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Poll: Shin Kaitei Gunkan Episode 2 Discussion

Aug 9, 2015 5:39 PM

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Underwater lasers are cool. Not much else to say. The first episode was more intriguing.

5/10 (average)
Jan 26, 2:55 PM

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Totally agree with @BurntJelly. The first episode was alot better. In fact I like the whole weird black thing melting Antarctica alot more than the whole Subterranean's thing. In fairness that stuff came first but the Black 'Alien' Cylinder being investigated by the UN was as I say way more interesting.

I found the second episode fell into almost 50's level of Sci-Fi Pulp. Which there's nothing wrong with that as such but I just didn't like it very much. The whole second episode felt really rushed.

Also the goal of the Subterranean's didn't make alot of sense, I mean they test the humans and in Avatar's case decide to exterminate the humans because they can't be trusted with the future of the Earth. But then in order to exterminate humanity Avatar is going to eradicate the entire population of the planet, including every Animal and every Plant!? That makes no fucking sense. Like take a second and look in the mirror Avatar! Seriously.

Also the whole Subterranean thing is abit dumb, I mean we're supposed to believe that there is a whole other 'earth' beneath the surface. Which fine that fits the 50's Sci-Fi pulp angle but when in the last few moments the Ra is literally being boiled by Magma on the ocean floor, makes you wonder if they even tried to make sense of having a civilization underground. I mean since we got all of 4 images in Annette's flashback, all of which were transparent to some degree, being the single occurrence of seeing this Subterranean world it really kinda sums up how little thought was put in to explaining any of this bullshit.

Man I really wish this 2 episode OVA was just like that 15 minute sequence or so in Antarctica. The melting man, the UN forces not being able to get close. There was so much intrigue and tension in that.

Oh well...
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