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Club Discussion
Poll: Favorite Character..
shikanata - Oct 21, 2007
38 replies by White_Alice »»
Jan 10, 2015 9:28 PM
Poll: KSF Character Tournament (Finals)
RazielZero - Mar 25, 2013
5 replies by mecharobot »»
Mar 27, 2013 3:31 AM
Poll: KSF Character Tournament (Semi-Finals: Match 2)
RazielZero - Mar 4, 2013
5 replies by Ayame_Rin »»
Mar 16, 2013 8:49 AM
Poll: KSF Character Tournament (Semi-Finals: Match 1)
RazielZero - Feb 9, 2013
8 replies by IheartAnime77 »»
Feb 18, 2013 6:14 PM
Poll: KSF Character Tournament (Quarter-Finals: Match 4)
RazielZero - Jan 5, 2013
3 replies by IheartAnime77 »»
Jan 15, 2013 9:05 PM

Club Comments
RaraDesu | Oct 28, 2014 7:49 PM

Jodyqt | Nov 11, 2013 9:25 AM
>forgot password

ewww, I know what that's like, anyways, good to see more people hanging around again fro thsi wonderful series.

Shizuma06 | Oct 28, 2013 2:02 PM
ohayou everyone i hope everyone is doing well
just got back on this site i forgot my password haha
that was silly of me :)


AngelicXI | Apr 22, 2013 10:40 AM
I for one am sad.

mecharobot | Apr 22, 2013 10:10 AM
Go, go, go Sora. Had fun ya all.

RazielZero | Apr 20, 2013 2:55 PM
The time has arrived, the KSF Tournament is over and the winner is,

(I know, not much of a surprise, but what can you do about it, she is the most popular after all).

I would like to thank every one of you who participated and voted in the tournament for this past year. It's a shame so many of us is inactive, but I'm still happy that even if temporarily, but the club could become active again. It was fun :)
I would also like to thank the team that brought you this tournament and helped with it:
Cloudysmile, the mastermind of the tournament and the current admin of the club, and Sasohina who, along with me, helped in the distribution of the newsletters to keep you updated.
I hope you all had fun during this little game :)

shikanata | Mar 25, 2013 7:29 PM
Hello everyone! Make sure to vote in our finals tournament! Thank you for those who participated! Also, a massive thank you to RazielZero and sasohina for helping. :)

iShiroo | Mar 25, 2013 12:29 PM
Just join teh club. :) Ohayo minna .

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