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Rosemary Hotel Akishitsuari add
Susumu Yamada is Japanese, but had never lived in Japan due to his father being transferred overseas. With his father stayed for a long time in his Los Angeles branch, the family stayed in America, more.
Manga 07-26-94
Hiruko add
A university student befriends a young boy who is her distant relative. She's initially taken in by his beautiful appearance, but slowly starts to realize that strange things are happening around more.
One-shot 07-??-85
Renaissance add
Manga 09-26-89
Jazz-Tango add
Manga 07-26-97
Banbutsu wa Genshi yori Naru to Iu Koto wo add
Hiyama, a very close friend of Shuuya died. Shuuya is devastated. Not only because his friend died, also because his father doesn't recognize him as what he is after all. He is a really good jockey more.
Manga ??-??-93
Changeling add
1. Changeling 2. Nepenthes 3. Chiri no Tenshi 4. Ophelia-sagashi 5. Timer
Manga 04-25-86
Inu to Ojousama add
Manga ??-??-93
Kitsune no Yomeiri add
There would soon be a Full Moon Festival in the mountains. Once a year the foxes would hold this festival. Ojiro-kun tries to express his feelings for Ginko-chan. But for some reason he’s just not more.
Manga 07-10-95
Shinzou no Nai Kyojin add
This volume contains two short stories, each two chapters long, by Sato Shio. Shinzou no Nai Kyojin: On the giant space ship Exculsus, King Kravitz and his queen, Clara, maintain rule over a very more.
Manga ??-??-99
Oni Ou Mono add
A young man claiming to be an Edachi from the city of Kazuragi has arrived by request of the officials of Himorogi. The Edachi's job description? An oni-tsukai (demon user). His job this time? To more.
Manga ??-??-95
Ome ni kakarete add
On behalf of his company, Arnold bought an old building for himself and his employees to work in. The building is cheap because of a rumour that the place is haunted, but Arnold isn't really afraid more.
Manga ??-??-92
Keitai ga Ochiteita add
This volume contains 2 one-shots by Akaishi Michiyo-sensei. Keitai ga Ochiteita: On her way back from a date with her boyfriend, Momoka finds a cell phone on the ground. She receives a text message more.
Manga ??-??-06
Kaze no Matsurigoto add
Manga 05-26-90
Tomoi add
Tomoi is a youthful doctor who dislikes women. He has a twisted personality replete with arrogance, egotism and a venomous tongue. After his fateful encounter in NYC, Tomoi returns home to Japan. ( more.
Manga ??-??-87
Nemureru Mori no Binan add
1982. Tomoi Hisatsugu went to New York to work as a doctor. But that's not all. He hopes to lead an easier life as a young homosexual than in Japan. Indeed, he meets another doctor, Richard Stein, more.
Manga 08-??-86
Kawa yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni add
Toshi is your regular senior high student, except in the evenings when he's a bartender at a joint frequented by American servicemen, where he deals drugs, pimps, and even cross-dresses a little on more.
Manga 11-26-82
Abunai Oka no Ie add
A “psychological sci-fi mystery,” which features an alien appearing in unexpected places in contemporary Japan. While Hagio is characteristically careful in her use of science, these tales, like more.
Manga 04-01-93
Kannoushousetsu add
Manga ??-??-03
Heian Joruri Monogatari add
The relationship between a samurai and his subordinate.
Manga 09-26-98
Flower Festival add
An aspiring ballerina falls in love with a boy. (Source: M-U)
Manga 07-??-88
Houmonsha add
1. Houmonsha (Visitor) 2. Shiro (Castle) 3. Egg Stand 4. Tenshi no Gitai (Angel Mimic)
Manga ??-??-80
Fairy add
Manga 12-26-87
Marginal add
In the year 2999, only eleven cities still survive on Earth. The climate has changed drastically, and a biochemical apocalypse has made women extinct. For centuries, the male population of Earth has more.
Manga 08-??-85
Mesh add
Portraying a turbulent few months in the life of a teenaged boy determined to kill his drug-dealer father. (Source: M-U)
Manga ??-??-80
The Road to Rome add
Mario was born in Rome, but he remembers nothing about it. He grew up in Belgium with his foster parents and he always performed the leading role at the ballet school. Mario joins a modern ballet more.
Manga 01-??-90
Blue Bird add
1. Kaizoku to Himegimi 2. Blue Bird 3. Rothbart 4. Juliet no Koibito
Manga 07-26-89
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai suru add
The story follows Jeremy, who is sexually abused by his stepfather. Mentally disturbed by this, Jeremy goes down a path of murder; however, he accidentally finds himself the murderer not only of his more.
Manga 05-26-92
Iguana no Musume add
A high school senior without self-esteem thinks she's an iguana. Her mother claims that whenever she sees Rika, she sees an iguana instead of a real human. Because of this, Rika has never received more.
Manga 11-??-91
Hanshin add
Manga ??-??-72
Love Song add
A collection of four stories. 1. Love Song 2. Jewels of the Seaside 3. The Signal Goes Blink Blink 4. The Skin of Her Heart
Manga 10-20-93
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