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Dec 16, 2018
Have some Eromanga-sensei & Oreimo vibes?--- Yeah, it's even worse than that.

Story 5/10 :
I'm 100% sure that the story has potential. But something's getting in the way of it.
A sister who wants to bang his brother with other light novelists competing each other... If that's how comedy works for this series, then there might be no hope at all.
Since I haven't finish this yet, I can't give my full opinion on this.

Art/Animation 2/10 :
The funny thing about this series is the art and animation. Even close ups are badly drawn due to lack budget perhaps. The way the Voice Actors talk doesn't match up read more
Aug 2, 2017
This is the 1st time for me to write a review for an airing anime....... So I'll try and keep it fresh.

I mean, it's a light novel adaptation. It'll be interesting, right? The concept built for students who aim high in a prestigious school. It's about to get bumpy as it doesn't go as well as expected.

The plot is really interesting. As a reader of the LN, I say that it's a combination of Oregairu and Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. But to be clear, wouldn't you find it entertaining as it really gives of a good vibe just from the 1st episode? A system which determines the read more
Jul 8, 2017
Come on... stop writing about the movie since this is an ad that is mysteriously on MAL... In this review of a 70 seconds long split into 3 epis.... ads.....
I'll just talk about the ad then, I guess....

They are tasty, but the flavored ones cost almost the same as your regular soda...
Everywhere you go in Japan, supermarkets, convenience stores... Radwimps is playing. Last time you saw a movie hyping this much in Japan was with Frozen, I guess...

I'll just type random sentence to make this sufficient..
It wants me to write a longer review which wastes eye strength, lol.
Jul 8, 2017
This is a parody anime as you can see. This special produces a humorously exaggerated imitation of this anime. Without any reviews of this special on MyAnimeList. I'll just desperately try my best to write one for this...

It reuses scenes from the anime, but it changes the navigation(I seriously couldn't think of any more words...)and made it like short comedy scenes. I like the VA jokes and it talks about the current status of this anime during the its airing.

I'll keep it short and clear as always. It's funny, no actual plot, just comedy. Art style is the same but with a chibi Index. Character read more
Jun 12, 2017
If you want more of your favorite anime, you'll watch more, right? It's not like I'm telling to drop this anime. It's just that I doubt anyone would really enjoy this...

Comedy is plain. But it doesn't make you want to drop this special, at least I don't have that feeling...

Who doesn't love adorable chibi sized characters? You can tell that the art loss some of its efficiency.

Will never get bored of its beautiful soundtrack~

Same as always. Good, likable, no hate-able characters.

Plain indeed. But I still watch it anyways despite it being boring. I wouldn't really say 'that' boring. It's the type of boring-ness you don't read more
May 30, 2017
I'll keep things clear and short...
Like every KyoAni adaptation, this one is beautiful, immersive and delightful. With every scene you see, you just gotta say that the arts and animations are always great.

If you're not really a slice of life fan. Then I don't know if you'll enjoy this anime(I know there's no SLF tag). But for me, it's enjoyable through out the episodes. The comedy, drama, and the way that they handle music. I can relate their hard work since I'm also a musician myself.

Like the summary says. Kumiko Oumae and her friends remain determined to attain gold at the Kansai competition. It's more read more
Feb 18, 2017
This was actually good, not disappointing I have to say...

Story: 7
The prologue isn't that good.. It starts off the end of their story. Which really doesn't give you any bad-thoughts such as someone dying or having the mood that it'll be like, meh.
You'll get to feel the tensity, but the answer to their "plot's" problem was obvious. But, I still like how they have a sad concept based on what it originally is. It brings everything back from the way it was like the SAO scenario.
And about Shino Asada. I liked the fact that she respected Kirito and Asuna as a couple even though she read more