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Playcool Sep 16, 11:44 AM
Learning something, when it is not self imposed on you by someone else, but when you do it to further enhance the experience you get from your hobbies, certainly makes it all much easier to just get into learning it, also it is much easier to learn a language when you are a child.

An adaptation should always try its best to use the medium's strenghts in which it inhabits, and ally to that, to capture the heart of what makes the original a unique product (or not). That said if the source material isnt good enough itself, and or, if the people that are adapting it have enough talent in themselves, then I would prefer an adaptation that goes further and differs from the source material, but doing so in a way that makes it better. Adaptations have to be perfect adaptations, that shouldnt be the focus, but just doing the best you can with what you have, but also trying to respect what the original did, but be prepared to discard it, if that means the end product will be even better.

Opinions, opinions.

I find myself in a rather amusing situation, I like to from time to time read fanfic, sometimes it really helps to heal you when you get that bittersweet ending that keeps nagging you up, or that certain aspect that gone against what you wanted... I have been reading a FF for an anime in which the first 5 episodes were a joke (but then does a dramatic tone swift), that gets way better in the later half but was still with alot to improve, thus having alot of wasted potential, but you still end loving some parts about it alot (main ship romance mostly and thematics behind it), and then the show ends in very bittersweet tone... so for this one I always saw it has wasted potential with some memorable scenes. And now cames this FF that just improves on the plot alot, to the point I feel the anime plot was just a script, where this one adds 3x more cast, and alot of background and more meaningful character relationships. It is such rare occurrence, and granted, this series isnt for everyone, and can be kinda cliche at some points, but it is damm enjoyable, and that is all that matters. It is very gratifying seeing "your wishes and prayers" meet by the hands of a fan like you, to such a degree like this.

May read the manga one day.
Right now there is only one series that I think that needs a Brotherhood adaptation, and that series is Pandora Hearts manga.

They bait us all with the adaptations promos. But it is your choice to be baited by them, as long as at the end I felt like it was more than worth it, so be it. I would havent know so many great series, if it was for myself getting baited with the adaptations.

We humans overthink it too much, some just like to do that, to give meaning from nothing, but usually try to avoid that since I think at the end it would just blind me, so yeah, as long as we get something that just manages to be enjoyable, and even memorable, I m fine with whatever form that takes.
Playcool Aug 28, 6:27 AM
At first I was doubtfull Kizu would be a good adaptation for 3 movies, but the end result worked out very well, and 3rd movie really delivered due to all the time they for it, and I also think they expanded some scenes here and there.

Even if you just download whatever you feel like, if you keep seeing stuff, you will run out of HDD space (if you dont like to delete stuff).

I have been on english since I was 6, I m 25 now, english been a great part of my life for as long as I can remenber, that said I still remenber when I started to give the first steps with cartoon network, learning about what meant chicken and cow (yeah that cartoon).
Pokemon games also helped immensely.

Well having adaptations that followed the original plot to the end for most series would be a good thing yes, but you can also argue that if those adaptations are not good enough, then you are just better of continuing with the source material, I mean will you want to read the original material from beggining after you fully finish the adaptation that covered everything from the source material, but did a much poor job at it? It is almost close to impossible not to find at least one negative at each side of an argument/ocorrence.
Playcool Aug 7, 1:10 PM
Yeah, same here, if no conclusion is ever given by the writter, I hope that at least the current one doesnt fall to badly in the context of things.

There is not really much I can do to tease you.

It is all about the twists, deceptions, and amazing world and character development.
You are in for a treat since Kissshot and Koyomi roots is made of some pretty deep and heavy storytelling, which really emotional outcomes.

When I started on anime, on my own, searching for the anime myself, I early on decided to embrace encoding, since my goals wouldnt be meet if I keep taking in such sizes for individual files. With the years I learnt how to be more and more efficient and nowadays my cpu is powerfull enough to easily encode at x265, that is basically the future, and I can now hold quality similar to BD files, but with much less space, like you can see on those Kizu movies I did there.

My thing with languages is that unless you live yourself surrounded with it, it is not worth to learn it, I live with english everyday, but I dunno if I would make much use of japanese, since most of what I wanted to read (raw visual novels) are already getting adapted, a language you dont pratice regularly is soon, a forgotten language.

Most anime adaptations are left unfinished, or poorly finished, you could count by hand the anime adaptations that ended with the manga, and that were properly finished, and I get the feeling that most of the manga outhere, even the very old ones, are still left to finish, so you have alot of shit going on and on, sadly most when they end, they are a major disappointment, shounens seem to suffer very heavily from this...
Playcool Jul 19, 6:45 AM
They are themselves to blame, everyone is, both the fans, and the idols, for promoving such a culture and unhealthy mindset.

Let the despair sink in.
I dont like it either, but the industry is full of this.

Seems to be full of SoL, a different pace from the main series, I happened to read that they had opened their own business, onsens or something similiar, nice!

GoT is a long series, teases from 1 or 2 minutes would never be enough to make the most lazy people to watch, you just need to have faith and watch it, and get over it. Many people started out like you, got lots of people telling them to watch it, then they finally did, and now it is only praise... I m not going to on and try to have you watch, just you know that you are really missing out something here, you are. And you can never understand how much you stand to lose by skipping this show, but you are losing alot.

I can like everyone in the show, Senjougahara included, but my favorite will always be Shinobu due to the relation she has with Koyomi which is unique in any medium I have seen.

You should give the trilogy of the movies a try, here, you cant have a better opportunity than this one, I myself encoded it, near BD quality there, even during the action scenes, crazy good size for the quality.
You will like kizu since it is the origin of Shinobu and Koyomi relation, and adds TONS of layers to everything.
It will have some Hanekawa, but just focus on those boobs and animation, I liked it but if you dont, preserve, the movies are awesome, the 3rd one of my favorite movies of all time.

There are alot more of promising series on the manga side (duh, since most anime are adaptations), I have already dwelved so much into it, but there is soo much more to experience!! There quite more surprises and awesome shit for me to experience from manga medium vs anime medium.
Manga medium, the Holy Grail of finished series, and original creator visions intact!
Playcool Jul 14, 4:17 AM
I also heard that there was a scandal with the VA for Haruhi, that got alot of hers fans against her. Alot of shitstorm and virgins raging on cuz the VA was fucking with a band member of the band she belonged to, or something like that, so this crushed their poor virgin mindset of having a pure idol to idolize.
Short story, seems like she was a slut. And an idol being a slut, is apparently bad in Japan. lol

The LN could continue but the anime probably wouldnt, besides that KyoAni started to do less adaptations of works they didnt own themselves, since they would get less money with the fees they had to pay to the original writter.

By the way of focusing, wanted to read some manga, but focused like hell these last 2 weeks to finish "A Feast for Crowns", now I only have "A Dance with Dragons" left, but since I clearly my backlist a bit, time for some more manga. Spice and Wolf on a break. Funny enough just purchased this:

I was going for Kizumonogatari LN volume, which is a personal favorite volume of mine across all I have readed, and the price for shipping was too expensive, so I added that vol 18 there, since in pdf I only have till vol 17.

Might give the anime a watch first, to get a feel for it, then go for the manga.
Right now my plans for manga are reading tasogare otome x amnesia and then diving deeper in pandora hearts manga, but anime I have seen, tasogare, 1 year ago, and pandora's just finished it. xD
Playcool Jun 27, 8:05 AM
Hope doesnt take us nowhere most of the times, it is something that doesnt just depends on us, he has stopped writting by almost 7 years as of now, be realistic about it, do you expect him to continue?
It is more like he dropped rather than a hiatus IMO, sucks...
I wanted to read the LNs after the last movie that blowed my brains out, but it was a lackluster knowing it stops at 10.

Not a problem with me, having multiple stuff to read or watch is feasible for me, I like to have a myriad of open doors, that I can take pleasure in indulging on whenever I feel like it.

I feel you there, sometimes you are able to enjoy stuff more when you know what to expect to some extended degree, it helps downkilling the hype, and just enjoy it for what it is.

I have it on my PTW list, so what can I expect romance wise?
Playcool Jun 19, 8:35 AM
Nice to know that he appears again.

Problem with Haruhi is that the writer left it on hiatus and never got back to it.

I wouldnt compare marathooning an anime with a LN. The time and focused you need for both is quite different. If you like, and want to see more, they you should follow your desires, now can someone marathoon 17 volumes, even if they are great, even if the read is good, you could say reading can take more of a toll than watching something, seeing anime is "easier" than reading a LN. A LN is usually much more time consuming.

Okay, so you checked, and were you disappointed in anyway, or did you felt somehow relieved?
Playcool Jun 12, 6:45 AM
The OST has alot of charm, I have on my collection and dwelved into it a bit, when I seen S1 last year, when I finish S2 I will pay full attention to it.

TBH I m already spoiled about the daughter thing, I know she exists, outside that I dont know much, but I have an idea that Lawrence will probably die, and leave both alone... again dont spoil, but as you can see I can understand part of what the sequels are about, yes or no, does Lawrence appear on any of them?

I dont really remenber now but there was fairly enough explanation to everything... you should read the LN, it is better in the sense that you are more aware to what Ryuuji is thinking about from the start, it is really sweet too I would say, there were some minor absolute fantastic scenes they didnt adapt, and the ending on the LN had some additional and different such, besides the ending leaving you more satisfied.

So they acknowledge it, but they try to resist and get the best over one another?! Spicy!!!! xD

That too, but no matter how good something is, you usually need to take some breaks, specially when reading books, cuz if you ammount all the volumes I m sure that would be like reading at least 4-5 really big books, and doing so in one go would make me stop liking it as much.
Breaks are needed, even for the best stuff.
I plan to read it slowly, probably 6 and 7 (side stories), at a slower pace, then I will give it a break.
I suffer from the same problem has you do, but I m restraining myself, I know they end together and marry, somehow, just that alone, I dont know any details or context, or if did they reach Yotsu... and I prefer to discover for myself.
Playcool May 30, 7:25 AM
Same here.

As you can see, I decided that I was probably going to love the series, and that it would be harder to just read the LN from 0% after seeing season 2, and so I decided to just go with the LN first, pretty unusual but I m glad I did it, cuz the LN has such charm, while the anime is good at making Holo came to life but cant grasp all the details the LN gives you, that make stuff much deeper.

What was that thing about the new sequel? Was it just one volume? Or will we see more in the future? (I know some spoilers, but avoid any spoilers).

Same here, economics are boring, but it was just like when you are playing a role playing game, and you need to keep your finances in check.

Another LN that does a great job at character chemisty is Toradora LN, but Spice and Wolf excels at it even more.
TBH on the point I m so far, you could already argue they should realize they love eachother already, with all the jokes Holo does about it... but more have their own circunstances and love is a flame that sometimes burns surely but slowly, and that you take long to truly realize and admit it yourself.

I think the reason vol 4 was left out was cuz it didnt deliver the impact they wanted to end season 2, while volume 5 seems to do (still halfway on it ).

I m thinking on reading 2 more volumes and then take it easy, probably till 6-7 volumes, whenever I feel like it is a good time to stop, since I dont want to burn myself out, and there are other stuff I also want to read.

Questions? Will characters like Diana, Eve or Norah make major appearences on later volumes, yes or no?
Playcool May 24, 2:59 PM
Hello... Holo there <3

I started reading the LN more than 2 years, at the time reading only the first 2 chapters of vol 1, then watching the first 2 episodes of season 1, that was solely for 2015, then around March last year after I decided to watch season 1 fully, since my plan of finishing the light novel adapted segments first, then watching the anime, wasnt going anywhere, since lets be honest at first, you need to put some effort on it for LNs, but the anime was so easy to watch and nearing the end of March last year I had quickly seen season 1 and very surprised by how much I liked it. At the time the reason I didnt want to go to season 2 was since I wanted to read the LN first, now with some more enthusiam from having seen the greatness of the anime, I remenber finishing vol 1 by then, and then put it on hold since reading chapter 2 already knowing everything...

But come May this year, I just felt it was the right time, the mood of spring, the wheat fields, and so I started the crazyness that has been thus far reading, currently on volume 4! Once in the mood vol 2 was a pleasent read (despite knowing what was going to happen), but now oh boy!! Having surpassed what I have seen on the anime, vol 3 was oustanding, and while slower I m just loving volume 4 as much, to the point I recently upped my score to a 10 (which is a note I have given very sparsely so far for manga/LNs.

I must be near the ending of volume 4 now, I heard volume 5 is amazing for our duo, and I do plan to get back to the anime after reading 5.

Anyway I previously acknowledge the charms of the series, but now I fully embrace them due to read the light novel, and your profile just rocks! That Holo is so CUTE!!
cosmicmileh Sep 7, 2016 3:29 AM
♥ I stole it ♥
cosmicmileh Sep 6, 2016 5:30 PM
Love your image ♥
joey101937 Sep 3, 2016 10:07 AM
Me too! Wow what a nice picture. I'm also reading the light novels. At the end of the 6th at the moment. Do you plan to read the sequel series to the light novels? The author decided to make a sequel on the spice and wolf 10 year anniversary.
joey101937 Sep 2, 2016 6:00 PM
Love the spice and wolf theme!
Rabas Feb 6, 2016 3:01 PM
*deep bow
Watashi wa hontoni moshiwakearimasen.

I understand know, how future-suzuha get replaced by past-suzuha works. Sorry, for my stubborn question. I understand after i re-read your previous post about suzuha's disappearance again and again.

Thank you.
Maybe, I will talk to you again after SG0. :-D