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Jun 7, 2009 10:46 AM

Sep 2008
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Compilation (zip format):

[STREAM] [DDL] Twelve Kingdoms - Junigenmukyou (full version)
[STREAM] [DDL] Code Geass - Black Knights
[STREAM] [DDL] Gigantic Formula - Main theme v.0
[STREAM] [DDL] Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - "Libera me" From Hell
[STREAM] [DDL] Heroic Age - Heroic Age
[STREAM] [DDL] FLCL - I Think I Can
[STREAM] [DDL] Read or Die OVA - Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain!
[STREAM] [DDL] Princess Mononoke - Legend of Ashitaka
[STREAM] [DDL] Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Segment III: Sally


Humbug23's version of Sally seems to be longer than the one I was able to find. Compare the Imeem link with the listing for the soundtrack. Let me know which one is correct.

My version of "Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain!" has a horrible bitrate (128 kbps). I do have a hard copy inbound and will hopefully receive it sometime this week, so for those of you who get the compilation (and for some reason, care about sound quality), just replace it with the new version once I get a chance to re-rip it and upload it to my webspace.

Let me know if people spot any anomalies/discrepencies. Thanks!


[13 points] Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - "Libera me" From Hell
[13 points] Heroic Age - Heroic Age
[13 points] Princess Mononoke - Legend of Ashitaka
[11 points] Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Segment III: Sally
[10 points] Twelve Kingdoms - Junigenmukyou (full version)
[10 points] Gigantic Formula - Main theme v.0
[7 points] Code Geass - Black Knights
[6 points] Read or Die OVA - Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain!
[1 point] FLCL - I Think I Can
[0 points] Berserk - BEHILIT

Notes: 8 people each voted for this week's winning tracks.
zzeroparticleJun 14, 2009 1:16 AM
Anime Instrumentality - Anime music news and soundtrack reviews
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Jun 9, 2009 1:11 AM
Dec 2007
Twelve Kingdoms - Junigenmukyou
With this track, I found the first minute or so alright...then it got a little boring with the unremarkable tunes of suspense and tension...but at the 3min mark I finally saw why it was nominated haha. However this style of music is commonly misused in american comedy movies like tropic thunder and ummm chihuahua? which spoils everything for this song. I gave this a point at first...but then I wanted to give points to the other tracks I had to make a decision =(

Code Geass - Black Knights
Very good stuff here. I didn't watch much of geass but this piece screams awesomeness in my face. Legendary with a dark touch to it. GAH! Not enough points dammit...I wanted this to have more points than the others but less than legend of Ashitaka...sigh +1

Gigantic Formula
I'm gonna give my own nomination 1pt to support it a little...just hope the rest of you like it +1

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - "Libera me" From Hell
I was expecting a Gurren Lagann over the top shounen kind of legendary power but...this is rap with piercing opera vocals. Not my taste at all unfortunately so I'm unable to appreciate it =( Sorry!

Heroic Age - Heroic Age
I've watched this series through to the end but the music has always seemed like generic space opera stuff to me. It's the kind of music you expect to hear in Star Wars, Star Trek, Gattica, Stargate, heck even macross F and Gundam. But it does have several degrees of epicness to it and is still a thoroughly enjoyable 5mins. Same deal with the Twelve Kingdoms's good but I don't have enough points.

Berserk - BEHILT
Not really sure what to make of this one. It sorta picks up around 0:38 but I kept finding myself reaching for the "next track" button even though the song is so short =X I REALLY tried to appreciate this.

FLCL - I Think I Can
Whut? Mexican tunes and then it suddenly becomes JPop. I think I can I think I can I think I can........
Ok it's catchy but not sure how it is legendary.

Read or Die OVA - Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain
This is a good track on its own...It has the "back at HQ" kind of feel (you know, in strategy games) and for some reason or another, pokemon came into mind? Suddenly there's a bright yellow thing in my otherwise cool line up of soldiers >.< ...yes I've played way too many strategy games (Shining Force anyone?) +1

Princess Mononoke - Legend of Ashitaka
@.@ Love this to pieces. To me, it exudes legendary. Starts off a little slow but once I could hear it without cranking my speakers to obscene levels, it drew me in and made me repeat it. +2

MSG: Char's Counterattack - Segment III: Sally
Amuro! Ikimaaaassuu~
First heard this track in the ps2 game "Climax UC" and somehow it really pimped a low texture ReGZ...and it was AWESUM. Later I heard it again in Another Century Episode 2...and it was still AWESUM. Then I finally got around to watching the show itself and there were old men singing to the tune (I think it was the zeon national anthem or something) which was kinda weird...but when Nu Gundam launched with this track in the background...pure legend. +1

This week was very hard...I liked too many of the songs ahhaha
mshaydownJun 9, 2009 2:09 AM
Jun 9, 2009 2:02 AM

Dec 2007

@zzero: Your one is probably the correct one since it has proper closure and all that. My version is looping, so I might have been misled since I got the track on its own. Furthermore my track is clearly made to loop, so my guess is that it's from SRW.

Writeup later, I guess.
Jun 9, 2009 3:04 AM
May 2009
.... i haven't heard most of these so... here goes

BEHILT from Berserk
......first impression had me picturing some sort of aerial weave through mountaintops covered with mist....kinda gave me more of a mysterious feel instead of one that's legendary. Was okay to start of with, but got repetitive and i lost interest.

Black Knights from Code Geass
.....Dark evilness. That's what impression the track gives me. I DID watch both seasons of CG but didn't pay a lot of attention to the BGM as i was spending more time paying attention to the story...Knowing what I saw from CG... i suppose this could be used for an "advent of a dark legend"... +1

I Think I can from FLCL
................................have to agree with mshaydown on this one.... not sure how it applies to this week's theme... not bad of a song though.

Main Theme ver.0 from Gigantic Formula
This is the one track that's played more than 5 times in the whole series...unlike most others I actually don't mind listening to this a lot. As for the track itself, it's almost like a sonata...having different parts... while keeping the same "upbeatness" and motif. +1

Heroic Age from Heroic Age
Another very nice track to listen to. I like how there is a gradual crescendo to big fanfare like portion of the rest of the track. Quite befitting of a Sci-Fi type legend I feel... +1

Segment III: Sally from MSG Char's Counterattack
Not having watched the older Gundam series, nor being familiar with them in general, it's kinda hard to judge a song on its merits when I don't know when it is played...Due to note was the sudden change of pace in the song...I can't say much else....apart from that it seems befitting for one of those older Gundam series...

The Legend of Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke
Don't kick me.. i've only heard of this one by title... never actually watched it...I reckon it's a quite appropriately named track...I'm no BGM uber master (person who knows what should sound like what... whatever you call him), but I say this comes right close to the theme of being "legendary". +1

Bring All the Wisdom to Great Britain from Read or Die OVA
This has similarities to tracks composed for Yakitate! Japan...Except this has more of a marching feel to it...No idea if that applies to what the anime was about though. Not bad (i seem to say that a lot >__<) +1

Libera Me from from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Hmmm.....opera and rap don't least i'm a traditionalist that can't appreciate go right ahead and kick me on this one... >__<

Junigenmukyou from Twelve Kingdoms
Kinda a hybrid Chinese legend BGM....? To me it sounds more of the chaos of war (which it probably is) mixed in with serene-ness...with a little bit of evil overlord and 3 or 4 heroes on horseback as seasoning to taste...+1

I probably shouldn't expect myself to do this sort of thing every week and give my 2 cents worth on each individual song....but oh well... see how I'm feeling during the week...
Jun 9, 2009 1:49 PM
Aug 2008
I listened to this week's offerings a few times, and was able to narrow down to the usual 4-5 candidates I'll score points for. But it's harder to break down each song... GJ for making it hard gaiz! But you know I know you can do better!

Also, I listened it to the order of how it is nominated, which is listed up top.

Junigenmukyou - This piece is actually excellent BGM within the show but it stands more as a prelude to something more. As some would know, this piece is written by a Kunihiko Ryo, a renowned Japanese-Korean composer in Japan. Being my nomination (on a tough week) I'll spare it any points, but this is easily one of the top 10 soundtracks in anime in the past 10 years, if I had to make a list. The strength of it lies actually not in this track, but it's a taste of what's to come. As the OP theme, it works very well in a "this is the legend you're gonna see..." way, rather than "EPIC" kind of legendary.

Black Knights - Great stuff. Not really that legendary, but overall invokes exactly what I think that is awesome about Code Geass. And reminds me why the second season is a bit of OTL.
+1 For making me want to go and listen to the rest of the soundtrack

Main theme v.0 - It, like the one other main theme so far, has different movement parts as others mentioned. It's a very nice piece that seems like it would go along with some other track. Not having seen Gigantic Formula I can't say how it fits, but it's definitely something that a prudent director would use many times in a series. Too bad it doesn't evoke that epic feel so well, rather than "climax."

"Libera me" From Hell - Heaven for some, hell for others, but it's awesome BGM for one of the more memorable anime experience in the past couple years. And it works extremely well with the show. Epic is about right, so that works for me @ week Legendary.
+1 point for genre-bending, fun and for doing an excellent job as a BGM, as all BGM are ought to do first and foremost.

Heroic Age - This is also a "main theme" version of a composition that gets reused over the course of the series, and being that it does more to foreshadow and prophetize than it does to describe. It is gentle and powerful, so it is a very different piece than what we've had so far. Wonderful stuff!
+1 for being another track I would have nominated, but didn't.

BEHILIT - There are a lot of good Berserk tracks, so I'm kind of curious why this one... because it's not going to get any points from me. It's still great, but I don't get it. Enlighten me?

I Think I Can - I get this one; think this song got nominated because the way how the ending of the song climbs up and in the show it was used masterfully to coincide with a plot turning point. There might be one or two better Pillows track for "legendary" but I think this one also merits the name. Unfortunately, to me anything epic about the Pillows has to involve one of their live performances, and not their powered-up studio albums.

Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain! - It's a curious nomination because it is a little bit misleading. It is also one of the better tracks from the series. I'm partial to it but I also don't feel it as much compared to the other tracks this week.

Legend of Ashitaka - Uh. Epic movie with epic bgm track = lolololol. However it's not really my favorite kind of Joe Hisaishi.
+2 How can I not, geez.

Segment III: Sally - Very nice string work, I think it fits very well as a lead to third movement sonata segment, &c.
+1 fitting for Gundam.
Jun 10, 2009 6:13 AM
Aug 2007
omo said:

BEHILIT - There are a lot of good Berserk tracks, so I'm kind of curious why this one... because it's not going to get any points from me. It's still great, but I don't get it. Enlighten me?

I don't have much to add more than what I've already said in nomination thread. Suffice to say I'm very fond of the kind of BGMs used in Gonzalez Inarritu's films Babel and 21 Grams (not sure if you've watched them, composed by same person. I'm guessing he works well with Inarritu when coming up with soundtracks. IIRC Babel won Oscar for the original score ). I like how they are subtle and understated, but disorienting at the same time. Without lyrics, and always playing secondary to what is going on the screen, yet still powerful and manipulative. When l istening to them individually, I sort of close my eyes, and let my imagination draw landscapes and colours as the music plays.

Anyway, my votes:

+2 Libera me from Hell

+2 Junigenmukyou

+2 Legend of Ashitaka
gaguriJun 10, 2009 6:16 AM
Jun 10, 2009 7:48 AM
Nov 2007
code geass +2
ttgl +2
heroic age +2

flcl -9000
Jun 10, 2009 10:35 AM

Oct 2007
Haven't got a lot of time, so will just say a little bit about the pieces i'm voting for.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - "Libera me" From Hell
My thoughts on this basically echo what Omo said, so i've nothing much more to say. I'll never, ever forget my sudden "what the hell is this!?!" when it was first used in episode 25. One hell of a legendary scene. +2

Heroic Age - Heroic Age
I said what must be said about this piece when i nominated it. +2

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Segment III: Sally
The whole damn score for this film is legendary, and i must say humbug22 did a good job at picking easily the best track. +2

Lelangir said:
flcl -9000

So true. :3
Jun 11, 2009 1:00 AM

Aug 2008
Code Geass - Black Knights +1
Epic, nice mix of music and different beats, yet the deep voices bring out this undescribable mood.

"Libera me" From Hell
I'm not terribly fond of this version and prefer the original rap version a lot better.

Segment III: Sally +3
This was the best orchestral piece out of the ones. The trumpet charge in the middle of the track was especially memorable.

The Legend of Ashitaka +2
Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite films due to everything, so can't pass this song up.

Interesting track, but not really legendary.

Nothing much to say about the other tracks.
Jun 11, 2009 10:44 PM

Dec 2007
Too hard for writeup.
+1: 12 Kingdoms, Heroic Age, Gigantic Formula, Gurren Lagann, ROD, Princess Mononoke.
Shiroth said:

and i must say humbug22 did a good job at picking easily the best track
Now I need a +1 too.
Jun 12, 2009 6:00 AM

Sep 2007
Too busy for writeup
+3 Gigantic Formula : this wins. Definitely legendary and make me want to see the animu.
+2 Junigenmukyou : this feels old and mythic, I like the "opening" way.
+1 ROD (too military-oriented) : but kinda legendary

To sum up things :
"Libera me" from Hell is epic, if this was the "EPIC" week, +3, it's not.
"Segment III : Sally" : too military and less legendary than ROD
"Heroic Age" : too generic, too long intro and too cheesy
"BEHELIT" : too calm
"Little Busters" : too AWESOME. It's not a legend yet, but you're a man from the 21st century, so I understand, digiboy.
"Black Knights" : flamenco is not legendary, and there is too much military influences in this. But yeah for the "World Domination" week.
Jun 12, 2009 8:53 AM
Aug 2008
Smankh said:
"Little Busters" : too AWESOME. It's not a legend yet, but you're a man from the 21st century, so I understand, digiboy.

So wait, why would a man from the 21st century pick a song from the 20th?
Jun 12, 2009 10:22 AM

Sep 2007
omo said:
Smankh said:
"Little Busters" : too AWESOME. It's not a legend yet, but you're a man from the 21st century, so I understand, digiboy.

So wait, why would a man from the 21st century pick a song from the 20th?

Because it's not a legend yet ! But maybe during the year 2085 FLCL will be a legend like you know, other legends. But we can't say it's a legend when it's so recent. Because legends imply years. If it's too recent, you can't say it's a legend. Hence digiboy knowing that FLCL is a legend because he's a time traveler from the near future. Is this coherent ? Well anyway, 禁則事項です。
Jun 13, 2009 12:45 AM

Jun 2008
Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain.--- I noticed a lot of similarities between this and some of Iwasaki Taku's other work especially the marching drums and horn. There feels like a lot of buildup with no bang for the buck. It can get a bit repetitive as well. I don't feel like this is the best of Iwasaki's.

Heroic Age---This actually sounded a little like LOTR to me. The percussion really serves to emphasize the legendary feel of this; repeatedly crescendoing with the rest of the instruments near the end of the song. Definitely was the most legendary all the way through to the ending.

Junigenmukyoku--- This expresses the legendary feel well toward from 3:30 on especially. I believe you could call this an legendary song just for the number of emotions it goes through. The start has a certain ethereal quality that sounds almost new age with the drum inclusion. Next, what clearly sounds like a battle scene with scratching violins and screeching horns. Then the legendary theme begins to build. The shamisen/harp combo with thee chimes gives more growth. The ending is not very legendary though unfortunately it sort of ends mid-phrase and trails off. Definitely an interesting piece.

The Legend of Ashitaka---I love this piece but it's also the one i have the most experience of. The main theme really gives you a feel for Ashitaka's character. The first time it is introduced it makes us feel the weight of his curse but with each staccato pause it shows his determination to continue on. It continues to build on that theme and introduces Ashitaka to the world around him that is sometimes full of joy and other times bleak. The final repetition of the theme adds the horns to put an exclamation point on Ashitaka's life. The ending while not as legendary as the rest of the song says that things do not end ideally for Ashitaka as he and San part ways. I figure if you listen to this song closely enough you could relate different parts of it to the entire movie.

MAIN THEME (ver. 0)--- This was a really interesting piece. It worked on the same motif over and over but each version was very diverse. It rather makes me want to see the show. I loved the heated and rushed entrance and beginning of coda. It really created a sense of urgency like in the heat of battle. This piece really knows how to use pauses to great effect and to bring in new themes. It builds the tension, stops, and then changes the themes direction.

Segment III: Sally--- I love brushes on the drums (I think, either that or some kind of shaker) throughout this piece. This fit the legendary theme but definitely had a "heat of battle" feel to it. It was a little bit short. The beginning starts minor and ominous promising the listener that something big is up ahead. Then the major comes swooping in but it feels like it sticks in the heat of battle and could have more time to really draw out the legendary feel.

Black Knights--- Wow this was...interesting. The guitar makes this feel latin almost. I'm gonna take a mulligan on this one. I can certainly say it fits the legendary theme but it's....silly legendary. Maybe its just from not being able to take CG: R2 seriously but I just can't listen to this without feeling a little giggly. It's got the legendary opera males + the latin guitar that makes for a strange combo.

BEHELIT---- This feels more contemplative than legendary. The flutes dissonance and distortion (not entirely sure how they achieve that affect) really disorients the listener. Maybe it is downplayed legendary. Like maybe we missed the legendary thing that happened but the character has an interesting aura around them that speaks of legend. I feel like i half to grasp at straws to get legendary out of this.

"Libera Me"From Hell---I said before I don't feel like this hits its stride till 3:20 after the loud "FIGHT THE POWA". Standalone I don't know just how closely this fits the legendary theme but with the complementary scene's huge. The opening also starts off very promising (like Segment 3) with some immaculate soprano singing. It continues to build from there. I feel like the song gets rather repetitive till 3:20. The rapping does make this a bit more comical as well but the delivery sounds sincere enough that it feels just like that goofy go-getting side of the Dai Gurren Dan. The Dai Gurren Dan does not do legendary like just anyone. Opera...been done....opera and rapping now that's worthy enough to represent the final battle of the Dai Gurren Dan vs. the Antispirals.

I think I can--- I love rock/pop guitar. I've also seen FLCL; therefore, I do get this song to an extent. This is the legendary for the new generation. It doesn't get pretentious with soaring orchestras and opera like some of the others. The vocals rise higher and higher. If I wasn't convinced this was a breakup song from a translation I read of the lyrics, I would think this was a song by someone who just witnessed something incredible. The idea of I-C-A-N being carved into his door certainly gives the feel of encouraging last words left by someone who for one reason or another has gone away. Someone who left quite an impact on the singer.

Songs I'd actually heard before: I think I can, "Libera Me"From Hell, Black Knights, The Legend of Ashitaka, Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain.
Songs I actually remembered: I think I can, "Libera Me"From Hell, The Legend of Ashitaka.
Best Opening: MAIN THEME (ver. 0)
Best Ending: Tie between Heroic Age and I think I can
Most Diverse: Junigenmukyoku (full version)
Wild Card: I think I can
Best of the Bunch: Heroic Age
takaJun 13, 2009 1:58 AM
Jun 13, 2009 3:08 AM

Aug 2008
Gigantic Formula - Main Theme ver.0 +1
Heroic Age - Heroic Age +2
Twelve Kingdoms - Junigenmukyoku +2
Read Or Die - Bring all the wisdom to Graet Britain +1

I can't accurately describe my feelings for these tracks, but suffice to say that these were the only ones I felt had something of both sides of "legendary in them: they either seemed to be looking back on the past or describing something (or someone) becoming legendary. Except Read or Die. That was just awesome. And about Britain.
Jun 13, 2009 3:11 AM

Oct 2007
Smankh said:
"Heroic Age" : too generic, too long intro and too cheesy

Since when is cheesy in the legendary category a bad thing?

Great to see a good turn out for my choice, Heroic Age. :)
Jun 13, 2009 12:33 PM

Sep 2007
This is going to be a hard week for me.

Twelve Kingdoms - Junigenmukyou (watched first two eps) - While you could say it indicates the start of a legendary journey, I feel it also tells the story of one, with all the different themes indicating different experiences and places to go, and throughout it, this breathtaking wonder. And god the last part of the song stirs my heart. Reminds me that I should listen to the OST again. :3 +1

Code Geass - Black Knights (watched one ep) - Love the latin flavor to the piece. The vocals are lol over the top, but that's the point. Makes me want to get to the OST. +1

Gigantic Formula - Main theme v.0 (haven't watched) - Decently legendary (lol), but doesn't stir the soul as much as the other songs. Still a pretty decent listen though.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - "Libera me" From Hell (completed)- Song still gives me goosebumps when hearing it because of the moment I associate it with. But the song itself is nice with the main piano melody, and Taku Iwasaki attempting to do something different, and I think it works well. Especially when we get to the climax of the song at the end with the triumphant opera vocals and "ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH" taking it from there and leading us home and those bells and oh god. The TTGL OST was the best I heard from Iwasaki in a while, and this was one of my favorite tracks overall from there. So... yeah. +1

Heroic Age - Heroic Age (have not watched) - Very poignant and love how it leads softly and slowly into a triumphant mode. Like the main theme. Despite that, no point. Sorry. :P

Berserk - BEHILIT (watched 5 episodes) - Doesn't invoke "legendary" in me in anyway, though decent. You definitely would have had me at hello if the song chosen was, say, "Forces". :P

FLCL - I Think I Can (completed) - When compared to "Libera Me", it's like this song is Simon before be develops into awesome, and "Libera Me" is after the fact. Like the legend is just only starting to grow, so it's like a "No way man, not until you're older" feeling for me. but I think there are more legendary songs out there for FLCL.

Read or Die OVA - Bring all the wisdom to Great Britain! (completed) - I feel like saying "HAIL BRITANNIA" to lelangir with this piece. :P +1

Princess Mononoke - Legend of Ashitaka (completed) - This one is almost not fair in my opinion, especially because of what it represents. :P +1

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Segment III: Sally (have not watched) - I want to hear this song live, since I think that would blow this toon out of the water for me. +1

I like giving songs their due, hence the spread. If not, I'd probably give more to Junigenmukyou and Black Knights.

And for something completely random, I think this is legendary and epic as well. \o
TheBigNJun 13, 2009 12:39 PM

Drastic My Anime Blog - My anime blog. :3
Jun 13, 2009 4:00 PM

Nov 2007
Junigenmukyou - Strongly dislike this one. It changes it's whole nature several times, like it might as well have just been several songs, and so I can't get a feel for it. The slow part was nice, but could have faired better on it's own, and then it suddenly gets all epic sounding at the end, but it just sounds like every other epic movie song. I'd rather be listening to E.S. Posthumus for much better use of the effect.

Black Knights - This one's pretty good. I love the use of acoustic guitars played spanish-style.

Gigantic Formula Theme - Just kinda generic, not terribly exciting


Heroic Age - Decent song, but really boring.

BEHELIT - Good call on the Susumu Hirasawa, but this song feels more mysterious than legendary to me. I'd sooner have picked Forces.

I think I can - awesome song is awesome +1

ROD song - Link is brokeeeeeeeeen

Legend of Ashitaka - See Heroic Age, though this one's a bit more moving

Segment 3 - Fuck yeah, now THIS is legendary! Love it. Manly as all fuck. +2
Jun 13, 2009 8:28 PM

Sep 2008
Blogged it

(+2) Gigantic Formula - Main theme v.0
(+2) Heroic Age - Heroic Age
(+1) Twelve Kingdoms - Junigenmukyou (full version)
(+1) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack - Segment III: Sally
Anime Instrumentality - Anime music news and soundtrack reviews
Jun 14, 2009 1:06 AM

Sep 2008
Oh what the hell, good job guys. We have a three-way tie for first place. :'D

Obligatory posting in a Legendary thread (in more ways than one) :3

EDIT: First post updated with results.
zzeroparticleJun 14, 2009 1:17 AM
Anime Instrumentality - Anime music news and soundtrack reviews
Jun 14, 2009 2:23 AM

Oct 2007
It's pretty nice seeing a three way tie for a change. Do wonder if it'll ever happen again.

& now i believe you zzeroparticle, should check out Heroic Age at some point. It's worth it just for the music, as i'm sure you know already. :p
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