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Flame Hazes and Mystes: Shakugan no Shana's Characters

Come meet the characters that populate the fantastical world of Shakugan no Shana!

by ribosoMAL
Nov 12, 2015 9:53 PM | 18,208 views

Main Characters


Shakugan no Shana Shana

Shana is a Flame Haze, and the scarlet-eyed and red-haired female protagonist of the series. Known as Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite (Flame-Haired Crimson-Eyed Hunter). She first mistakes Yuuji Sakai, the male protagonist, for a Torch, a human with a dwindling life force. She soon realizes that Yuuji is not just an ordinary Torch but a Mystes, a Torch that has a Treasure Tool inside them, and becomes curious about him. She assumes the identity of Yuuji's recently deceased classmate in order to keep an eye on Yuuji. Shana is hailed as the most powerful Flame Haze and feared by most Tomogara (Crimson Denizens). She wields the Nietono no Shana, an offensive-type Treasure Tool in the form of a Japanese long sword (nodachi) which Yuuji named her after. Shana also has an affinity with fire allowing her to use flame in combat and even to fly. She can also manipulate the power of existence. Unsurprisingly, Shana possesses a high level of intellect, and is extremely athletic as well.

At first Shana sees Yuuji as nothing but a lowly Torch, and is cold towards him, referring to him as "it" or "thing". But later on she begins to warm up to him. She can sometimes be harsh and indifferent towards people, especially Yuuji, often telling him to "Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!" (Shut up!, shut up!, shut up!) every time she feels annoyed or embarrassed. This is really because she is naive about socializing.
Shana also has a fondness for sweets, her favorite being melon bread. Throughout the course of the series, Shana begins to see Yuuji as a person and slowly opens up to him and later shows affection towards him.

Yuuji Sakai

Shakugan no Shana Sakai Yuuji

Yuuji Sakai is the male protagonist of the series. Seemingly an ordinary high school student, he encounters a Rinne who tries to eat him upon realizing he was a Mystes. He is shocked when Shana tells him that he is a Torch, a temporary replacement of his self that will soon disappear. But Yuuji developed an optimistic view of his life and does not seem too disturbed with the idea that soon he will just disappear and everyone would simply forget about him. Luckily for Yuuji, he is not just an ordinary Torch but a Mystes, a Torch with a Treasure Tool hidden inside him. He possesses the Reiji Maigo ("Midnight Lost Child"), a Treasure Tool that restores a person's Existence every day at midnight. Yuuji is a caring and kind person who puts others before himself. He is able to remain calm in any situation no matter how dangerous it is. He can quickly assess a situation and come up with a counter-strategy. His relationship with Shana, as well as his own powers as a Mystes develop throughout the series.


Shakugan no Shana Alastor

Alastor is the God of the Crimson Realm to whom Shana is bound. He expresses his will through the Cocytus, a divine vessel which takes the form of a pendant Shana is wearing. He is known as Tenbatsushin ("The God of Retribution") and Tenjou no Gouka ("Flame of Heaven"). He is the strongest of all Lords and Denizens, said to be the only being capable of destroying the Snake of the Festival, the "God of Creation".

He deeply cares for Shana. He and Shana seem to have a parent-child relationship, as he had watched over her as she grew up. He speaks in a regal tone and is ever mindful of disciplining Shana.

Snake of the Festival

Shakugan no Shana Snake of the

Snake of the Festival is a powerful Lord of the Crimson Realm who leads the organization known as Bal Masqué and is later contracted by Yuuji Sakai, the only person to ever form a contract with him. He is also known as Sozoshin ("God of Creation"). He is as a massive green snake with rows of spikes covering its body. His face is also red with sharp teeth along with yellow eyes and black irises. The Snake of the Festival has the power to create magnificent structures. The Snake of the Festival also has his own Divine Summoning called Saiki Reiso, this works by summoning his power over "Creation" and "Settlement" to create anything. The Snake of Festival is vicious and is willing do anything to achieve his goals. However, he was shown to possess a kind and noble side that towards his subjects, seeing his followers, especially the Trinity, as his own children since he is their creator. He even refers to Hecate and Bel Peol as his "daughters".

Other Flame Hazes

Margery Daw

Shakugan no Shana Margery Daw

Margery Daw is a tall, blond Flame Haze. She carries a book called Grimoire, a vessel through which her Crimson Lord Marchiosas expresses his will. She is known as Choushi no Yomite (The Chanter of Eligies). Margery has mastered the use of various spells and is very skilled in combat. Her only goal is to wipe out all Crimson Denizens as an act of revenge, earning her the moniker "Slaughterer" for the numerous Crimson Denizens she had mercilessly slain. She preferred to hunt down Denizens on her own until she met Eita and Keisaku after saving them from bunch of gang members. Though at first she thought of getting rid of them. However, she decided not to, probably because of their persistence. Eita and Keisaku look up to her, referring to her as "ane-san" (big sister). Margery has a drinking problem, often passing out from having too much to drink and suffering from hangovers afterwards. She can be a loud-mouth, even hitting Marchosias and calling him names like "baka-Marco" (Stupid Marco) when he annoys her. At first she is cold towards Shana and the others but eventually warms up to them. As the story progress, Margery's view gradually changes from simply killing Crimson Denizens for vengeance into fighting to preserve the balance between the two worlds.

Wilhelmina Carmel

Shakugan no Shana Wilhelmina Carmel

Wilhelmina Carmel was one of the great Flame Hazes during the age of the great war. Her ability to control vast number of ribbons is the inspiration for her moniker Banjou no Shite ("Manipulator of Ten Thousand Ribbons"). These ribbons can act both offensively and defensively. Wilhelmina is bound to the female Crimson Lord Tiamat who is also known as Kagen no Taiga ("River of Reticence"). Tiamat expresses her will in the vessel called Persona, which takes the form of a maid's headband. When in battle, Tiamat's vessel can change from a maid's headband to a mask which aids Wilhelmina in combat by creating powerful explosions from the ribbons extending from it. During the great war Wilhelmina was nicknamed "Sengi Musou no Butouki" ("Dancing Princess of Peerless Combat"), she fought alongside Mathilde Saint-Omer, the former "Crimson-Eyed Flame-Haired Hunter" against the Toten Glocke. An organization of Crimson Denizens who are considered to be the strongest forces of their time serving under their leader, Azis "The Weaver of Coffins". They succeeded on defeating Asiz Taking Mathilde's life in the process. Wilhelmina was left with Mathilde's dying request; to search and train the next "Crimson-Eyed Flame-Haired hunter.

Wilhelmina is polite and formal, and she cares a lot for her friends, especially Shana, though she often appears emotionless. She took care of Shana during her training at Tendokyu. She is good at all housework except for cooking, often making pre-made food like instant noodles. Wilhelmina disapproves of Yuuji at first, referring to him as "The Mystes", though later begins to acknowledge him.

Khamsin Nbh'w

Shakugan no Shana Khamsin Nbh'w

Khamsin Nbh'w is a Tuner, a special kind of Flame Haze that has the ability to dispel or lessen the effects of large scale Distortions. He is known as Giso no Karite ("Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment"). He is able to cover himself into a golem-like creature and manipulate sorrounding stones. Though he lacks accuracy in his attacks he is capable of causing devastating wide-scale destruction, earning him the nickname Kowashi-ya ("The Demolisher"). He is bound to the Crimson Lord Behemoth, whose vessel takes the form of a decorated bracelet he wears on his left wrist. Despite his appearance of a 10 year old boy, he is in fact one of the oldest Flame Hazes. He was once a prince who wanted to be a great warrior and a great king like his father was, but he was forgotten by everyone when he made a Flame Haze contract. Khamsin has a calm and collected demeanor. He was shown to be wise and formal, rarely showing his emotions. He doesn't show much interest in humans at first. Khamsin has a habit of saying "Ahh..." before talking. Because of this, Margery Daw calls Khamsin and Behemoth "the geezers". He develops a bond of friendship with Kazumi. The symbol of their friendship is the straw hat that he wears that Kazumi bought for him.

Mathilde Saint-Omer

Shakugan no Shana Mathilde Saint-Omer

Mathilde Saint-Omer was the previous "Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite" ("Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter"). She was Wilhelmina Carmel's friend and companion. They were hailed as the greatest pair of Flame Hazes, rivaling the "Pair of Wings", Crimson Lords Merihim and Illuyanka. She was in love with Alastor. Mathilde has red hair, and being the first "Flaming-Haired Crimson-Eyed Hunter", she looks very much like Shana. She was also shown wearing the Yogasa. Her powers were pretty much like that of Shana's; she could manipulate flames and use it to empower their weapons. As the "Flame of Heaven" Flame Haze, she could summon a flaming horse.

Rebecca Reed

Shakugan no Shana Rebecca Reed

Rebecca Reed is a Flame Haze with the title Kishaku no Makite ("Scatterer of Sparkling Light"). She is bound to the Crimson Lord Balar, whose vessel takes the form of a golden bracelet on her right hand. She has short dark hair, and often wears a brown leather jacket with white shirt underneath and green pants with black suspenders. A tomboy, she is rowdy, and her explosive personality manifests in her ability to shoot explosive bursts of Existence. She can even acquire greater fighting capability when she breaks off Balar's vessel, allowing her to create energy balls that swirl around her body to attack her opponents with. She values friendship and always keeps her word. She is good friends with Wilhelmina.

Sophie Sawallisch

Shakugan no Shana Sophie Sawallisch

Sophie Sawallisch is a Great War veteran and the supreme commander of the Flame Haze Army. She is bound to Takemikazuchi ("Thunder Blade of Banishment"). Takemikazuchi's vessel Donner takes the form of a blue, star-shaped cross. She wears a dark purple and white habit. She is known as Kimottama Kasan ("Mother Courage"), a nickname she earned because of her kind heart. She is quite fond of Shana, and taught her Flame Haze and womanly etiquette during their time together. Sophie is shown to have a mastery in the manipulation of lightning. As the former Supreme General of the Flame Haze Army in the Great War and Supreme Commander in the Second Great War, she is shown to be a masterful tactician.

Ernest Flieder

Shakugan no Shana Ernest Flieder

Ernest Flieder is a Flame Haze who has the ability to control his body density, enabling him to to walk through walls and other solid objects. He can also use exploding clones to deceive his enemies. He is known as Gaiku no Kaete ("Transposer of Corpses and Bodies"), and is bound to the Crimson Lord Brigid whose will resides in the rose-shaped vessel Ambrosia. A powerful and highly skilled Flame Haze, Ernest's preferred fighting technique is using his abilities to ambush his enemies, avoiding unnecessary confrontation. However, as efficient as it may be, this technique is often looked down upon by fellow Flame Hazes such as his friend Rebecca, who calls him a "petty impostor." Flieder is a tall man of English descent and wears a white formal attire. He does not want to be called by his first name, claiming that only a woman he loves can call him with his first name. In the Second Great War, he was assigned under Sophie Sawallisch's command.

Chiara Toscana and Seere Habichtsburg

Shakugan no Shana Chiara Toscana Seere Habichtsburg

Chiara Toscana is known as Kyokko no Ite ("Archer of Aurora"). She is bound to Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia, the Crimson Lord with dual personalities whose will resides in the vessel Zorya which takes the form of a pair of arrowheads that Chiara use as a hair accessory. She contracted Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia during the 19th century when she and her father was attacked by a Crimson Denizen on their journey through the mountains. In an attempt to save her, her father pushed her off the edge. During the fall she saw a light hovering above her, it was the Crimson lord who offered her the contract to become a Flame Haze. She accepted the offer to be a Flame Haze, though she cannot fully use her power as her predecessor did. She was later trained by Seere Habichtsburg, and the two eventually become partners. Like her title, she has the ability to use archery related attacks with projectiles that could pierce through her enemies at blinding speeds. Her most noteable skills are the Kyokko no Yumiya (Bow and Arrows of Aurora) and the Gripen's Howl and Draken's Roar.

Seere Habichtsburg is known as the Kiko no Kurite ("Puppeteer of Devilish Skills") Flame Haze. He has the ability to manipulate objects on his sorroundings by using Lange and Saite, his Crimson Lord Gizo's vessel that takes the form of a puppet's control bars. Seere was once human before he undergone an experiment called Crystallization of Self-Research conducted by Dantalion that turned him into an Artificial Flame Haze. "Dantalion gave him the name Gagaku no Kesshō Ekusuperimento 13261" ("Crystallization of Self-Research Experiment 13261", a name which he doesn't want to be called.

Francois Auric

Shakugan no Shana Francois Auric

François Auric, also known as Shiei no Hashite ("Conveyor of Posture"), is a young man with long blond hair that covers both of his eyes . He served under Sophie Sawallisch's army during the great war along with her most trusted subordinates, Alex and Denis. It is implied that Francois did battlefield analysis and scouting missions because of his abilities to manipulate water. He can initiate long distance communications and even interference and detection with the use of river systems. He also has a limited control over the weather, and can forecast weather with far more accuracy. This ability to forecast the weather accurately proved very useful in the Second Great War when he assisted Sophie in planning and timing the schedule of operations using his ability to analyse and forecast weather conditions. He is bound to the Crimson Lord Grogach, also known as the "Miraculous Springs of Settlement" who resides in a jar-shaped vessel that Francois carries on his back.

Samuel Demantius

Shakugan no Shana Samuel Demantius

Samuel Demantius is a tall man with a huge scar on the left side of his face and a missing eye. He is a veteran Flame Haze, and also served as a military commander of the Flame Haze Army in the Second Great War. He is known as Saikyo no Morite ("Guardian of Steady Passage"). He is bound to the Crimson Lord Zinitra, who he contracted Zinitra when he was dying during the Hussite War where he served as a Sirotci mercenary for Jan Zizka. Learning that everything he and his brothers-in-arms fought for was nothing more than mere "war games", he became a Flame Haze to punish those who are using humans for their entertainment. Samuel's main power is conjuring various structures like bridges and strongholds by combining hand movements and placing Zinitra in the middle. This ability is called Jishuka no Oka ("Zizka's Mound"). He coined the name "Flame Haze Army".

Yuri Chvojka

Shakugan no Shana Yuri Chvojka

Yuri Chvojka is a young boy wearing a dark brown coat and a pair of eyeglasses. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He is known as Chisei no Hikite ("Leader of Spirits"), and is bound to the Crimson Lord Valac, whom he contracted when his ship was attacked by a Kraken during his voyage from Ukraine to America. Valac expresses his will through a vessel in the form of a dagger, Hoverla. Though he lacks
experience, Yuri has the power to control small animals and insects for various purposes, and can even utilize them in combat. Yuri has a very caring personality especially towards humans, probably because he still thinks of himself as a human. He wishes to protect humans even if it means putting his life in harm's way. He admires Margery.

East Edge

Shakugan no Shana East Edge

East Edge is known as Seiga no Yobite ("Summoner of Star River"). As one of "The Four Gods of Earth", he is a very powerful Flame Haze. Aside from extreme physical strength, he possess the Power of Unrestraint called Yoru no Toi ("Query of Night") that concentrates light, allowing him to summon a meteor shower that can easily annihilate an entire army. He can even create orbs of light in his hands that he can use to shoot his enemies. His contractor is the Crimson Lord Quetzalcóatl who speaks through an engraved stone medallion called Teotl. East Edge is a tall man with a muscular physique. He has a dark complexion and long black hair that he ties into a pony tail. With his chiseled facial features and broad shoulders, he resembles a Native-American. He runs the Outlaws disguised as a news agency in New York. Though East Edge is a Flame Haze, he does not want to be called by his Flame Haze title. Rather, he prefers to be called by his own self styled name, "Subete no Hoshi o mita Otoko" ("The Man Who had Seen All Stars").


Matake Ogata

Shakugan no Shana Matake Ogata

Matake Ogata is Yuuji's classmate in Misaki Municipal High School. She is physically active and likes playing volleyball. She is shown to be good friends with Kazumi, often encouraging her when she feels shy or in doubt. She is attracted to Eita and gets jealous of Margery Daw because of her closeness with Eita.

Yukari Hirai

Shakugan no Shana Yukari Hirai

Yukari Hirai was Yuuji's classmate in Misaki Municipal High School. She died when she was caught in a Rinne's rampage on her way home, and Shana made a Torch of her end everyone who perished in the attack. Yukari becomes silent and gloomy as her flame starts to burn out. Yuuji knew this, and tried to gave her the best day of her life by hanging out and taking pictures with her and her crush Hayato Ike. Her last moment was sitting on a hill and enjoying the sunset, saying that it was her favorite view. Shana then assumes Yukari's identity by using what was left of Yukari's Existence.

Keisaku Satou

Shakugan no Shana Keisaku Satou

Keisaku Satou is a high school student in Misaki Municipal High School, and Eita Tanaka's class-skipping buddy. Keisaku and Eita are chosen by Margery as her guides in Misaki City after unintentionally rescuing them from a group of thugs. Keisaku comes from a wealthy family, and harbors feelings for Margery but tries to hide it.

Eita Tanaka

Shakugan no Shana Eita Tanaka

Eita Tanaka is a close friend and classmate to Keisaku and Matake. Like Keisaku, he also shows a great deal of admiration and respect towards Margery, referring to her as "ane-san" (big sister). Eita and Keisaku serve as Margery's guides during her stay at Misaki City.

Kazumi Yoshida

Shakugan no Shana Kazumi Yoshida

Kazumi Yoshida is Yuuji's classmate. She has a big crush on Yuuji because of his kindness. At first she was too shy to admit it, but she eventually gets the courage to confess her feelings with the help of Hayato. She become love rivals with Shana who also have a crush on Yuuji, though the two eventually became friends. Kazumi later meets a Flame Haze named Khamsin Nbw'h, who requested her assistance for the Tuning of distortions in Misaki City. The two became close friends after. Khamsin gave Kazumi a Treasure Tool called Jettatura, a monocle that allows her to see the Crimson World and Torches as well by looking throught it. Kazumi gave Khamsin a straw hat as a symbol of their friendship.

Fumina Konoe

Shakugan no Shana Fumina Konoe

Fumina Konoe is a transfer student, and is also interested in Yuuji. Because she is used to being attended by her butler, she frequently asks for help for small things such as getting her books out of her backpack. Shana suspects her to be Hecate as they are similar. She is in possession of the Treasure Tools Tartaros and Trigon. She is capable of casting "Hoshi" ("Star") by using an Unrestricted Spell with the Trigon, which releases a vast numbers of homing energy beams. She is also capable of flight.

Chigusa Sakai

Shakugan no Shana Sakai Chigusa

Chigusa Sakai is Yuuji's mother. Like her son, she is kind and soft spoken and has a caring personality. She shows great care for Shana, often giving her advice and even teaching her how to make a bento after Shana asked her to. She is also a strong and intelligent womanーeven The Crimson Lord Alastor acknowledged her wisdom during their conversation over the phone regarding Shana.

Kantaro Sakai

Shakugan no Shana Kantaro Sakai

Kantaro Sakai is Yuuji's father. He is not seen a lot because he works abroad, but he likes to surprise his family by visiting unannounced. He also has a weird hobby of stalking and watching what's happening with his family from a distance. Despite his skinny appearance, Kantaro was able to deflect a kick from Shana virtually unscathed. He also possesses a high level of intellect, a trait which Yuuji inherited. He is also very loving and caring when it comes to his family especially Chigusa, stating that she has always been there for him.



Shakugan no Shana Johann

Johann is known as Eien no Koibito ("Eternal Lover") and was a former Mystes and bearer of the Treasure Tool Reiji Maigo. He was later sealed inside the Treasure Tool by his lover Pheles, after being mortally wounded in battle. Before becoming a Mystes, Johann was an infant who was rescued by the Crimson Lord Pheles from his father, who tried to sacrificed him in exchange for eternal life. Pheles killed his father and took custody of Johann ever since. As Johan grew up, he fell in love with Pheles and the two eventually became lovers. With the help of Johann, Pheles created The Midnight Lost Child ("Reiji Maigo") to give him immortality. When he became a Mystes, Johann trained hard to master the Power of Unrestraint. He created the Sutiguma-yaburi no Jizai-shiki ("Stigma-breaking Insignia") a powerful spell specifically designed to counter the Crimson Lord Sabrac's Stigma. They later merged their existences to gave birth to Justus, a child who is half-Denizen and half-human.

Tenmoku Ikko

Shakugan no Shana Tenmoku Ikko

Tenmoku Ikko is the spirit of Shana's Nietono no Shana. He is known as Bakemono Tochi ("Monster Torch") and "The Worst Mystes in History". He chose to become a Flame Haze to find the strongest and worthy opponent to entrust the Nietono no Shana, a Treasure Tool he forged in the form of a sword with the aid of a Crimson Lord. Tenmoku Ikko is a powerful and relentless adversary, who wandered the battlefields searching for a worthy opponent. He was ultimately defeated by Shana, and transferring his soul inside the sword, he entrusted the Nietono no Shana to the young Flame Haze that would later be named after it.



Shakugan no Shana Lamies

Lamies is the Torch of an old man under the control of a Crimson Denizen. He is known as the "Corpse Collector". He claims that he only feeds on Torches that would perish any moment, as he is concerned about the balance between worlds and is always careful only to collect dying Torches. He is a highly skilled spellcaster renowned for past feats of creating the most prominent Power of Unrestraint. The name of the female Crimson Denizen residing within Lamis is "Rasen no Fuukin" ("The Spiral Organ"), a Crimson Lord who once fell in love with a mortal painter who one day witnessed her feeding on humans, which is presumably the reason she stopped consuming humans. Now she seeks to gather enough power of existence to hopefully one day activate a Power of Unrestraint that would restore the damaged Spiral Organ painting that her lover made before dying of old age.


Shakugan no Shana Marianne

Marianne is a Rinne in the form of a doll, and has a somewhat intimate relationship with her master Friagne. She fought Shana in the form of a giant baby doll when she attacked Misaki City, but was defeated. She fled back to Friagne's base, Yoda Department Store and told him that she was defeated by the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter.
She asked Friagne for permission to fight Shana again, and Friagne agreed giving her the Treasure Tool Regular Sharp. But she was once again defeated by Shana and got rescued by her master. She was killed by Shana on their third encounter.

Sorath and Tiriel

Shakugan no Shana Sorath and Tiriel

Sorath, known as "Aizenji" ("He-Who-Loves-Himself") is the older half of the "Aizen Siblings" ("Aizen no Kyōdai"). Though he is the older sibling, he is very dependent on Tiriel, even asking her permission before consuming humans. He is quite a skilled swordsman, able to counter Shana's sword strikes with his own. His weapon is a sword called Blutsauger (German for "blood sucker"), a Treasure tool that is capable of damaging anything that it touches if a user channels power of existence into it. However, he is hellbent on acquiring Shana's Nietono no Shana. Sorath can absorb Power of Existence by sucking it into his mouth. He can then share it with Tiriel by kissing her and having her draw it out of his mouth. He can also sense what he wants due to his ability known as Yokubou no Kyuukaku ("Olfactory Sense of Desire").

Tiriel is Sorath's younger sister. She loves Sorath to the point of being incestuous, even getting enraged when Sorath mentions another girls name. She draws the Power of Existence Sorath has eaten by kissing him and sucking it from his mouth. She is in possession of the Treasure Tool Orgel. It is used primarily to replicate the effects of casting complicated Unrestricted Spells multiple times or maintaining an Unrestricted Spell in effect like her Cradle Garden which alters a Seal so its area becomes an advantage to the siblings. The only drawback to this is that Orgel cannot be moved from the place where it was first cast. She can also create Pinions which can be use for transport or as a weapon and make them blow themselves up or activate their stored Unrestricted Spells to trap opponents.


Shakugan no Shana Merihim

Merihim was one of the nine great Crimson Lords of Toten Glocke under Asiz, Hitsugi no Orite ("Weaver of Coffins"). He and his partner Illuyanka were notoriously feared as the Pair of Wings. He deeply loved Mathilde Saint-Omer. In her last moments, Mathilde made him promise three things; he shall not consume humans again, he shall not wreak havoc on Earth again; and to train the next "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" after her death. He honored his promises to the woman he loved by sealing away all his Power of Existence, which would be used for the last purpose; to test the successor of "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", turning him into a skeleton named Shiro. Merihim can use the "Kōtenken" ("Rainbow's Heaven Sword"), the Unrestricted Spell known to be as one of the greatest offensive powers of all time. He is able to use the "Rainbow's Heaven Sword" to defeat Orgon in one strike.

Bal Masqué


Shakugan no Shana Bifrons

Bifrons is a Crimson Denizen known as "Kogoga" ("Howling Fang"). He is wanderer with a chimney-like body and insect-like legs with a burning head. He wraps himself in a Treasure Tool called Tarnkappe, which grants him stealth in exchange a reduction in speed and mobility. He also possesses a Gordian Knot, a Treasure Tool which triggers after his death. Gordian Knot is capable of transporting someone to places of their advantage. His primary attack comes from his cannon-like body, allowing him to fire at his enemies from a distance.


Shakugan no Shana Sabrac

Known as "Kaijin" ("Destructive Blade"), Sabrac is an assassin and also a powerful Crimson Lord renowned for his numerous victories over many Flame Hazes. He use Fuiuchi ("Surprise Attack") an attack that is undetectable even to the most sensitive opponent. Sabrac releases an enormous amount of flames and swords in a large-scale, concentrated attack around the area which is able to destroy most enemies. He is notorious for his Unrestricted Spells Stigma and Stigmata that is designed to increase the wounds he had inflicted on his opponent over time. Sabrac can also cast a gigantic tidal wave-like technique called "Akaneiro no Doto" ("Madder Red Surging Wave"). Inside the wave is an array of swords which he is fond of collecting from his fallen adversaries. Sabrac is one the most powerful and feared Crimson Lords.


Shakugan no Shana Hecate

Hecate is a female Crimson Lord who is one of the Trinity, the thee leaders of Bal Masque, and holds the title "Miko" ("Priestess"). She is a quiet and melancholic character who often laments being "empty". Hecate is shown to have the ability to create Faux Vessels, and has the ability to synchronize with others, entering their minds and share their memories and thoughts. When she was synchronizing with Yuuji, she drew on his sense of self to fill the void inside of her. While engaged in combat with Shana, who is fairly strong, Hecate was able to parry her sword with Trigon. She also capable of flight, staying in the air for a long period of time, and can travel at high speeds.

Bel Peol

Shakugan no Shana Bel Peol

Bel Peol is a crafty character with a cold and calculating personality. She is a powerful Crimson Lord, and one of Bal Masque's Trinity. She is referred to as the "Strategist". Her name is Gyakuri no Saisha ("Judge of Paradoxes") She enjoys obstacles, delighting in the challenges they pose, feeling that it is the overcoming of such obstacles that makes life interesting. She has shown that she cares for the well-being of her colleagues as she tries to save Sabrac after he was defeated by Khamsin, Wilhelmina and Rebecca. She has the ability to vanish or teleport away from her current location. She shows a high level of intellect. She also possess the power of Telepathy. Her Treasure Tool is Tartaros. It has the ability to store an army of Rinne inside. It is also able to deny the cause and effect of anything it binds, allowing it to seal off Flame Haze abilities. Tartaros is one of the three instruments for the Grand Order.


Shakugan no Shana Sydonay

Sydonay first appeared in Misaki City along with the "Aizen Siblings" as their bodyguard. He is a powerful Crimson Lord and one of Bal Masque's Trinity, dubbed "The General". He has the ability to shapeshift, as seen when he transformed in to a serpent to escape underwater when Shana defeated the siblings. He likes to smoke cigarettes and displays a cool and collected personality. However, he goes on a rampage when he feels that Hecate is in danger. He really cares for Hecate deeply and calls her "My Hecate", which Hecate resents. He even told Bel Peol that he will never forgive her if she does anything to harm Hecate. Aside from his shape-shifting abilities, Sydonay can manipulate the Power of Existence allowing him to enter the existence of torches as seen when he reached inside Yuuji to find out what Treasure Tool he carries. He is shown to be highly skilled in combat displaying lightning fast reflexes and strategization. He also carries a Treasure Tool in the form of a Polearm called Shintetsu Nyoi ("The Divine Metal at Will"), it has the ability to shoot out projectiles from a nearby surface, with the projectiles coming out from shapes that resemble eyes and mouths. It is very resilient and does not bend or break unless Sydonay commands it to.


Shakugan no Shana Dantalion

Dantalion is a Crimson Lord who acts like a mad scientist. His true name is Tantankyukyu ("Seeking Researcher"). He was the original creator of The Silver. One his noteable experiments is the Flame Haze Puppeteer of Devilish Skills Seere Habichtsburg. He is hated by most Denizens, especially Sydonay and Bel Peol, but Hecate seems close to him. He also designed a machine to extract unlimited Power of Existence from The Midnight Lost Child to refill Hecate's unlimited storage capabilities. He always hangs various articles around his neck, which include a binocular, notebook, and a rosary. Bel Peol refers to him as a "Fool that is only clever". He also capable of summoning the peculiar substance known as 'Material'. He was also in charge of the Tower defenses along with Mammon, for which he created many large explosive robots. He also created the "Go no Ritsuzo" ("The Statue of Pride") a giant statue that Hecate controls, and is powered by the "Reiji Maigo".


Shakugan no Shana Orgon

Also known as Senso-ya ("Warmonger") , Orgon is a proud and arrogant wanderer of Bal Masque. He takes pride being Bel Peol's trusted subordinate. He has an invisible body. Orgon has the Power of Unrestraint called Legion that allows him to summon a vast army of knights which are as thin as cards. He can use this ability as a means of defense, hiding inside all the troops he controls.


Shakugan no Shana Fecor

Fecor is the gatekeeper of the Seireiden. He is the Crimson Lord in charge of Seireiden's Defenses, and serves as Bel Peol's right hand man. He treats Bel Peol with utmost respect and courtesy. Fecor has the trademark physical attributes and characteristics of a typical demon, with horns, tail and bat wings making him capable of flight. He possess a Treasure Tool called Trivia which he uses to detect enemy invasion and also as a form of long distant communication. Despite his weak and timid appearance, he is a very Powerful Crimson Lord and can use the Power of Unrestraint called Magnesia, a very powerful defensive spell which is highly renowned as an indestructible barrier. Though its primary function is mainly for defense, it can also be use for offense by firing a hail of cubes causing a significant amount of damage. He can even manipulate its size to crush his opponents.


Shakugan no Shana Zarovee
Zarovee was the partner of the wandering Crimson Denizen Bifrons. Zarovee's appearance is that of a harmless old man who often puts a smile on his face. He is weak and prefers to stay away from anyone who he sees much stronger than him, and often worries about the outcome of his missions. He introduced his self to Yuuji in Misaki City during his recon mission, stating that he means no harm to Yuuji, though the same could not be said about the city. Despite having the ability to create five replicas of himself, they are still relatively weak and prove to be combat inefficient. It is stated that each replica only possess powers equivalent only to that of a Torch. Though lacking with the necessary combat capabilities, his clones proved essential to their mission as both a diversionary tactic and as a means to signal Bifrons to attack from a distant. Zarovee also stated that despite covering only a small area with his Fuzetsu due to his limited Power of Existence, he can however maximize it by using his replicas.

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