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YuiHirasawachan Apr 23, 5:36 PM
HAHAHA I'm in high school now and I haven't ever studied psychology lol.
It's just something I feel is true.
RiceballJones Dec 24, 2016 7:17 AM
Also, there's a lot of good aspects about Trigun that more than make up for its short comings in my opinion.
RiceballJones Dec 24, 2016 7:17 AM
I have it there for nostalgic reasons. Also some of the humour in Trigun was so bad that it was good. Any time a piece of art can pull something like that, it definitely warrants points for me.
ZephSilver Apr 18, 2016 1:49 AM
I hope less maid-sama, I really didn't like that show at all. But I did love Plastic Nee-san, that was pure win!
ZephSilver Apr 17, 2016 6:04 PM
is there something I've seen that you would think it has comparable humor to?
ZephSilver Apr 17, 2016 5:17 PM
So I've heard, I added it after people say it has similar humor to Swagmoto.
ZephSilver Apr 16, 2016 8:49 PM
whichever version works for you, as long as you experience the greatness that is SWAGMOTO
ZephSilver Apr 16, 2016 7:28 PM
Well you could slowly consume or speed through a manga as oppose to a anime which need to set a pace that can't be replicated by pages. Since I'm only familiar with the anime so far I don't have that problem and find it to be quite entertaining.
What do I think of it, well to keep it brief I'll just quote my tag: "Shingeki no Schlock: Steampunk Walking Dead Edition"

Honestly though, it just feels like a less competent and more crammed in Attack on Titan. I wasn't even all that entertained by the first episode. I think it would make for a decent timepasser but I doubt it would reach the same level of entertainment that AOT offered for me.
ZephSilver Apr 16, 2016 5:47 PM
And how exactly is that conflicting thematically with what we were talking about? If anything it just strengthens the argument for him as that kind of character.
And again he is still inferior right now, so you're basically using the excuse of "he's stronger" while at the time of the show he is, as you put it, a "5 year old" by comparison. Satou is long pass his prime, he isn't exactly some spring chicken, he's a tactical badass but still a older gentlemen. Kei discovered his Ajin ability at a far younger age so of course he has more room to grow. But at the end of the day he's still a "5 year old" looking up at the menacing 30 year old veteran.

You think I'm over-analyzing but I'm really just expanding upon what the show gives us, if anything you're underplaying the show to justify your feelings for it, rather than accepting that you don't care for it as much. If you missed the nuances in the way some of these character traits were handled (which you yourself just admitted to), then that isn't a fault of the show and it shouldn't be penalized for viewer misinterpretation.
I can't stand Texhnolyze and think it's one of the most boring animes I've ever seen but that doesn't mean I find ways to underplay it because of that. Thematically the show is solid, just something I didn't enjoy. And in that sense I think Ajin's 2 main character were handled well, whether you didn't enjoy it or not shouldn't be a reason to grasp at straws to discredit it. In a way I feel like the reaction Kei is getting is the same Shinji from Eva is getting. No I'm not saying Kei is written to that pedigree but that people are quick to state things about him simply because they don't like the character, despite the realization of that character being solid.

But we've dragged this out long enough, let's wrap it up and talk about other things... like the fact that you haven't watched Sakamoto yet! get on it asap!
ZephSilver Apr 15, 2016 7:45 PM
I think it should be noted that even when disbursed multiple times it was inferior to the one the girl had, showing a clear divide in power. So it's like a concentrated formula vs a watered down product. And I feel like he won't win by strength as you say, given the pension that the show seems to favor for tactics and proper maneuvering, I'd say that final face off would be the same. I mean yeah it's clear that Kei has the higher chance of winning given the kind of narrative this is (and the fact he's the protagonist). But I feel like the show would go about the same way Parasyte did, in that the protagonist was never stronger than the antagonist, but it really just boiled down to circumstances. But then again that's just me speculating given the kind of fights we've seen so far, all of which demonstrated some level of thought over brawn.

I think, like you said, you might have missed out and a few of the subtle hints into the MCs psyche during the show's runtime. Here's the problem with the "crush their eyes" statements, just because he was angry enough to think it doesn't mean he would literally act upon it. I'm sure if you think back you would recall several times when you were mad at your friends, family and people in general and wished death upon them or hope something bad would happen to them. Wishing something ill on someone else isn't new, Kei isn't about to act out in rage unless it's to secure his lively-hood (as for the reason why he locked that kid up in the truck). But so that we're clear Kei would more than likely resort to deadly violence soon since he's basically a animal cornered. It's just a matter than violence is more of a last resort for him, he avoids confrontation unless he isn't given much of an option. And seeing that Satou is setting actions in motion that puts his lively-hood at risk, he now has a reason to react to his outburst.
"(there are a good handful of teens and younger who engage in murder in real life anyway)"
a handful doesn't = most. I'm sure if I were to look up a statistic of teens that were violent and resorted to deadly action the margin would be minuscule. And besides that, Kei, as we already discussed isn't a violent kid. If he was many people that crossed him would have suffered by now. Remember he only acts out in violence when push comes to shove.

"I'd say he has some atypical behaviour"
Well yeah, as exaggerated as some of those features may be in anime, they're stemmed from a place of real-world characteristics. I mean that's what archetypes are, simplified versions of personalities. I think the show did well not to limit him to these simplified character traits but added several layers to make him a more realistic character for his given genre. I mean this could of easily been a messy case to that similar of Kaneki, but the writers made sure that wasn't the case. I'm not saying Kei is some kind of "deep" character, just a well rounded one.

When Satou confronted the scientist for the first time before killing him he said that during moments of extreme stress (or something along those lines) some people are capable of seeing the Ajins. So adrenaline rushes can essentially reveal them. Given that those who saw it were people in the line of duty that would make sense, as they usually saw them during stressful conditions when confronting a Ajin. Like when the snipers thought they were taking on enemy fire, which as a result increase the stress they were experiencing, and caused the IBM to come into focus. I think it seems like everyone could see it because when you think about it most of the big police encounters took place in the latter half of the series (more specifically the last 2 eps).
ZephSilver Apr 15, 2016 4:30 PM
First of all, thanks for taking the time out to leave a detail response and not a quick retort. Secondly, sorry I didn't reply to your prior comment, I must have missed it (I'm constantly flooded with messages). And lastly, I understand how you got to your evaluation of Kei, but I respectfully disagree. Now time to explain why.
I think most of this stems from the semantics and rubric imposed onto titles these days, people tend to cut out any variables in an attempt to keep everything orderly. There's a different between an inconsistent character (Slaine from Aldnoah) and one that's properly presented BUT are mistaken to those not keen to the subtly in which they are characterized (Eva Heinemann from Monster). Kei is a character of the latter that is understandably misinterpreted due to the fact that, like the concepts of the show he's a part of, he too was also only done to an extent. The biggest problem with Ajin, like I addressed in my review, is that it favors the spectacle over the necessary layering that makes the show far more potent.
"which is basically him firstly being a high schooler who has (probably) the strongest Ajin power, while still being weak (because he refuses to use it properly) out of friendship."
A false statement since both the antagonist we come across have shown superiority in their abilities to use their Ajin, far more than Kei, who only escaped by the skin of his teeth. He doesn't understand the extent of his power (thus he practiced in the woods), while Satou has tactical prowess with his Ajin trumps anything Kei is capable off. I mean he struggles to get away from a squadron of cops while Satou eliminates professional soldiers. Kei never refuse to use his power out of friendship, he doesn't know how to use his power, the mechanics of Ajins are as uncommon to him as they are to us as a viewer.
"For a cold and 'nihilistic' person, his sole reason for not wanting to kill people is because he doesn't want to betray his friend."
Again not true, and this might be as a result of expecting teens to be adept and comfortable with killing. Anime itself is diluting what we expect a proper person in this situation would do. We're so use to seeing teens with superpowers easily taking the lives or at least doing irreparable damage to others that we often forget that most people won't come to that point. Kei doesn't care much for societal value but that doesn't mean he's ok with the idea of killing people, that's not something you just start doing on a whim. He isn't like Satou, who's clearly a man with a skewed moral compass and apathetic to human life. He isn't afraid to betray his friend, he's afraid to betray himself as a person. Being jaded to society doesn't make it easy to kill. That's no better than saying if you play lots of violent video games then you shouldn't have a problem killing people. There's more to factor in than something so linear.
" He seems to be either very pragmatic"
I think you're right here, he is all about making calculated risk weighed against the benefits. And no he doesn't feel for the death of others unless it's something that he himself could have control over the outcome. The scientist was helped out of a forced sense of obligation (like I stated in my review). It's not that he wanted to help him, but he felt like he guilt if he didn't, and that's why I said I don't peg him as a nihilist. And as for the grandma he helped her in the same way the "you scratch my back I scratch yours" saying goes. She took him in, didn't rat him out and gave him normalcy, he was compelled to return the gesture, I think you're under this false persecution that he HAS to be cold all the time. If that was the case then he would be a 1 dimensional character. People aren't as simply as black and white. Had he not helped her then that would of been more problematic for him as a character. At that point there would be no layers to him and he would be no better than your atypical cynic.
I think you need to get this notion out your head that people just kill "bc animu and superpowers" .. This is why I liked Kei, the writers didn't just follow some checklist, they bothered to make him act like someone his age would. This was further highlighted by the kid he captured being the character you would expect in his role.
"I was just wondering what you thought about this abomination who seems to be in-between an anti-hero and a typical shounen protagonist, yet neither."
semantics man, this is all the proof of you subjecting to it. Feeling the need to label the character in one group or another out of a preconceived idea of what that kind of protagonist is suppose to be. He isn't either because he isn't a cookie cutter character like those tend to me. You can't fit him neatly in those groups because he wasn't written to be that simple.

Satou is too badass lol I loved every moment he was on screen.

And as far as Yuu Tosaki is concerned, that's why I stated he felt one note. He served his role but outside of that he isn't really someone worth analyzing.
Inferno792 Mar 15, 2016 3:51 AM
They tried to make it realistic but were unaware of how unrealistic they had really made the anime.
Inferno792 Mar 12, 2016 2:51 AM
I found the concept of Btoom to be average as well. After watching the first episode, I thought the MC would be some badass but he wasn't.
Inferno792 Mar 12, 2016 1:21 AM
Yeah. That's another thing I don't understand. They barely knew him for a month and they are all crying over him like he was their brother or something.
I just watched this Btoom anime and in that too, the MC is crying over to save a guy he has known for only three fucking days. That too, in a game of death.
Inferno792 Mar 7, 2016 8:11 AM
Even this latest episode did nothing to progress the plot. This is turning out to be annoying now. My score for the series has decreased to 5 now.