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Mar 6, 2012 5:53 AM

Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 86
I'm trying to revive Kaleido Star Fans and for that to happen, members needs to be active again. :)


Q: What is this thread for?
A: This thread is for people who are willing to help sending news letters to members' profiles.

Q: How can I qualify for it?
A: As long as you are willing and you have at least one hour free time for it.

Q: Where do I get the news letter?
A: I will be giving the news letter team the codes and you just need to copy & paste them.

Q: Lastly, When do I post the news letter?
A: Newsletters will be sent every 2 weeks or every month.

Applying Format:

Amount of free time available:

Thank you~ :)
Mar 7, 2012 12:50 PM

Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 1967
Username: RazielZero
Amount of free time available: A lot. I can almost always spare a few hours.

I think this is a good idea, we can't let the club die. We also need to get more people to watch KS and share the awesomeness :)
Apr 10, 2012 4:46 PM

Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 2294
Username: sasohina
Amount of free time available: A huge amount of free time. Literally.

I wouldn't mind helping, it really isn't a good thing for a club to die... and a good club at that.
Apr 10, 2012 6:16 PM

Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 86
contacted sasohina. :)