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Aug 23, 2021
Story and Characters 10: Otouto no Otto is the perfect homophoic introspection story, there is no annoying sense of being overdramatic, it handles all of its subject matters carefully and it does it in a very concise manner. Firstly, this story's situation setting is goddamn a work of genius, it allows for a perfectly melancholic tone which the author makes sure to never drive too far from. It never becomes overly dramatic, overly happy, nothing because the whole manga is about acceptance and regret. The main MC that is the dad goes through honestly one of the most smooth, well paced character arcs of all read more
May 12, 2021
I'm so sad to see that there aren't many people who know about this manga but this review will be for those who happen to stumble across this page and are wondering if they should pick up. Answer: YOU TOTALLY SHOULD

Dark Gathering might be one of my favorite hidden gems I've found in a while. If you are looking for an action occult manga like jujutsu kaisen and still have the sour/disappointing taste of phantom seer in your mouth I HIGHLY rec. starting this manga. The fun twist is that non of the main characters actually have 'super powers' its all done within the rules read more
Apr 4, 2021
What a beautiful return of an extremely initially flawed series. Here we see World Trigger season 2 come back with a much more compact enjoyable series of episodes giving a lot of payoff to many of the cliffhangers that were left in season 1. It's sad to see most people ignore this anime due to its flat first season but I would recommend you give it a chance, especially if you at all like the first season.
Story and Character 9: Oh my god we finally get to see Mikumo start coming into his own as a character during the ranking tournaments and it is a read more
Jan 30, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add (All reviews)
So SK∞
What a strange anime that I kinda felt like came out of nowhere but holy hell does this anime ooze style. From the street art aesthetic with all the characters clothing and stickers to the fantastic skating animation SK∞ really becomes an anime to behold.
Story: 8 Honestly it reminds me a lot of Initial D (with the one racing spot premise) except a LOT MORE anime which can be a positive and a negative. I personally like the comedy side of the anime which with that already being kind of over the top makes it easier to except all the extremely anime characters that read more
Jan 28, 2021
Promised what??? Attack on Who?? Re: Excuse Me?!? Boy here is the REAL most hyped anime of 2021. And what a way to start of 2021 with Yuru camp season 2 being back with the strongest 2nd swing I’ve every seen in an anime continuation.
Story: 10 Oh baby did someone call for more camping with some nice character development. Getting to see just Rin’s backstory was extremely cute while being able to see Nadeshiko become her own experienced camper is so fulfilling. The texting dialogue is still as great as ever and I love how with it we see lots of interesting mixing going read more
Oct 26, 2020
Ah so Golden Kamuy season 3 is finally here and you know what? Its still as fantastic as the last 2 seasons with extremely lovable characters going through fun antics that always pushes character growth, with a grand overarching mystery plot, the quality of the show hasn't dipped in the slightest.
Story: 9 After the huge cliffhanger from season 2 we are now seeing the continuation with a somewhat sideplot that has good amount of character development happening. The scenario is extremely entertaining to watch with still a lot of fun action to push the plot forward. Though it can be slow for some these in read more
Oct 26, 2020
Ahhh so we finally see that adaptation of Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko and in all honesty its a bit... disappointing. I really wish they were given more budget cause animation/art is truly where this show trips up.
Story and Character: 6 Honestly it hasn't changed much from the manga, many of the characters are still pretty likable and the story overall is a very enjoyable smooth ride with the character's main goal to enjoy life as much as he can in his own way cause god gave him a 'trial' in his previous life which made it suck. Which sadly brings to one things I dislike read more
Oct 20, 2020
Story and Character: 7 Honestly the story seems extremely generic so far in terms of sports plots, new girl joins new random club that finds that she has talent in but I think where the story actually shines is 1 the actual main character backstory is honestly kinda likable and hearing her inner thoughts honestly makes the show more entertaining. A lot of the other characters are archetypes but idk if its just the translation I'm watching but I kinda find it funny how they point out things like the main rival girl being a hardass. One thing that I sort of dislike is how read more
Aug 21, 2020
So this will probably be a review that nobody cares about but read the two other reviews I just thought I throw my 2 cents in at actually giving somebody interested in this manga an actual review XD.
Story: 7 It has a kinda rocky start as it comes out being a generic comedy with soccer as a backdrop but I would say by the second match this manga becomes a half decent sports manga with a surprisingly likable team of quirky characters which if your curious one the reviews below basically lists the personalities of all of them.
Art: 8 The art is good as read more
Jul 27, 2020
So, it’s finally here and man what a fantastic adaptation this is coming strong with fluid animation that allows you to nicely follow what’s happening in the fight scenes. And surprisingly I enjoying the comedy here even though I didn’t really love it in the webtoon, it seems they made to push the punchiness of the jokes and made sure to give them hilarious facial expressions, they come and go quick which is always nice. They also make sure to keep a lot of the visual gags like Q getting owned in episode 2 which I superbly loved.
Story:9 As for the story, similar to read more