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Love Is War! add
Siyeon Lee and Sieon Lee are fraternal twins and lifelong enemies. Constantly at each other's throats since a young age, these two have competed over everything with older twin sister, Siyeon, more.
Manhwa 06-21-21
Uraura Hikaru: Shinshin ni Mitsu add
Keisuke spends his days as if he has died after breaking up with his beloved girlfriend Chizuko. One day, he meets a boy, Koushi, who claims to be the child of Chizuko and Keisuke. Keisuke is happy more.
Manga 12-05-22
Zombie x Slasher add
Manhwa 04-21-23
Healing Paradox add
Totally exhausted from many days overtime work, Naoto Kuroiwa, advertisement salesman (as well as a corporate slave) goes to Kishibe Chiropractic Lab following his colleague's recommendation. It has more.
Manga 01-24-20
Crime Game: Houritsu no Nai Sekai add
Manga 04-25-23
Bitter End Roll add
Manga 06-24-21
Minzoku Gakusha: Akasaka Yaichirou no Jikenbo add
Manga 08-24-22
The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door add
Seina Rohill is a D-class hunter making a living off of killing monstrous fiends—or so she thought. In actuality, she's become an insignificant character in the novel, "A Secret in the Flower Shop." more.
Manhwa 01-26-23
Sister-sama no Oose no Mama ni add
Manga 02-19-23
Hits add
Yuzu Tomita, an assassin by trade, was given a mysterious order: "Kill the man you are about to meet." But what appeared in front of Yuzu was a person who looked exactly like him...!? (Source: Hero's, more.
Manga 01-07-20
Shunkashuutou Daikousha: Akatsuki no Shashu add
Light Novel 01-07-23
Shunkashuutou Daikousha: Natsu no Mai add
Light Novel 07-08-22
Azure Night, Waltz of Rapture add
When a night out to a piano recital turns into a literal nightmare for Seoyoon, she's unceremoniously inducted into a world of horrifying beings. There, she meets Heewon, a charming "superbia" who more.
Manhwa 12-01-22
Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen!: Keiribu no Morikawa-san add
The story revolves around the daily life of Sana Moriwaka, a 27-year-old single woman who works in the accounting department of a company. (Source: MU)
Manga 11-25-17
Kono Setsugen de Kimi ga Zutto Waratteirareru You ni add
Manga 05-24-23
Birdland no Sara add
Manga 05-26-23
Konyaku Haki sareta "Kuuki" na Watashi, Nariagari no Dannasama ni Totsugimashita. add
Iris, the daughter of a marquess, not only had her fiancé stolen by her younger sister, but she also ended up having to marry Lord Lucas, a nouveau riche merchant who was shouldering her family's more.
Light Novel 02-10-22
Kimi ni Koisuru Hazu ga Nai: Tokimeki-hen add
Kitaooji, a handsome salaryman who's also a shoujo manga otaku, has become lovers with his colleague, Arima. He is so madly in love with the cool, strong, and cute Arima that he ended up seeking more.
Manga 12-14-20
Kimi no Te de Kawaiku Naritai! add
Office lady Nishimura Kanna has had it with her boyfriend after discovering his cheating ways. When she breaks up with him, he insults her looks, bruising her self-confidence on top of breaking her more.
Manga 08-06-21
Survive to Revive add
If you thought life on earth was hard, then try purgatory. What lengths would you go to fight for a life of guaranteed riches and success? These souls might have once forsaken their lives, but now, more.
Manhwa 04-19-22
Majutsu no Hate wo Motomeru Daimajutsushi: Madou wo Kiwameta Ore ga Sanbyakunengo no Gijutsu Kakushin wo Kitai shite Tensei shitara, Kanashiku Naruhodo Taika shiteita...... add
Light Novel 03-10-23
Gekka no Shoujo Asura: Gokuakuhidou no Youhei, Tensei shite Saikyou no Youheidan wo Tsukuru add
Light Novel 04-10-23
Replica datte, Koi wo Suru. add
Manga 04-26-23
Nagahama to Be, or Not to Be add
Manga 01-30-23
Kujima Utaeba Ie Hororo add
In the autumn of his first year of middle school, Arata Kouda meets Kujima, a strange creature that sort-of looks like a bird. Since Kujima is hungry, Arata brings it home with him... But because of more.
Manga 09-10-21
Namaiki White Day add
One-shot 03-02-23
Maou ga Inaka ni Totsuidara add
Manga 03-26-22
Ukesen Boy wa Kamiteku Danshi to Sex Friend ni Naritai! add
Manga 04-23-21
Koko wa Yes to Itte Kure add
Manga 06-05-20
Omega no Kakushigoto wa, Hotel no Naka de add
Manga 04-08-22
Kaede to Hebi add
One-shot 12-23-22
Short Stories, Big Secrets add
Joonki is a short college student that dates Eunjoo, a girl that is much taller than him. He is insecure about how she feels about him, but after a date he musters up the courage to invite her to more.
Manhwa 12-16-21
A Saint Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke add
Manhwa 05-26-23
Marilyn wa, Inakunatta add
Manga 05-26-23
I Don't Trust My Twin add
Laurencia Aztine did everything in her power to bring honor to her family and ensure her twin, Ercia, was happy. While trying to find out where everything went wrong, she wishes upon a mysterious more.
Manhwa 01-26-23
Adelia: Fetters of the Flower add
Adelia Gerard had lost everything. The man she loved was dead, and her home was reduced to ashes. The person responsible for her misery? Her fiancé and crown prince of the empire, Elkarion Yearis. more.
Manhwa 09-06-22
Renia, the Crazy Princess add
Princess Renia Alesdubois had finally found happiness with her husband Clovis Jenoff, the Grand Duke. But when the empire finds her guilty of her husband's murder amidst political chaos, a dying more.
Manhwa 07-18-22
I Don't Need a Proposal add
An ordinary woman is reading her favorite novel on her way home when she gets into an accident. As she loses consciousness, she hears a voice say, "my name is Elsia Artize. Please save him for me!" more.
Manhwa 08-17-22
I'll Save the Heroine! add
Imagine Lee Sangyeo's surprise when she wakes up one day inside her favorite novel... and her horror when she realizes she's in the body of the adorable heroine's evil sister-in-law, Aylee Brydon! more.
Manhwa 06-26-22
D.Diver add
Kagura is a college student who lost his parents in a fire when he was a child. One day he visited a courthouse as part of a seminar, and that same night he had a strange dream.... Was it just a more.
Manga 05-26-23
Yuri's Palace add
In the Sun Empire, only women can be the ruling monarch. In this world, Emperor Yuri, who doesn't believe in love, struggles to stabilize her hold on the throne. Meanwhile, her treacherous husband more.
Manhwa 02-05-20
Kiraware Majo Reijou to Dansou Ouji no Konyaku add
Manga 05-18-23
My Warmonger Husband add
What if your whole life was predetermined? When Noelle Ainelle is reborn as an evil marchioness, she learns she is fated to die alongside her 5-year-old daughter at her husband's hands. But with a more.
Manhwa 07-27-22
Ikemen Dansou Layer ni Koishiteru!! add
Manga 07-22-22
Romance Is a Bonus Book add
Dani Kang sometimes wonders what her life would have been like if she had run away on her wedding day. She was a successful career woman before getting married, but now she is divorced, unemployed, more.
Manhwa 05-04-21
Danzai sareta Akuyaku Reijou wa, Gyakkou shite Kanpeki na Akujo wo Mezasu @comic add
Claudia, daughter of a duke, is tricked by her wicked half-sister and sold off to a brothel. Unwilling to accept defeat, Claudia uses the tools at her disposal and becomes one of the most successful more.
Manga 05-23-22
Danzai sareta Akuyaku Reijou wa, Gyakkou shite Kanpeki na Akujo wo Mezasu add
Claudia, daughter of a duke, is tricked by her wicked half-sister and sold off to a brothel. Unwilling to accept defeat, Claudia uses the tools at her disposal and becomes one of the most successful more.
Light Novel 09-18-21
Hana no Kishi Dakini add
Doujinshi 05-12-19
Secretary's Escape add
One indispensable secretary, two irresistible heirs. Iyeon Chu, the most sought-after personal assistant in Jaekyung Group, has the two would-be heirs vying for more than just future ownership of more.
Manhwa 10-26-22
Belle and the Beast's Labor Contract add
Belle isn't the classic beauty who falls in love and marries the Beast. She's a gunslinging tomboy who's out to revive her family's dying business, and love is nothing but a distraction to her. But more.
Manhwa 11-17-21
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