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Manga 'Kinoko Inu' Receives TV Anime in Fall 2024

May 13, 9:35 AM
News Team
Aug 2019
Entertainment company FuRyu opened an official website for a television anime adaptation of Kimama Aoboshi's Kinoko Inu (Kinokoinu: Mushroom Pup) manga on Monday, revealing a teaser visual (pictured). The television anime is set to premiere in Fall 2024.

Aoboshi began drawing the slice of life manga in Comic Ryu magazine from July 2010 to February 2022. Tokuma Shoten shipped the 15th and final volume in May 2022. The manga has a cumulative 1.7 million cumulative copies of its volumes in circulation.

Digital Manga Publishing licensed the manga in English in June 2014 and published the first and second volumes in July and December of that year.

A depressed author. A concerned editor. An eccentric mushroom researcher. And a strange pink mushroom... that turns into a dog?! Put this all together and you get Mushroom Pup.

Mushroom Pup tells a heart-warming tale of the power of friendship, a dog's love, and the dangers of dwelling on regrets. With the help of his friends and the mysterious Mushroom Pup, Hotaru Yuyami, a grieving picture book author, slowly begins to move forward after the tragic loss of his beloved dog, Hanako. Full of laughs and warm moments, Mushroom Pup is sure to find a place in your heart. (Source: DMP)


Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @kinokoinu_anime

Source: PR Times

Kinoko Inu on MAL
May 13, 12:19 PM

Sep 2014
Finally an anime without a single cat in it!
May 14, 8:03 AM

Jul 2016
Wait, that's a dog? Swore that was a cat lol. Cute doggo anime with deeper life messages oki.

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