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Gakuen Babysitters
Gakuen Babysitters
Oct 14, 2:54 PM
On-Hold 3/12 · Scored -
Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue
Oct 13, 11:41 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Yuri!!! on Ice
Yuri!!! on Ice
Oct 12, 11:11 PM
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Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
May 28, 2017 8:29 PM
Reading 23/? · Scored -
Koudai-ke no Hitobito
Koudai-ke no Hitobito
Aug 7, 2016 12:59 PM
Reading 34/47 · Scored -
Yuugure Light
Yuugure Light
Aug 7, 2016 12:42 PM
Completed 23/23 · Scored 7


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namiicho Aug 8, 2014 4:58 PM
hehe ^ ^ hope i like them too !!

my favourite manga is Strobe Edge and i'll probably favourite Ao Haru Ride too once it's done since the art is very similar; it is by the same author aha

a non-shoujo favourite is Full Metal Alchemist !

how about youu ??
namiicho Aug 6, 2014 8:07 PM
hii ~~ just wanted to add you since it seemed like we have good manga compatibility !!

(i stole a lot of your high rated manga to put on my plan to read list ^ ^)
Maemi-mje Dec 17, 2013 3:56 PM
Hola Mitsukii, tanto tiempo ^.^
OtakuMadness Sep 9, 2013 8:27 AM
Hi, hi~! A fan of Yamamoto Kotetsuko~?
Then won't you please join us!? :'D
>>> <<<
Though the club isn't new, the management is and we are working hard to bring our club back to life!
So please join in and share with other fans of this wonderful mangaka and help our club grow <3
Also any ideas and requests are very welcome!
TheCutieew Jul 28, 2013 4:27 PM
Here, everything is fine. I'm hanging out with my friends sometimes, i see my grandma that i love very much, i'm in love nevertheless i have fight with my mom sometimes, but now, it's great. I did cut my hair, a looong time ago ahah and i like it! Thank god i didn't cut them short, i would have regret it, a lot. They're like, at my shoulders, a bit longer, and i find them short ahah
Awn poor nee-chan, you look like you have a lot on your shoulders, you have to take vacations, you need it. I trust in you and i'm sure you'll do great alright? I know it's really hard right now, but after, you'll have a job and no more studying! I'm looking forward to go to the college but i don't at the same time. I'm a really stressed person so i think i'll be really stressed. Anyways, there's still 2 years of high school and i don't even know what i wanna do. I'm so lost right now. Jeez. What aren't you enjoying it in college? Do you have any good friends with you?
Hope you're doing good right now. Sorry for late reply too ; i haven't come on my computer since such a long time ago ahah anyways, remember nee-chan ; I LOVE YOU <3
TheCutieew Jun 14, 2013 3:48 PM
Awwn onee-chan, gomen for late reply :c My mom put a code on the computer so i couldn't go on internet eheh
I finished my exams, there's only one left and it's science! I have to study hard, i work a bit today but i more relaxed (not even sorry ahah) Thank you onee-chan, i'm feeling better, but i was feeling sick yesterday ugh. I think it's was all 'cause of the stress and stuff, i always feel like puking when i'm too stressed.
OMG I'M SORRY, I DIDN'T REMEMBER WHAT IDIOMS MEANS AHAH I don't remember if i told you but my first language is french and i talk english too but there's some words i don't know? I know what it's that job! It's look really interesting :) Wow, you want to learn 6 language? this is tough D: I know some japanese words, and i wanna be able to talk japanese tho ahah i talk english and french and yeah, that's it. One of my best friend talk italian, spanish, french and english, it's so crazy ahah
Awwn that's sucks, i think in canada, if you do that job, you would be paid well?
Ohhhh, so the job, do you have to use complicate stuff like someone who repair computer or stuff like that? it's with technology right? Ahah that's fine, i know what you mean - 3 - I think ur pretty good at english tho! Some of people i talk on tumblr use google translate and sometimes, i don't understand what they wrote ahah but at least, they try c: Omg, the trip at school this year for the 10th and 11th grade was China! If i would have been in 10th, i would OBVIOUSLY go ahah omg yes, japan! These times, i always say that i wanna go to travel to a lot of places. If i die and i never traveled before, then i would be really disappointed. There's so much things i wanna do wow. I look forward so much when i'll have my OWN apartment and i'll decorate it all and omg ahha
Ohhhh, well right now, everything is going well between jiki and gareki but i dunno, he look suspicious ahah Anyways, when i'll start reading the manga, we'll see - w - I don't think Jiki is like super in love with tsukumo. WHAT TSUKUMO IS IN LOVE WITH HIRATO? O____O He's like 40 years old and she's like, i dunno, 18-20 years old? fdkdkjfsdk no no, it's cant be.

AHAHAHHAHA OMG I LAUGH SO HARD WITH THE PART ''when she opened her legs to kaname'' AHAH. Geez. I know, it's looks like she was hopeless and lonely so she just kissed zero and she was lost in her feelings and wow -___- i don't understand her ahah I know what you mean, she looked really different from the beginning. She was all sweet and lovely and at the end, she was just acting like a robot and yeah.
OMG THAT'S TRUUUUUE, I DIDN'T REMEMBERED THAT PART!! So, he become human, doesn't remember yuri, and zero is dead after? O___O ahah see, i'm so lost. I haven't read the manga from a long time ago and when i continued, i was lost -.- oh well, thanks for the explanation of the end lol
Annnnnd is it tomorrow the episode of shingeki no kyoojin? or sunday? i look forward it so much ehehhe and have you watching hataraku maou-sama? I started recently 'cause i didn't know what to watch and it's was on my plan to watch (it's airing right now) and omg, it's freaking funny. At the beginning, i wasn't sure but i just re started to watch it and yes, it's so good :) I know you're busy and you probably don't have time, but when you will, take it a shot and watch the first episode alright' ?
TheCutieew Jun 12, 2013 5:49 AM
Omg yes. I was looking at the time and I was like ; WHAT, ALREADY? Lol but if it's means it's was so short, then it's means it's really good 'cause if I check always the time and if it's finishing soon, I don't like it ahah Usually, when I check the time, I dropped the anime -.- and sometimes, it's tough for me to start a new anime, sometimes I stop at the first episode lol OMG I KNOW. I was so mad when they decided to let Eren die, he's like one of my favorite character in this anime jeez. And I like mikasa too so if she would have let her self die, omg, I think I would stop watching the anime 'cause its would have break my heart T.T
Yes today's my history exam and I dunno. I started crying so hard yesterday in front of my mom. You know when ur crying but you feel all the sadness and everything in ur my body and it's so powerful? I was crying like that. I don't know, I'm really tired with all of the exam and the math exam was REALLY tough and if I don't pass, I might have summer class and ugh. I just want it to end :c

Modern idoms? What is it? Is it about drawing modern things or something? Omg I'm sorry I suck ahah *blush. Wtf? Why your parents told you that? It's ur dream, not their. If it's were me, I would still do what I wanna do no matter what. But onee-chan, I want you to be happy alright? So please, take care of yourself and ur choice <3 NO NO NO. I said ; I'll NEVER be a doctor for sure. It's not my thing at all. And doing operations, ugh. It's do disgusting. What are you supposed to do in telecommunications engineering? It's the first time I heard that! Omg no, you have to do math in this job? I hate math and I suck at it so it's not a job for me eheh

NOOOO!! I wanna read karneval so much omg but I prefer the art in the anime 'cause there's a lot of colours and it's so pretty o w o ONG YOGI DJCYKDIBGU I dunno, I was surprised about his personality when I first watching the anime. I dunno why but I almost always liked the blond guys in manga and anime. Like in strobe edge. Lol ommmmg ur like my friend, she likes gareki so much. I like gareki too, he's great but he's not my favorite. I never really liked cold characters u know? Like, they're not my favorite, I dunno why lol well, seems like jiki don't like gareki? In the anime, he was like all bitching over gareki and I was like ; -.- you bitch lol does he love the blond girl, the girl with yogi (forget her name)? OMG I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. The red hair guy have something I dunno. He's so hot geez lol and I like the one with the glasses too omg ehhh the red hair guy is different in the manga? o_o

OMG VAMPIRE KNIGHT HAVE THE SADDEST END EVER OKAY. It's make me so sad inside of me omg. And when yuki took the memories of her of zero, I was like ; omg no, no no no no. Yes, he was happy but her, I don't think so. She was all kaname and she doesn't want to let him go. She pissed me off sometimes -.- a moment, she wanna kill kaname and be with zero and after, she's in love with kaname. Omg, I WAS SO CONFUSED IN THE END LOOOOL when the "parent" attacked and kaname transform in a parent. I know but I wonder what will happened to kaname? What is he gonna do with his life u know? Bahah you hate yuki that much? Why? Yeah, the art is great but I was reading the manga more for the story and not for the art ahah
TheCutieew Jun 10, 2013 5:54 AM
I watched the new episode of shingeki no kyojin yesterday and omg, why does the episode so short? i wanted to see what will happened but no, i have to wait for a freaking week -____- I WAS SO FREAKING PISSED WHEN EREN DIED FOR HIS STUPID FRIEND, I WAS LIKE ; NO, HE CAN'T DIE. NO. But omg yes, he's alive!!!! I LOVE EREN SO MUCH, I JUST, WOW. I saw mikasa on ur favorite character ahah i love her, she's so serious and confident, i can't hate her, but i feel like she's hidden something??

OMG YOU'RE LUCKY! And sorry for the late reply, i was doing ALL the freaking weekend math 'cause soon, it's gonna be my big math exam and i'm really stressed out D: There's a chapter that i have so much difficulty in and the teacher said that this chapter is really important and omg :c after, i can't relax 'cause i have to study for history and ugh, i'm so tired, i want it to end. I understand what you mean, i remember when you said that you teacher sucked and stuff ahah but yeah, hope that you'll have great teachers next year too!!

I KNOOOOW! I'll not cut it, while just a little bit to make my hair fresh but that's it. I'm too scared to regret and yeah ahah AHAH I KNOW!! My friend are all ; DON'T CUT IT OR I'LL BE MAD AT YOU. YOUR HAIR IS PERFECT. And i'm like ; yeah yeah. lol but i dunno, i want a different haircut 'cause right now, a lot of people have long hair and i wanna do something different u know?

AWWWWN YES I WILL SEND YOU PICTURES DARLING!! I really wanna make pretty pictures and u know, maybe when i'll go in a college or something, go in art class to make project and stuff. I still don't even know what i wanna do geez t___t i have to be realistic tho. I'll never be a doctor for sure ahah and you, i never knew, do you know what you wanna do later?

OMG. Seriously, if i listen to myself, i would read karneval right now 'cause i wanna know but i'll regretted it after 'cause that's what i did with kuroko basket and when i was watching the anime, it's wasn't that great u know, 'cause i already knew what would happened lol YOGI IS BY FAR MY FAVOURITE OMG - 3 - I just wanna keep him in my house and hug him uhhhh he's so funny and lovely wow I don't remember his name, i think it's jiki? he's in the firs ship with the guy with red hair. He look suspicious, i think he'll betray them or something. I don't like him ahah OMG, THE PART OF TSUKUMO WHEN SHE WAS A MERMAID WAS SO PERFECT RIIIIIGHT!! She looked so pretty, i love her to much too T.T Almost all the characters in this anime are flawless. I love gareki but i dunno why he's so popular. When i started watch it, i was surprised about the personality of him, i thought he would be more funny and stuff. I still like him but yogi is my favourite - 3 -

OMG. YESTERDAY I FINISHED VAMPIRE KNIGHT AND OMG I WAS SO LOST AHAH I've started to read to the 80 chapter 'cause i didn't understand a thing, i was so long in the story D: BUT OMG. I WAS CRYING AND FELT ALL SAD ALL THE NIGHT!! The end was powerful, i think it's was one of the first time i felt that sad just for a manga u know ahah but i hated the fact that kaname was all alone, i would have prefered that kaname and yuki together. I really love zero too, and i think most of people are happy that zero and yuki are together but i dunno, i love more kaname. I know he wasn't that good but i liked it. He returned to be a human at the end right?
TheCutieew Jun 9, 2013 6:21 PM
omg i'm crying right now 'cause i finished vampire knight and IT'S TOOOOO SAD T_____T
TheCutieew Jun 7, 2013 4:13 PM
When are you having your exams you? me, i just came back, i was hang out with my friends 'cause it's was them birthday ahah they had both 16 years old, i'm the youngest meeeeh T.T Omg, i didn't study, i just went to school this morning to talk to the math teacher and ask her questions but i didn't study at all. Tomorrow, i have to work hard -____- i'm so not in the mood to do that ugh.
AHAHAH SAME, GIRLS ALWAYS ASK ME IF I WEAR EXTENSIONS AHAH but me, i'm keeping them long but i want to cut them short but omg i dunno, i'm so confused eheh 'cause i don't know if short would look good on me u know?
AWWWN ONEE-CHAN, YOU'LL GET A CAMERA SOMEDAY TOO! If you want to, when i'll be able to take great pictures duh, i'll send them to you o 3 o
OMG GIRL, YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE WATCHING KARNEVAL, IT'S LIKE THE BEST THING EVER AND YOGI IS FLAWLESS AND I LOVE ALL OF THE CHARACTERS OMG. I watch shingeki no kyojin and you, you have to keep watching karneval alright? omg, if i could, i would read the manga right now but i wanna finish the anime first T.T I dunno if i could wait until a week ahah
Omg yes. I'm reading so many mangas right now but it's s long to udpate geez. If i could read in japanese, it's wouldn't be that long ahah
AHAH I DUNNO IF MY TEXT IS LONG BUT I'M IN FIRE OMG. I had to tell all my feel about shingeki no kyoujin, it's just so crazy omfg.
TheCutieew Jun 5, 2013 6:56 PM
Tomorrow is gonna be my last day of school and after the weekend, it's gonna be the week of all the big exams. To be honest, I should right now really work hard and study all not but I don't much 'cause I'm so lazy and watching animes eheh but I will probably Friday and this weekend with my mom. Ugh, it's gonna be so boring -.- and the 19th, I'll have a new haircut and I'm so excited, I always like having a new haircut uhuh :3 and for this summer, I dunno what I'll do. It's really depends if I'll have summer school 'cause its could happened but I hope not! Buuut I would really be happy to take a class to learn how to make good picture with my new canon camera 'cause I really like taking picture - w - and you, what's your plan for summer?

For anime, I haven't watching and read manga in a long time. I took a break of it and just now, 1 month ago, I started to read manga again and watch anime like I was before and OMG I missed it so much!!! There's so much anime that I'm watching right now that is sooooo good like karneval (omg the characters are hot eheheh) and the data girl, it's remind me of hanasaku iroha :) you should watch them when you'll have them alright? And what about you? I went on ur animelist but I'm not sure if you've watch them recently
Omg I'm sorry for the long text Ahah I have so much to say to my kawaii nee-chan <3
TheCutieew Jun 2, 2013 7:15 AM
OMG BAABY, I'LL WRITE TO YOU ON ANIMELIST LIKE BEFORE OKAAY' ? 'cause i don't answer faster on my tumblr, i don't come always or i'm on my phone so yeah :c i'm so so sorry
Valzoak Feb 2, 2013 2:21 PM
Bueno, he leído más de los que hay en mis listas x3. Pero no los tengo añadidos. En cualquier caso, tampoco soy un experto en la materia, y orange llegó a mi vida por una recomendación de un amigo del que me fío bastante. Y la verdad, estoy super contento *-* Me parece maravilloso.