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Nov 28, 2017 6:28 PM
Anime Relations: Starmyu 3rd Season

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Thank you for the deliveries and to the card maker for making the cards/claims.
Comment will be deleted after I saved them!

Posted by Moune-Chan | Nov 28, 2017 6:28 PM | 4 comments
k3ti | Sep 16, 7:19 AM

DarkNighte | Aug 17, 12:34 AM

Ascheherz | Jul 3, 2:18 PM

Be sure to save and rehost cards within 14 days!
To find your cards, CTRL + F.
I'm so sorry you guys! Please don't be disappointed.
I hope you didnt think I forgot about your requests. :(
Crown Royale
4th of july edition - cards
You Watanabe bday edition - cards

The next three card sets are cats edition,
spring clothes edition, and
short haired girls edition.
Contact me if you have any problems.
And thank you for requesting!
Delivered by Ascheherz

Ascheherz | Jun 29, 11:05 AM

Cards by RJRock (OriginalAnimeFan) || Delivery banner by Saengdao

Yooho people, sup!!
Yeah i know i know i am like... late by a year!! Poor old RJ already feels bad enough by this so no need to yell at him any more SMH T.T
Well tbh... right about the time i vanished I joined uni and started living in a hostel. Yeah it was fun and life just drifted away. In the meanwhile I became lazy (i mean... i was already lazy, just more lazy...) and pretty much squandered my time with friends and anime. A lot has happened this year and i am grateful for. Although I did stop cardmaking but i thoroughly enjoyed all your support in every edition i was in. Makes me happy that some of you liked my works. I might restart cardmaking again... but gaaaah... laziness >.<
What do you guys think? Want more of RJ-originals?? Who knows maybe i wight just go ahead and open an edition. I have always been random ya know :P (whoa wait did i just drop a hint o/_O)

~~Crown Royale~~

Thanks for requesting, I really enjoyed making them. | Got any problems? You can always PM me :)