Feb 18, 2017
-Haoto- (All reviews)
This was actually good, not disappointing I have to say...

Story: 7
The prologue isn't that good.. It starts off the end of their story. Which really doesn't give you any bad-thoughts such as someone dying or having the mood that it'll be like, meh.
You'll get to feel the tensity, but the answer to their "plot's" problem was obvious. But, I still like how they have a sad concept based on what it originally is. It brings everything back from the way it was like the SAO scenario.
And about Shino Asada. I liked the fact that she respected Kirito and Asuna as a couple even though she had feelings for Kirito therefore not creating anymore further drama.
The villains are cliched. We have seen these type of villains many, many times before in the previous seasons of Sword Art Online.

Art/Animation: 9.5
Of course the art is beautiful and the animation is smooth. But if you look closely, you can see some parts where is a little bit off.. The animation's so good that it hurts my eyes...

Sound: 10
Binaural hearing's the best. I watched this movie at a cinema. You can hear everything so clear. ~Zoom~ fades~ Boosh~~~~~~~ And the bgm's really beautiful. The music's immersive.

Character: 7
Ah, still same old same old. I'm still annoyed how Kirito can do everything as long as he's serious. The girls are still after his *cough. The jokes they did weren't really that funny.. Kirito and Asuna still continues their boring relationship..

Enjoyment: 7
To be honest, I thought this was going to be disappointing. But once you've passed the prologue. It fills you with curiosity that makes you wanna know more and you really do want to check out those fighting scenes. The fighting scenes are great. There are just times you're like: "They're winning, the enemy just doesn't know how to dodge." Their jokes... 6.5/10
Seeing the old Kirito still kinda bores me... There are some "plot holes" left for a lot of characters. With that problem, it doesn't really make up anything you feel for these characters who played in this movie. The drama is somewhat good for the last part.

Overall: 7
I just explained.. I know I'm not really good at explaining. But, I hope you'd understand. Their will to fight, their story, their past, their moments, are good. The ending left Kirito carrying some guilt. The antagonist(the one who fights) is retarded and is somewhat kind of fun to see him failed miserably... As much as I go into detail, kiss scenes always get cock block...... Kirito is the king of ARMMORPG(may it be every game).