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Poll: Yowamushi Pedal Episode 27 Discussion

Jun 28, 5:32 PM
Joined: May 2019
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Hated the pacing here, made me feel like onoda was just sitting there on his bike for a few minutes instead of just fucking GOING.
Jul 14, 3:53 PM

Joined: May 2019
Posts: 25
I really do not like the game with time in this anime.
In one of the episodes, participants travel 250-300 meters and have time to carry on a dialogue, while such a distance can be traveled in less than 30 seconds.
Onoda fell and remained the last, and instead of going all out and trying to catch up with the rest of the race, he stands and wonders if he can catch up with them.
Each second is about 10 meters backlog and to win back these 10 meters you need to make much more effort than a cyclist who rides ahead.
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