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Character of the Month of JUNE
Nominating Period:
May 20 to May 23, 12nn GMT+8

✦ Both Members and Staff can only nominate one character.
@phxntomhiveghoul can nominate 3 characters for nominating our previous winner, Ash Lynx.
✦ Characters not listed here in MAL are allowed to be nominated. As long as you can link to his/her character profile and series.
✦ Nominations only lasts for 3 days. After that, the Voting Period will start.
✦ The winning character after the voting period will have a sure spot for a Card Edition. There will be a bonus to those who voted and especially to the one who nominated that character.
✦ Previous Character of the Month winner/s cannot
be nominated anymore.

Nomination Format
[color=#252a46][b]Character Name:[/b] [url=] [/url]
[b]Series:[/b] [url=] [/url]
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Character Name: Sebastian Michaelis
Series: Black Butler

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May 20, 2:59 AM

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Character Name: Lelouch Lamperouge
Series: Code Geass
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Character Name: Jellal Fernandes
Series: Fairy Tail

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Character Name: Levi
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin
May 20, 8:13 PM

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Character Name: Denki Kaminari
Series: My Hero Academia

Character Name: Juuzou Suzuya
Series: Tokyo Ghoul

Character Name: Marco Bott
Series: Attack on Titan
i chose characters with birthdays in june uwu

psst~ you can nominate 3 characters if you want owo)b

oooo i didn't see that lol i'll fix it now owo
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Character name: Osamu Dazai
Series: Bungou Stray Dogs

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