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Houkago Hokenshitsu

Houkago Hokenshitsu

Alternative Titles

English: After School Nightmare
Synonyms: Afterschool Nightmare
Japanese: 放課後保健室


Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 39
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 22, 2004 to 2008
Authors: Mizushiro, Setona (Story & Art)
Serialization: Princess


Score: 8.001 (scored by 7225 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #9872
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #545
Members: 15,250
Favorites: 700


If you read one or the other you can see why I recommended it. They are both similar in certain aspects, situations, and more. Trust me. 
reportRecommended by aaimz14
Both stories revolves around the main lead trying to come to terms with his/her gender neutral body. However Houkago Hokenshitsu is darker & delves more into the psychological aspect of it as compared to Magnolia's light hearted theme of romance. 
reportRecommended by LotusSketch
X-Day and After School Nightmare are both titles by the same author. Therefore, the art and "feel" is similar. The characters of both series are tragically drawn, conflicted with themselves, and interesting.  
reportRecommended by spiffyish
~Both deal with the trouble of gender identification, though After School Nightmare is a bit darker than Hourou Musuko.  
reportRecommended by lalazoe
By the same author, both series carry a similar dark theme to it & intriguing storyline. Psychological aspects are evident in both series & romance for the main lead is a battle of logic vs emotions.  
reportRecommended by LotusSketch
Both of these stories deal with psychological undertones. With After School Nightmare all of the characters have problems they have to deal with so they can "graduate" and they all have to do with some form of psychological problem. In Loveless you've got the main two characters who have both gone through abuse in some form or fashion and have to deal with how that has made them. Both stories also have definite love triangles and BL. All in all anyone who likes Loveless will find After School Nightmare highly addicting. 
reportRecommended by SilverWolf13
Both of them are happening in the school where they are forced to fight, and in the end graduate to get out and finish. They have bloody and creepy scenes and are violent... 
reportRecommended by InfiniteRhapsody
characters show their true self after school 
reportRecommended by pinky2812007
After School Nightmare and Hatsukanezumi no Jikan both are both mystery and dramas that involve a dark secrets in there schools. 
reportRecommended by Twitchy-Tail
Both take place in a dream, are somehow strange and a bit scary but also wonderful. I can't discribe it, but if you liked After School Nightmare, you will like Heart no Kuni no Alice and vice versa. I don't know if Alice's ending is as surprising as the ending of After School Nightmare, though. 
reportRecommended by Nirax
After School Nightmare might not be similar to the Utena manga (which I disliked and barely read any of '^__^) but definitely to the anime (which I loved!). In both there's the concept of an alternate world within a school, in which characters do battle in order to attain a higher purpose (compare "graduating" in ASN to the goal of attaining the Rose Bride in Utena). There are also themes of gender in both, and imagery of knights in shining armour. There is the theme of world-destroying too. Basically, I would love it (not going to happen, but...) if After School Nightmare had an  read more 
reportRecommended by Koshi
this manga is indescribably beautiful. I found myself really in love with Ichijo after I read this and I really understood him. several of my friends where completely thrown off when I recommended it and didn't take me seriously until they actually read it. It's a breathtaker, truely [: 
reportRecommended by KimchiKenji
In both manga, the main character is androgynous. Both stories involve the protagonist's journey to find their sexual orientation as well as their inner gender. Kakumei no Hi is much less philosophical and much more light hearted while Houkago Hokenshitsu is dark and mysterious. 
reportRecommended by PurpleYam
With an involved storyline and poignant characters as well as worlds, CLAMP would have been proud to have drawn Afterschool Nightmare (Houkago Hokenshitsu). Both encourage the reader to have a very long thought session with identity and the nature of humanity. The plot twist at the end doesn't disappoint. 
reportRecommended by mukufu
Love triangle. Hermaphroditism. Family problems. psychological problems. 
reportRecommended by Oeufcoque_
The main character struggles to face their gender issues. While After School Nightmare is set in a completely different kind of world/genre, the similarities are in that the main character is forced to choose between a male or female love interest but cannot due to gender insecurities. 
reportRecommended by vaia
They are both shojo, both have very slow developing plots, and the ending of one reminded me of the other. Or, should I say, the underlying plots with their culminations reminded me of the other. That said, I prefer peter panda more, but that's just me YMMV :) enjoy :) 
reportRecommended by StekiDesuNe
A great plot. You don't know exatcly what is going to happen and everything that you believed (while reading the manga) is awesome! I recommend it if you want to see something good and really new. 
reportRecommended by Northern_Cross
On the surface, these two seem as far off as two series can be but from the get go you'll notice how the big event that changes the protagonist's lives are similar in that they are absolutely vague, have little foreshadowing and seems to have rules that are randomly inserted. Gantz is the more graphic series but as hard as it is to envision due to the artwork and the genre, After School Nightmare is actually the more violent series and a whole lot more important characters die in it. In the end, it is best to treat this recommendation not as a "what do you  read more 
reportRecommended by Foolness
It has the half guy half girl aspect that Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa has but in a different way. It still has sci-fi in it (ASN has more in my opinion), the ending is better. Overall, ASN is just more with your time. Especially since their is more character development within the supporting characters. 
reportRecommended by QuietRiot
Both have situations that occur during school period! The story it's different from Arisa but has plenty of mystery itself! 
reportRecommended by Lena_chan
Has the same saddness, with a plot, gender bender, and an inkling of a darker tale underneath it all. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
The plots have nothing in common, but these two stories both have a mysterious air, both create so many questions, the pace is very similar in the two stories and they are just both unique with a more mature approach to story-telling and characters. Both have romance and supernatural aspect without it getting overbearing. 
reportRecommended by as3
Both mangas have a darker sub-plot and unique, very interesting stories that have a touch of gothic, a touch of supernatural and some good art. Both are pretty different from what you'd normally read in manga, as they break away from stereotypes and really make you think in a new way 
reportRecommended by as3
These two have a similar pace and mysterious atmosphere. in both, the characters find strength through attachments and relationships, sharing a dark secret . . . 
reportRecommended by as3
Again, two very different stories ASN is a drama, while NC is a comedy, but at the core, both describe a development of a characters seeking to come to terms with themselves and pressures/expectations that surround them 
reportRecommended by as3
FB has more lightness and innocence, but both stories are beautiful and touching, somewhat mysterious with people forming a bond by sharing a secret and learning to find strength to overcome their nightmares.  
reportRecommended by as3
Although both plots revolve around completely different things, they seem to have the same "feel" to them. Both mangas mainly focus on the psychological aspect of their characters. If you liked After School Nightmare you'd probably like Flower of Evil. 
reportRecommended by Foraii
When I started reading (and watching) Angel Beats, I immediately thought of "After School Nightmare". These series have a very similar setting, in which the characters are inside some kind of school that looks normal but is not. They have to fight, they have to find their "true self" and they disappear without anybody knowing what happens to them. While Angel Beats has a lot of comedy, After School Nightmare has more suspense and dramatic moments as well as romance ... and in general ASN is one of the best mangas out there. Highly recommended. 
reportRecommended by lumi
LM is much more light-hearted and smut, but both have romance and mystery in an unusual school, and a twist in the end... 
reportRecommended by as3
Although the stories are different, these two mangas are very unpredictable and mysterious. Both have beautiful stories that have a bit of a supernatural aspect and both deal with inner-struggle  
reportRecommended by as3
Both have a main protagonist stuck on a strange high school where a teacher gives him "missions" to save someone. In ASN the protagonist enters a sort of another dimension that is like a DreamWorld to help other characters until they wake up and he has a time limit. In TG the protagonist does not enter the other Dimension but he also has a time limit to change events in this world so that the other world doesn't get unbalanced. ASN has a continuous plot while TG is more comedic, episodic and random.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Both are shoujos that deal with a lot of character interactions, have a character struggling with themselves, relatively good art and stories that touch beyond the surface.  
reportRecommended by Crystal_Assassin
Both stories look at the meaning of life and have characters choosing between male and female within them. Plus, both have a unique feel. They are both fantasy-like, with romance that's not over the top 
reportRecommended by as3
Tough the stories are very different, they are both very deep, dark, unique, thrilling and excellent. Both have a set of really troubled students, finding ways to heal their psychological scars and coming to terms with who they are. 
reportRecommended by as3
Both stories have characters struggling to heal psychological wounds. Both stories don't take gender roles for granted, both are thought-provoking and beautiful, they also challenge standard notions of set roles for people to play. 
reportRecommended by as3
The two are by the same mangaka and have the same refreshing take on student life and relationships and popularity. The plot is unpredictable until the very end, and it just keeps you hooked. These two are just great 
reportRecommended by as3
Same mangaka, although After School Nightmare has some horror and it's not yaoi as Kyuuso wa Cheese, it gives kind of the same mood about the feelings of the characters. They are both great stories. 
reportRecommended by Queen2408