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Sep 26, 2017
Once upon a time I watched an anime called The iDOLM@STER. It was a likable if unremarkable show, its enclave of characters not standing out, its absence of story robbing their chance to shine, and only the gift of music and concerts to look forward to. The lack of a resonant tale on this first chapter would close the book on this series for many years. But one day, the clock started ticking, the pumpkin carriage was set, and a new generation of idols was ready to take the stage with sparkling glass slippers. This is The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

With no relation to the first read more
Jul 7, 2016
High School Fleet is directed by Yuu Nobuta, scripted by Reiko Yoshida, and made by Production IMS, the story kicks off with Akeno Misaki enrolling in Yokosuka Marine High School with hopes of becoming a Blue Mermaid and keeping the seas safe

So first off, I have to congratulate Nobuta on the way Akeno is developed through aesthetic cues. She doesn’t get much more dialog than the other characters, but it’s still distinctly her story. And the show achieves this because it turns the wheels of her mind without being overbearing. Through her actions and interactions with everyone else, the show knows how to reflect who read more
Sep 16, 2015
Things aren’t always what they seem. Despite featuring an all-girl ensemble at a high school club, Stella Women’s Academy (otherwise known as C3-bu) is a deceptively heavy anime in familiar lighthearted trappings. It’s easy to dismiss it as ‘K-On! with guns,’ and easier to be hooked to a surprising degree.

The story follows the fairly normal Yura Yamato, who joins Stella Women’s Academy in hopes of changing herself to be more outgoing and confident. After being charmed by Sonora, the thrill of battle, and Sonora, she joins the club C3-bu. C3-bu dedicates itself to survival games, which you can think of as laser tag with air read more