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Oct 17, 4:30 AM

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Some animes usually start with previous eps review, it usually takes 30-90 seconds, sometimes it takes a longer.
Do you it is a neccesary? Is it good for you or not? Or you didn't even care?
For me, even if i watch it marathoning or weekly, i always remember what happen from the last episode.
Sometimes they take so much time plus the op songs that make the original part of the episode only 15-19 minutes. They could actually make something better other then reviewing the previous episode.
For some case, duration of the episode become longer becuase of the review.
Oct 17, 6:08 AM

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It is necessary for anime airing on TV, because viewers may have missed the previous episode. I’m likely to drop a show if I don’t understand what’s going on.
Seraph of the End ripped off Shade's Children.