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The official meeting center for all anime music enthusiasts where people can converse about anime music through our weekly event of nominating individual anime music and submitting them towards our contest as we decide on a piece of the week!

Important Links
A complete listing of all nominated tracks (Thanks to NegativeZero for putting this together!)

Contest Overview

At the start of every week beginning on Sunday, we will begin the nomination process for that week. The nomination queue will be open for the entire week until ten pieces of anime music are nominated. Afterward, all ten pieces will be subject to a voting round that will last a week with the top three winners of that round recognized and the process begins anew. More will be explained below.

Sounds cool, how does nominating work?
The process is fairly easy. Use this template below to nominate a song or BGM piece:

Song Title:
Anime Title:

The link part is especially important since we would like people to be able to listen to the pieces you nominate. Youtube is fine, if you want to throw your track on megaupload or mediafire, that's fine too. The point is so that people can listen to your nominations in order to properly vote on them.

Nomination Rules
1. One nomination per person. (Once we get more members, we'll resort to a nomination queue.)
2. The song must be found in an anime. OP/ED songs and their respective instrumental versions are fine, BGM is fine, Insert Songs are fine. Character CDs are not OK unless you can demonstrate that they're heard in the anime itself. Same goes for doujins and arrangements.
3. Songs that have been previous winners cannot be nominated. To encourage diversity, no single series can be nominated more than once in a given week.

How Voting Works

Once we get the requisite number of tracks or the week is up, a voting thread shall be created and that means nominations will be closed. Voting is based on a distributive point system. Each person gets 6 points to allocate across the week's tracks. There is thankfully only one rule and that is no track can receive more than 3 points.

For example, if you found that this week was easy to judge, you might give one track 3 points, another track 2 points, and one track 1 point (totaling 6 points distributed). Or you may find that only two tracks in a given week are deserving of recognition, in which case you might assign 3 points to one track and 3 points to another. Or you may find that 4 tracks are worthy and distribute 2 points to one track, 2 points to another, 1 point to one track, and 1 point to another. You get the idea: distribute those 6 points.

No comments are needed when in the process of voting, but it certainly helps and if nothing else, it's fun.

And that's it! Watch this space for announcements and enjoy yourself!

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zzeroparticle | 06-10-13, 6:41 PM
And the anime music tournament nominations thread is up. Pick all the songs you'll want to see take part in this tournament here:

zzeroparticle | 06-05-13, 2:36 AM
As you may know, the Animusic Tourney (with OP/ED/Insert songs only) is now up at Right now, we're just putting together the rules and guidelines, so be sure to read up on it and give feedback to ensure a smooth transition to the nomination rounds!

taka | 08-20-11, 6:28 PM

omo | 08-17-11, 10:19 AM
it may be happening

taka | 03-21-11, 1:56 PM
Hello, I am VIFAM!

ottocycle | 01-28-11, 12:41 AM

TheBigN | 01-25-11, 8:21 PM
Monochrome full version is kiraboshi. \o

omo | 10-19-10, 2:53 PM
hm, thanks for bringing it to attention. i might buy it if i get the chance.

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