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Hangyaku no Soul Eater add
The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor. Sora Mitsurugi, who was the heir of the family, was called on to take the trial ceremony at the age of more.
Manga 03-26-20
Tasogare Memorandum add
Eri Takatori is a high school girl and her after school life is full of minor mysteries and drama. (Source: Shogakukan, translated)
Manga 04-26-14
Yuugen to Jorei Gakkyuu add
One-shot 05-25-20
Mr. Mallow Blue add
A story about high school students and reclusive NEETs at a boarding school. Those who find it difficult to live in a cruel society meet by chance and a strange story begins. (Source: Kadokawa, more.
Manga 11-22-19
Love Live! Sunshine!!: Maru no Yonkoma add
Manga 03-30-17
Love Live! Sunshine!!: School Idol Diary add
Manga 08-30-18
Messiah no Tettsui add
2034, a time when the development of AI advanced greatly and the appearance of the humanoid "Totomo" has been widely accepted. Tamotsu, an ordinary office worker, loses both his daughter and has more.
Manga 01-25-19
Tantei Revolution add
Recently an exceptionally skilled female detective has appeared, and the identity of this highly talked about figure is actually high school student Seika. The case she has taken on this time more.
Manga 04-17-99
Kenshirou ni Yoroshiku add
The "love, revenge, and feel-good" story centers on a young man who swears revenge against the yakuza. He studies the art of the "assassination fist" with all his might, and becomes an adult. But more.
Manga 03-16-20
Uchi no Otouto-domo ga Sumimasen add
Ito is a second-year high school student and an only child who has to move to a different city; her mother remarried and begins her new life as an older sister of 4 siblings! The start of a more.
Manga 01-11-20
Kuuden no Himegimi add
Manga 01-08-19
Kokkuri Majo Saiban add
Manga 03-01-20
Mukashi no Hanashi add
The manga will tell stories of those without names buried by history. (Source: ANN)
Manga 05-08-20
Shi wo Matou Sterubia add
One-shot 05-19-20
No More Crime add
One-shot 05-18-20
Time Paradox Ghost Writer add
On a cold and stormy night, I decide to give up on my dream. But lightning strikes! And now I have an issue of Shonen Jump from the future! Teppei Sasaki is a passionate rookie manga artist who more.
Manga 05-18-20
Slime & Dragons add
One-shot 05-16-20
Yakusai ga Ore wo Aishiteru add
Manga 12-27-19
Shounen no Abyss add
Manga 02-27-20
Armageddon wa Mata Ashita add
One-shot 05-12-20
Bonnou☆Saiyuuki add
The manga is a reimagining of the famous Journey to the West story, and centers on the Buddhist priest Hoshi Sanzo and his journey to India as he is accompanied by three beautiful and charming more.
Manga 02-19-20
Dai-9 Sabaku add
Manga 02-04-20
Mad Summer School add
It is a scorching summer in Japan and Hiromi is studying hard for her exams to enter her university of choice. She was raised by just her mother since her father, a well-known researcher had gone more.
Manga 07-25-18
Koyoi no Bikyaku wa Yoku Kireru add
One-shot 05-07-20
Ane Megane add
Manga 05-25-18
Tensei Goblin dakedo Shitsumon Aru? add
A salaryman is reincarnated as a goblin with an unusually long lifespan, which it turns out was the one thing keeping goblins from amounting to anything.
Manga 02-26-20
Crimson Hedgehog add
One-shot 05-06-20
Zombie Shoujo no Fujimi-san add
Manga 04-16-20
Osananajimi ga Mama sugite Tsurai add
Hina has one-sided feelings for her childhood friend, Yakumo. However, Yakumo is actually like a helicopter parent, an overprotective mama...! "I'm happy about being doted on by the person I like, more.
Manga 06-03-19
Uchuu, Lemon Aji add
One-shot 05-04-20
Rembrandt add
One-shot 05-03-20
Akai Tsurugi add
Ro was abandoned in the wild by his father as soon as he was born. Luckily the Aesir god Loki took him in and raised him. After 13 years, Ro returns to his real home and the secrets around his birth more.
Manga 03-30-85
Aoiro Ping Pong add
Akito Kugumori is 15 years old, about to enter high school. One day he comes across a guy being bullied, and ends up following him to his school. Because of this, Akito becomes interested in more.
Manga 11-01-19
Ai no Torawarebito add
On a cold, rainy night Lily Morgan waited for the man she loved but he never came. She didn't see Nico Cavelli again, until two years later when she's mistakenly arrested in his country. Finding her more.
Manga 09-21-11
Jounetsu no Kesshou to Ainaki Konrei add
Princess Lili had grown up knowing that she would someday marry Prince Rule of Montedoro—until the day the prince announced he was marrying another woman. To Lili's surprise, Prince Rule's aloof more.
Manga 04-20-19
Ikenai Kuchizuke add
Ever since her great-grandmother first told her about her life in Italy, Gabriella has wanted to visit there. So she enters a study abroad program, and becomes best friends with a local named more.
Manga 06-21-11
Cinderella no Kako add
"You are just like my hopeless alcoholic mother," Sarah was told by her first love, Raoul, who took her virginity, before he broke up with her. Five years have passed and Sarah, working as a temp more.
Manga 07-01-13
Chichuukai no Ouji-tachi add
In the Chichuukai no Ouji-tachi series: 1. Boukun ni Koi wo Shite (The Mediterranean Princes's Passion) 2. Ainaki Wedding (The Prince's Love-Child) 3. Princess ni Naru Jouken (The Future King's Bride)
Manga 08-11-11
Omuko ni Oide: Tachibanaya Hanjouki add
Manga 11-02-92
Butai ni Sake! add
Manga 04-28-20
Tokyo Babel add
Manga 04-28-20
Sousou no Frieren add
Manga 04-28-20
Kataomoi no Hibi add
Matilda Paige is a plain girl working a simple job, helping resident doctor Henry Lowell heal the people of Somerset County. She has to split her time between her quiet boss, her ailing dad and a more.
Manga 06-24-13
Adou add
Science fiction action that begins with Boy meeting Gyaru! (Source: MU)
Manga 05-21-19
Utagawareta Tsuma add
I can't believe you showed up just when I finally resolved to forget you! Three years ago, Angolos Constantine, you cruelly accused me of getting pregnant by another man. Even though I was more.
Manga 04-24-13
Babysitter no Kokuhaku add
Candace was hired by the extremely charming businessman Nick as a nanny to look after his daughter, Jennie. Nick had just lost his wife and favored work over looking after his daughter, giving more.
Manga 03-30-15
Bone Collection add
In a world swarming with yokai demons... One day, mediocre exorcist Kazami encounters a beautiful girl named Paira. But who is she?! And could the seemingly useless Kazami actually have a special more.
Manga 04-27-20
Koushaku no Propose add
Joanna, an archaeologist, visits the palace of the Duke of Mantejano to research the fifteen-million-year-old crumbling castle. The current property owner used to be her fiancé, Gustavo Montejano, more.
Manga 07-19-08
Amai Sasayaki add
"You con artist. Someday I'll have my revenge!" Taz is dumped without explanation by her lover, Judeo, who suddenly turns on her. He believes that she and her father schemed to trick his family out more.
Manga 11-06-12
Fuuma no Kojirou: Jo no Maki add
Manga 08-19-19
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