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Apr 23, 2020
Story: so in terms of story there really isn't one from what the 1st season was really it's just Takagi trying to tease Nishikata and succedes in doing it or Nisgikata tries to do it before she does but Takagi ends up foiling his plan to get back at her thats really the story in a good sense.

Art: for the most part the art is really good cant really remember the art form last season but the art is good.

Sound: the Op is pretty good for as for the ED cant really say i could judge on it sense they did change a good bit ...
Nov 24, 2018
Story: this kinda has a story to it Kookie i dont really remember his legit name but they sounded like it said that so im rolling with it) lives with 4 other girls in the house and he must marry one his sisters by the time summer ends (not really sisters just really good friends) so that is pretty much the story.

Art: art in this is actually really darn good from the backgrounds to how the characters look nothing seem to bother me at all.

Sound: OP and ED for each of them were pretty decent at best the characters and the moans they ...
Nov 23, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Story: i mean yeah there really isn't a story here at all basically a dude who has sex with is step sister and with other people basically the story in a nutshell.

Art: the art is probably the only real saving grace when it comes to this Hentai T-rex never is disappointing when it comes to art in hentai.

Sound: sound is pretty good as well the Ed for it is decent not great also the moaning and stuff like that is good too so nothing really bad here.

Character: personally don't remember the guy's name but he's the guy with the Hentai hair cut and pretty much ...
Nov 22, 2018
Story: so the story is that Shiina has decided to move to Tokyo and hoping to be more of a man sense he gets constantly called a girl cause of his looks so moves there in hopes he can get rid of being called a girl and such but he ends up actually living with four girls one who is the caretaker and 3 others that are in the student council so his every day life begins.

Art: art is very good all the characters to also the backgrounds look really well done so nothing bad herein terms of art.

Sound: the Op and also the Ed ...
Sep 19, 2018
Story: so the story isn't really here is that sora and aki are both related by blood and well they pretty much in a sense have a relationship in terms of sex and stuff like that while trying to hide it from Nami as well otherwise its a pretty meh story

Art: it was very good the last one had good art as well and this one did a pretty decent to good job as well

Sound: sound was very good nothing bad about it what so ever but there really isn't a OP and a ED that i remember.

Characters: no real character movement ...
Aug 17, 2018
Mixed Feelings
this review will probably be short but otherwise lets get into

Story: No story here just all the girls doing different thing in the special lets really all i can say honestly here.

Art: art is pretty good here its got the chibi kinda art style to it which is kinda cool.

Sound: there is no Op there is kinda of a Ed but just no singing in it and for the VA's there all there so yeah was nice to hear them one last time.

Character: Hane is the main character of this anime and she is well a really bright light and just overall fun and nice ...
Aug 16, 2018
Bakuon!! OVA (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Story: OVA1: the first OVA is ok or decent it pretty much that Onsa got the idea to go do 100 mile thing (if i remember that correctly) pretty much for a some coffee (also she heard it from here father) so decides to have her and the girls go and do it.

OVA2: the second OVA is pretty much just about Hijiri and how she got her bike licensee that really all about it and also the her butler turns into a girl for a good bit of the show (sorry i guess for a spoiler there)

Art: art is as good the anime background look ...
Aug 15, 2018
Bakuon!! (Anime) add
Story: the story in this is pretty almost typical honestly but its about Hane who is walking to school one day when she someone riding a motorcycle and she decides that would be her passion pre say so she joins a bike club in the school to so she joins the club and now she has her new found love and that is motorbike so she starts learning about them and so on that is really about it for the story is really not a hard story to understand.

Art: the art here is really done her personally no idea if CGI was involved in this ...
Jul 31, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Story: really no story here you just get a bunch of like different things in the OVA like measuring the cat girls weight and height to having a Xmas party so yeah nothing really interesting here its just them before they grew up.

Art: the art is actually really good from the character design to the overall feel of the anime good art done here.

Sound: there was no Op in this but they did have a Ed song to it and that was pretty decent as well the overall voice actors were really good and done well as well.

Character: Kashou is the owner of La ...
Jul 15, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Story: again like the Anime no real story here just that Nishikata and Takagi also with Mano and Nakai go to a swimming park well for obvious reasons to swim also the 3 other side character girls are there Mina Sanae and also Yukari basically there part is that Mina and Sanae want to teach Yukari how to swim and also for Nishikata and the others the usual with takagi teasing him and another stuff as well (dont really wanna spoil the OVA even though i kinda did but oh well) all in all its just a swimming park OVA.

Art: art is pretty decent here ...

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