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TV Anime 'Endro~!' Announces Additional Cast Members

by tsubasalover
Oct 12, 2:43 AM | 5 Comments

The official website for the previously announced Endro~! TV anime has announced additional cast members. The anime is slated for next winter.

Princess Rona: Momo Asakura (PriPri Chii-chan!!)
Mao: Misaki Kuno (Happy Sugar Life)

Character PV

Source: Moca News

5 Comments Recent Comments

Mao is adorable

It figures that's Misaki Kuno's voice, Mao sounds like a lower pitched Nina.

Oct 12, 7:51 AM by Hoppy

A CGDCT SoL Fantasy show, how did this flew under my radar? And Mao is like a mini-Satania.

Oct 12, 5:38 AM by MrAwesome2018

What the--- Misaki Kuno is here as well?!?! It's like Venera-sama has returned! xD

Previously, Inori Minase was announced for a main role in this anime, then followed by Misaki Kuno?! Two of my favorite seiyuus together in one anime!!!! :D Wow, this anime is truly a blessing! ;w;

This will be my most anticipated anime for Winter 2019! <3 Can't contain my excitement. x)

Oct 12, 5:02 AM by LunyRem

cgdct, check.
kawaii visuals, check.
i will watch this, i guess.

Oct 12, 2:56 AM by yoshu_

How did i missed this one ? PTW.

Oct 12, 2:49 AM by Swagernator

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