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Tsuyokute Kakkoii Joshi wa Suki desu ka? add
In order to become a strong and cool girl, high school girl Mie Tsukasa joins a professional wrestling organization. Follow her intensive training every day together with her trainer, with the aim more.
Manga 08-05-14
Eregy add
Manga 06-19-12
Miss Monochrome-san add
Manga 01-29-14
Marine Corps Yumi add
Nagumo Yumi is an idiotic high school girl, whose post-graduation plan is to go to the US and become president. To her high school friends' amazement, she actually manages to make it to the US more.
Manga 09-11-12
Sukumi's! add
A 4-koma illustrating the lives of cute girls doing cute things in school swimsuits.
Manga 08-13-12
Seishun Rikon add
In the beginning spring of high school life, "Sakono" Ikumi and "Sakono" Touma were utter strangers. The only coincidence is that they have the same family name and are in the same class, but when more.
Manga 11-22-11
Tsuki no Sango add
The story takes place in approximately the year 3000, when humankind arrived at the peak of its civilization, but is loosing it's will to keep living. It follows a girl, called "princess" by those more.
Manga 07-07-12
Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners add
A teenaged girl, who possesses the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the "death" of everything in existence and kill the object by destroying its " more.
Manga 11-??-10
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