef. Imma be honest the manga is very slow, comforting but slow, we literally see characters constantly progress through their lives (and thus) usually get written out of the story. After 20 ...
Jan 17, 2022
Preliminary (56/? chp)
ITS ACTUALLY A CRIME THAT THIS MANGA ISN’T MORE POPULAR, the comedy, the characters, the feels are all so good.
Story: 8 Honestly the somewhat weakest part of this manga but what can you expect it’s a comedy, with the basic premise being a crazy buff demon fanatic human got contracted as a familiar by a ‘weak’ demon girl who is trying to catch her crime-crazy dad. Sounds like not much but the story has so many fun twists and turns that the semi-episodic gag feel of the chapters never gets old. TL:DR ITS GOT ACTUAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT BABY and that’s rare in comedies now a ...
Dec 30, 2021
Preliminary (19/? chp)
This might be the most amazing side-story I’ve ever read from a main series, especially for one as unique as Baki.
Story: 9 OMG RETSU GOT ISEKAI’ed and he has the goddamn time of his life going through his fantasy world. The 1st chapter manga is a trip and essentially tells us that Retsu has a epiphany when being reincarnated about China’s Martial history and how he must prove it to this new world… and to do that he just fights freaking everybody and everything and it’s such a hoot.
Art: 10 The wonderful over muscly, crazy detailed, punch and kick happy Baki art is here ...
Oct 29, 2021
Umi-iro March (Manga) add
Story: 7 This is a very cute manga about a city girl moving to Okinawa and experiences all the activities of the sea at a very simple level things like snorkeling, hand fishing, etc. Not too much happens in terms of development other than you get to see this 3 batch of cutes girls form a very cute and endearing friendship while experiencing Okinawa.

Art: 7 The art is nothing to write home about but it does its job well, the characters are all very cute and got that nice soft pudgy feeling to them which makes the comedy hit harder.

Characters 8: So the main character ...
Aug 23, 2021
Story and Characters 10: Otouto no Otto is the perfect homophoic introspection story, there is no annoying sense of being overdramatic, it handles all of its subject matters carefully and it does it in a very concise manner. Firstly, this story's situation setting is goddamn a work of genius, it allows for a perfectly melancholic tone which the author makes sure to never drive too far from. It never becomes overly dramatic, overly happy, nothing because the whole manga is about acceptance and regret. The main MC that is the dad goes through honestly one of the most smooth, well paced character arcs of all ...
May 12, 2021
Preliminary (14/? chp)
I'm so sad to see that there aren't many people who know about this manga but this review will be for those who happen to stumble across this page and are wondering if they should pick up. Answer: YOU TOTALLY SHOULD

Dark Gathering might be one of my favorite hidden gems I've found in a while. If you are looking for an action occult manga like jujutsu kaisen and still have the sour/disappointing taste of phantom seer in your mouth I HIGHLY rec. starting this manga. The fun twist is that non of the main characters actually have 'super powers' its all done within the rules ...
Apr 4, 2021
What a beautiful return of an extremely initially flawed series. Here we see World Trigger season 2 come back with a much more compact enjoyable series of episodes giving a lot of payoff to many of the cliffhangers that were left in season 1. It's sad to see most people ignore this anime due to its flat first season but I would recommend you give it a chance, especially if you at all like the first season.
Story and Character 9: Oh my god we finally get to see Mikumo start coming into his own as a character during the ranking tournaments and it is a ...
Jan 30, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
So SK∞
What a strange anime that I kinda felt like came out of nowhere but holy hell does this anime ooze style. From the street art aesthetic with all the characters clothing and stickers to the fantastic skating animation SK∞ really becomes an anime to behold.
Story: 8 Honestly it reminds me a lot of Initial D (with the one racing spot premise) except a LOT MORE anime which can be a positive and a negative. I personally like the comedy side of the anime which with that already being kind of over the top makes it easier to except all the extremely anime characters that ...
Jan 28, 2021
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Promised what??? Attack on Who?? Re: Excuse Me?!? Boy here is the REAL most hyped anime of 2021. And what a way to start of 2021 with Yuru camp season 2 being back with the strongest 2nd swing I’ve every seen in an anime continuation.
Story: 10 Oh baby did someone call for more camping with some nice character development. Getting to see just Rin’s backstory was extremely cute while being able to see Nadeshiko become her own experienced camper is so fulfilling. The texting dialogue is still as great as ever and I love how with it we see lots of interesting mixing going ...