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Feb 10, 2019 4:20 PM
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I'm following this manga, but I feel terrible about the stalking/grooming. This is some terrible stuff there and I feel this need to reach into the manga and tell that girl that Ryou's attentions are not ok, that what he does goes way over the line, specially when he inserts himself into a situation or makes a reason to get her alone. It's not romantic at all, it's scary.
I say that as someone that has been stalked (hell, the guy keeps dropping into my social media twice a year almost 20 years later, so I could say I'm still stalked, it's only that he doesn't shows up outside my school anymore.).
Maybe I should just drop the series.
Jun 23, 2019 6:50 PM
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Yeah, I read this manga today (only 12 ch) and I ended up thinking the same.
The manga makes it seem cute that an adult stalks on highschooler because he "loves" her. I was enjoying at the beginning when she was ditching him, but
, I was like..."hey, girl, this is really wrong".
Not to mention that it only looks cute because he is handsome. In real life or even if he was ugly or fat, she'd call the police on spot.

I also feel like I should drop the series, specially now that a
... Man, you're 10 years older than her and you want to deprive her from a young love?