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The Fate/Stay Night Game and the Epic Series it Started

Fate/stay night started as a visual novel, but it has since become so much, you may need a little help keeping track...

by fatlouierox
Nov 18, 2015 8:24 PM | 30,140 views

The Fate Series created by Type-Moon is truly epic. In fact thinking about how and when all the events fit together can make your head hurt...
Fate/stay night, Rin Toosaka, Archer

Fate/stay Night is a Truly Epic Franchise

Fate/stay night, AssassinFate/stay night, Caster The original game was called Fate/stay night Réalta Nua. Later came a sequel, Fate/hollow ataraxia, followed by the Fate/stay night anime in 2006.
Set in Fuyuki City, seven magi each summon one of the seven Servants to aid them in the quest for the Holy Grail, supposedly able to grant wishes. These Heroic Spirits were once legendary characters from history, and each yield several Noble Phantasms; talents for use in and out of battle. The aim is to defeat the other six magi to claim the grail. The seven Servants take the form of Archer (pictured above with his master during the fifth Holy Grail War, Rin Toosaka), Assassin (left), Caster (right), Saber and Berserker (pictured fighting below), Lancer and Rider. Fate/stay night is the setting for the fifth Holy Grail War in the cycle. At this point the franchise could already be hailed a success, but Fate is the series that just keeps on giving.
A range of various other games were also created. These include Fate/tiger colosseum, a fighting game which includes many of the characters from Fate/stay night, and Fate/Unlimited Codes. There is also Fate/EXTRA, a role playing game set in the an alternate future of Fate/stay night after a big plot twist.

Fate/stay night, Saber, Berserker

Prequels and Alternative Versions

Fate/stay night, LancerFate/Zero is the much famed prequel to Fate/stay night, first manifesting in light novel form, then as a manga and finally as an anime in 2011, with a second season in 2012. This series focusses on the fourth Holy Grail War, taking place ten years before the events of Fate/stay night.
Due to the nature of the gameplay, many story arcs are possible. Tying down all the possibilities into a single series is extremely difficult, hence the many versions included in the Fate series. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is the movie version of the fifth Holy Grail War. Then came the Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works TV Series. This is not just a remake of the original Fate/stay night, but it contains new plot twists and the story unfolds in a completely different way.
And the series is by no means over yet with Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel, a movie based on the third route of the game due to be released soon.
Left - The Heroic Spirit Lancer

So Much to Enjoy

Many other novels, specials and parodies exist in the Fate series. There is so much to get your teeth into if you want more of the Holy Grail Wars and the Fate characters. It is simply amazing how much can come from one game!

Fate/stay night, Rider, Shirou Emiya Above - Rider and Shirou Emiya

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