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Dec 25, 2022 7:27 AM

Apr 2019
First of all, thank you for continuing this service, which I've been using extensively over the last years. It's fair to say I watched a lot of shows, from particular years and genres, just to complete levels. In my opinion this was the unque selling point of the service, to give you slots to fill with anime entries, but leave the details to your individual taste. Any show from 2004 will do, just pick what you like to see. Yet, the redesign of the badges raises my concern, the dramatic increase of "specific shows" badges which require one to complete some random MAL entries.

This badge type isn't new, yet their inflation in the current draft site changes it's nature. There were like a dozen entries which were fairly short watches, mainly shorts, OVA and movies. The only TV entry was Pingu in the City, which is a short episode quick watch. Alltogether, all those buttons could easily be completed in a day or two. The main "challenge" was how abysmally bad most of the entries were, and the fact one needed to spoil one's list with a hentai, Boku no Piko and Bible Black.

The new draft now adds a massive amount of regular TV shows, Naruto alone requires almost 100 hours of my life time to complete. The time requirement for completing the "specific show" badges easily went up by multiple magnitudes, 100 times longer isn't much exaggerated. Also, the entries no longer mark remarkable shows, they feel random and pointless. Practically all of them come are for a single demographic genre, shounen. Which I have zero interest in, to be honest. At least add a fair share of Seinen, Josei and Shoujo shows, this "random shounentard parade" is a mis-feature, in my book.

I feel that mal-badges always had a focus on categories of shows rather than themed lists. That is what we have MAL Challenges for, and they offer an excellent badge system for these already at

Thus, my request is: Remove the "particular show" themed badges completely. Or at least limit them in runtime, to at most movie length.
inimDec 26, 2022 7:01 AM

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Dec 25, 2022 8:59 AM

Nov 2017
I also want to remove filler heavy shounens like Naruto from the challenge badges, but have nothing against those artistic short films or "meme animes" etc. There were earlier many badges like that.

Weird avant garde animes add nice variation to people's normal watching routines and maybe expand their minds a little bit. :P
Dec 25, 2022 5:56 PM

Oct 2019
I agree with most of OP's ideas, but I feel there's some room for this kind of badges avoiding the obvious disadvantages. For example, instead of forcing the users to watch Naruto, there could be a badge named "Pick your side" (or something like that) that is completed once you finish (or get up to date) in one of the big 3. There could also be similar badges related to other topics, like an unlikely combination of genres (eg. sports and erotica), shows related in some way (like in the example of the big 3) or even some badge for Chinese or Korean anime. I don't particularly mind the badges for bad shows or for short fun ones, and I get why some classics might deserve a badge (like death note and maybe Btoom!) but I really don't get the point of making badges for new-ish shows that are currently popular, like Haykyuu! and Kim no Nawa. I originally used MAL Badges as a way to direct my anime watching experience, to "force" myself to explore new stuff... but if I wanted to know what's popular or what's a good anime, I'd go to the top 100.
Dec 25, 2022 8:23 PM

Nov 2018
@inim @Astalo @Benti_

Give us time to sort things out, we have so much to do, including redesigning the website layout and having to add in a lot of the missing badges that never got added originally, and updating all the individual badge lvls and points. (Plus it's currently the holiday season rn)

When we got the code, we agreed to remove all the mainstream shounen badges since it was added by the previous owner when he transferred the code to his own anime DB site.

We are going to remove all the current challenge badges and will be adding new ones soon, a lot of them are meme entries and/or are quite short and easy to complete (with low points reward), some are also just plain weird, and a few original badges will return. So please wait and let Koito and I do our things and we will eventually get around to doing them.

New challenge badges:

_cjessop19_Dec 25, 2022 8:36 PM
So I've been banned from MAL-Badges, after spending nearly two years of my time and dedication to helping out, being the club's spokesperson, and planning for the revamp, it all goes down the fucking drain. What a joke the club has become. I advise everyone to stop using the feature and stop showing their support for the site and the club. We were promised that we will see changes come to the site, and nothing's been done for the past year. I doubt the site will be touched for the foreseeable future. If you're angry and annoyed about the lack of development, then good, you should be.
Jul 8, 2023 2:58 AM

Nov 2018
Yes, remove Kiss x Sis badge.
I hate everyone equally
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It’s time to ditch the text file.
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