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Mononoke Parade add
One-shot 12-26-20
Morris: Tsuno ga Haeta Neko no Bouken add
Manga 02-04-21
Koushiki Comic Anthology: 86 add
Eighty Six anthology by various mangaka.
Manga 12-25-21
Your Forma add
Your Forma, a miraculous brain-threading technology that was developed to save thousands of lives from a massive outbreak of viral encephalitis, has become an integral part of everyday life. more.
Manga 06-04-21
Kono Hon wo Nusumu Mono wa add
Manga 12-03-21
Ossan, Yuusha to Maou wo Hirou @comic add
An old man is forced to retire from the adventurer's guild and decides to return to his hometown. On his way, he picks up two babies. The first one is a human baby with the emblem of a hero. The more.
Manga 03-09-20
Maria Children add
Manga 04-27-22
Watashi no Hatsukoi Aite ga Kiss shiteta add
Light Novel 01-08-22
Hotel Metsäpeuraan e Youkoso add
In the Lapland region of Finland, the domain of snow, midnight sun, and auroras, there is the small Hotel Metsäpeuraan, run by two older gentlemen. One night during a terrible blizzard, a mysterious more.
Manga 10-15-20
Tensei Mae wa Otoko Datta node Gyaku Harem wa Okotowarishite Orimasu add
By prioritizing the life of his best friend during a maritime disaster, the soul of a young man who lost his life was reborn as the Baroness Sophie Linier in another world. At the age of six, Sophie more.
Manga 05-12-22
Dekiai Osananajimi wa Watashi no Otto de Stalker!? add
Aoi married her childhood friend, Ren, who she's loved since she was younger. However, Ren has never once touched Aoi. She has tried to seduce him in the past to no avail. One day, she goes into his more.
Manga 07-25-19
Kamiya add
After the questionable death of a patient, a young doctor is led to a mysterious club called Kamiya. Drawn by the allure of an employee and the rumors about vampires in the establishment, she more.
Manga 04-25-22
Trump add
Manga 11-04-20
Kudan no Pistol add
Manga 01-04-21
Kimi no Koto ga Suki de Ienai. add
It's been thirty years since meteorites from space turned everyone on the Earth gay. In a world where heterosexuality no longer exists, Kazusa Takanashi falls for her childhood friend Ayumu–a boy. more.
Manga 03-24-21
Koisuru Inma no Kinyoku Seikatsu add
Manga 01-06-21
Devils Line II [Gyakushuu] add
Manga 01-20-22
Kamigami no Kago de Seisan Kakumei: Isekai no Katasumi de Mattari Slow Life shitetara, Naze ka Tasai na Jinzai ga Atsumatte Saikyou Kokka ga Dekitemashita add
Manga 03-22-21
Meikyuu Metro: Mezametara Saikyoushoku Datta node Shimarisu wo Tsurete Shinsekai wo Aruku add
Shuu Abe wakes up in a strange place—at the fiftieth underground floor of the Ootsuka Metro, a labyrinth of metro beasts. The city of Tokyo has been transformed by the "Metro Overflow" and the " more.
Manga 11-13-20
Yuusha ga Shinda!: Kami no Kuni-hen add
Manga 05-09-22
Saikyou no Mamono ni Naru Michi wo Tadoru Ore, Isekaijuu de Zamaa wo Shikkou suru add
Manga 11-28-20
Yayoi-senpai no Fudeoroshi Kougi add
One-shot 04-14-22
Taiyou to Hiyakeato♡ add
One-shot 10-14-21
Namahame♡Extreme add
1. Yukagen Ikaga? 2. Motokano First Class 3. Souko Seiri de Mura Mura 4. Wagamama na Midaregami 5. Anaba Spot Ecstasy 6. Intelli Bitch 7. Kuikomi! Try Ass Ron 8. Horoyoi Gishi-san 9. 9-kai Ura no Ura
Manga 12-14-12
Love Comedy Quest add
Manga 05-11-21
Semantic Error add
Sangwoo Choo is a stickler for rules. So when his classmates free-ride on a group project, he doesn't credit them. But this prevents one senior, Jaeyoung Jang, from graduating. And like oil and water, more.
Manhwa 07-27-20
Yuusei kara Kimi e add
One-shot 05-01-22
The New Recruit add
Enter Seunghyun, a virgin in his late twenties. A late bloomer, he finally manages to score the internship of his dreams. On his first day at work, he runs into the handsome yet cold Jongchan Kim. more.
Manhwa 03-31-20
S-Rank Party kara Kaiko sareta "Jugushi": "Noroi no Item" shika Tsukuremasen ga, Sono Seinou wa Artifact-kyuu nari......! add
Gaile, a Cursificer, is left penniless when he's expelled from his party as soon as they reach S-Rank. Apparently he wasn't contributing enough?! But they hadn't realized that his cursed items more.
Manga 09-10-21
Random Chat add
If you lived through—or are still living through—high school, you can relate to Joon-Woo. An outcast and a loner, his only joy comes from the hours he spends on his phone, randomly chatting with more.
Manhwa 11-13-17
Yoshifumi to Karaage add
Manga 04-06-15
Sasaki to Miyano: Koushiki Anthology Comic add
A compilation of stories centered around the characters of Sasaki to Miyano.
Manga 04-27-22
Usotsuki Yuriko no Eikou add
Manga 06-17-21
Kurai Ano Ko to Shitai Koto add
Manga 10-08-21
Make Heroine ga Oosugiru! @comic add
Manga 04-29-22
Maisis!!!: Trouble Maid Sisters add
Manga 02-04-21
Dantou no Archange add
Manga 03-04-22
Persona 5 the Animation: Dengeki Comic Anthology add
An anthology of stories set in the universe of Persona 5.
Manga 09-27-18
Surviving as a Maid add
Ash Tolkayn was an ordinary office worker before she somehow became a maid in a BL novel with a scandalous love triangle between the King, his mysterious male lover, and the jilted Queen. But more.
Manhwa 05-17-20
Sugoi Smartphone add
A high schooler finds a phone that can search for anything on Earth and uses it to solve difficult crime cases! (Source: ANN)
Manga 05-09-22
Persona 5: Comic à la Carte add
An anthology comic of Persona 5 by various mangaka.
Manga 04-26-17
Ken to Mahou no Zeikin Taisaku @comic add
This world is ruled by a certain "strange law". After the hero and the demon lord decide to cooperate, a beautiful angel suddenly appeared. The angel then told the hero this: "You have obtained half more.
Manga 04-27-21
Futari no Polaris add
Two people who have never talked before suddenly become sisters...? A sparkling friendship story! Hikari, a girl who thinks keeping up with everyone is annoying. Mitsuki, a girl who is bullied by more.
Manga 11-02-19
Saitou Yoshitatsu ni Umarekawatta node, Oda Nobunaga ni Kuni Yuzurishite Nagaiki suru no wo Mezashimasu! add
A modern day doctor who died from overwork was reborn as Oda Nobunaga's early rival, Yoshitatsu Saitou. He died young at the age of 33, and he was not able to stand his life as an enemy of Oda more.
Manga 05-06-22
Kimi dake ga Hontou add
Manga 05-05-22
Bubble add
In a Tokyo where gravity has broken, a boy and a girl are drawn to each other... The story is set in Tokyo, after bubbles that broke the laws of gravity rained down upon the world. Cut off from the more.
Manga 04-22-22
Jujutsu Kaisen Bangai-hen add
Jujutsu Kaisen Bangai-hen shows the daily lives of Yuuta Okkotsu and his classmates when they were first years.
One-shot 12-13-21
Mahou ni Kakatta Shingakki add
It is spring, and Kotomi has just transferred to a new high school for her third year. At the opening ceremony, Kotomi discovers that the boy she knew as "Maa-kun" during childhood is actually the more.
Manga 12-28-16
Imouto wa Neko add
After losing his mother at a young age, Nekota is taken in by family friends...who happen to be a couple of human-sized walking, talking cats. Not only do his new parents have paws, tails, and furry more.
Manga 12-23-19
Soushinma: Haute Couture add
There is a shop called Terra which creates accessory demons for magicians. One day, an accessory demon called Vienna is returned to Lock, the owner of Terra, because the man who bought her believes more.
One-shot 11-29-12
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