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Sep 27, 2019
This show should be regarded as more of an allegory than a typical story. In essence, this is an allegory of the birth of the man-child, also known as puer aeternus, due to the overbearance of the mother.

Masato is your typical male, desiring to separate himself from the dependence of his mother, while the mother wishes to infantalize his son forever. It is inevitable for a loving mother to do this, such is that, it is the duty of the father to forcibly separate the son from his mother, which gets to an interesting point.

The father is basically missing from Masato's life. However, this is read more
Apr 3, 2016
To summarise it simply, Hai to Gensou is basically a story that doesn't know what audience it's trying to target and what genre it's trying to be in.


*Spoilers henceforth*

Story: 2

First of all, if it wasn't for all the combat and amount of fanservice I would have thought the story was targetted towards women, given the amount of emotional drama that keeps going on. People keep crying about the guy that died earlier throughout the series, along with all the whining about how incompetent they are, as well as some blame games going on. They don't seem to properly resolve their emotional issues as they just read more
Apr 2, 2016
Dagashi Kashi doesn't really feel like an anime per se, more of an advertisement along with a history lesson.

So the general story is that Hotaru one day appears at Kokonotsu's candy store to persuade You (his father) to join her company, but You will only agree if Kokonotsu takes over the candy store. And... that's pretty much where the story ends because from thenceforth every episode is exploring a different Japanese candy, how delicious they are, and their history, along with some light fan service. So basically, this is like Shokugeki no Souma lite.

In regards to art and sound they're okay. The art is better read more
Mar 28, 2016
*Spoilers will exist to explain why this show is great*

Story: 8
Now some of you have heard that time is considered part of the fourth dimension, but what if you were told that there is a dimension that contains all of the possibilities in the world? This is basically what the story is based on.

The anime does not explain the mechanics of Dimension W too deeply, but it explores it enough to give us an understanding of what it's trying to convey, such as when coils go haywire and Dimension W manifests in the real world, or when the characters are able to enter Dimension W read more
Jan 5, 2016
SPOILERS! Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! Do not go ahead unless you don't care about the plot, which you shouldn't anyway because it's predictable as hell.


And here's the second season of the uninspiring, cliche spewing show of Owari no Seraph.

To begin, I don't remember too much of the first season because it was unimpactful, however I do believe that it was at the very least, more enjoyable than this season.

Let's start with the OP. Why the hell was that song chosen for this series? It sounds like something for the Toaru no series, not this. Season 1 had a phenomenal OP and ED. However, this season's read more
Dec 25, 2015
So the premise of the show is that it is a mystery and that Sakurako is an osteologist and thus knows a lot about bones and can tell the gender, animal and traumas from it, but the biggest problem with the stories/crime solving is that she magically becomes sherlock holmes at whim. She's suddenly knowledgeable in art. She's suddenly knowledgeable in jewellery. She's suddenly knowledgeable in knot tying. When you never present your character as being a very diversely knowledgeable person from the beginning (like Sherlock from Elementary), everything seems to be resolved by deus ex machina.

Now the show is presented in a fairly read more
Dec 18, 2015
Subete no F ni Naru is so a mystery show that had a really weak start but had an interesting ending that was able to string together the elements presented throughout the mystery part.

So the first few episodes, alone, I would rate poorly. Most of it was just philophaster nonsense that was presented in an inappropriate way. It was also in no way philosophical. It was almost on the level of Jayden Smith's tweets. The first few episodes seem to try to show the relationship between Moe and Saikawa except the first episode already establishes their relationship and the following episodes do nothing to expand read more
Dec 14, 2015
Definitely some spoilers, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

Story: 3
The story became very repetitive at this point. Most of the episodes were: Go from current point to next point, encounter enemy Stand user, defeat stand user, repeat until we reach Dio. It became a monster-of-the-week series and it just felt really bland. The fights varied somewhat but in the end I was expecting a little more than what was essentially an RPG grind until you hit max level and go do an end game boss.

Art: 9
The art style definitely made everything feel more dramatic and dark, while the backgrounds gave a really read more
Dec 8, 2015
As I normally do, I will have spoilers as you can't really explain how good/bad the story flows without actually explaining/telling parts of the story. So don't read if you don't want to get spoiled.

Story: 1
For an 11 ep series, it sure took its time to get to the main story: the Twenty Faces identity. The first few eps are largely character introductions, showing how inadequate the police force is, how great Akechi is and how unjust the justice system is. It dragged on needlessly as it could have easily been condensed within two episodes; maybe even one. And even when Twenty Faces was introduced read more
Dec 6, 2015
It's a hot spring episode with lots of loli goodness. If you're watching season 2 of Fate/Kaleid, then it's obvious what you're here for.

The art is astounding, and I would say it is the best that I have ever seen. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds have really made an impact . The characters look sharper while the backgrounds look like masterpieces of art. A definite 10/10 and a must watch for any Fate/Kaleid fan.

As for the fanservice, well... disappointment and any synonyms cannot be applied to this episode.

And last of all let me just say... DAT WATER