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High School DxD: Angels, Demons, Gods & Dragons

High School DxD is set in a fantasy world filled with diverse characters: angels, demons, gods, and even dragons! These characters take on roles of Evil Chess Pieces to battle in sanctioned matches to increase their ranks. Enter if you dare!

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High School DxD Reynalle
Reynalle is the well-endowed Fallen Angel who disguised herself as the loving ex-girlfriend Yuuma Amano. She was given orders from above to kill Hyodo Issei, the host of the Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig. In order to catch him off-guard, she pretends to be someone who is genuinely interested in Issei and asked him out on a date. Issei blindly accepts the invitation, seeing as nothing remotely close to anything like this had ever happened to him before. She later lures him to a secluded area of the park where she brutally murders him out of spite.

Pretending to be a sweet and nice girl, Reynalle is actually a very manipulative and deceptive type of person. She uses her opponent’s weaknesses against them and forces them to do her bidding, like when she manipulated Asia to go back with her against her wishes. Like all fallen angels, Reynalle uses spears of light which are very effective against demons. She is capable of simultaneously using multiple spears of light. After extracting Twilight Healing from Asia, she was able to temporarily use healing on herself.


High School DxD Kalawarner
Kalawarner is also a Fallen Angel who obediently follows Reynalle’s plot to steal Asia’s Sacred Gear. She has blue eyes and dark blue hair. She was first introduced as the Fallen Angel who attacked Issei when he was on his first errand as a demon. When she was about to deal the final blow, Issei activated his Sacred Gear for the first time and managed to fend her off. She later resurfaces with two other Fallen Angels to stall Rias and Akeno, while Reynalle extracted Asia’s Sacred Gear, the Twilight Healing. She was later obliterated by Rias when she foolishly made fun of Issei for how he was being treated and manipulated by Reynalle during their first date. She has black angel wings and can also use light-based spears which can kill demons.


High School DxD Mittelt
Mittelt is a Fallen Angel and a subordinate of Reynalle. Together with two other Fallen Angels, they plotted to promote themselves in rank by stealing Asia’s Sacred Gear for themselves. She is the blonde-haired and blue-eyed Fallen Angel. She was given orders by Reynalle to stand watch and observe Rias and Akeno’s movements and, if need be, to stop them in their track while Reynalle performed the extraction ritual. She was initially portrayed as the laid-back and cheerful type when in reality, she is rather cynical and sadistic. Hoping to stop Rias and Akeno from joining Issei and the group, Mittelt, Kalawarner and Dohnaseek join forces to fight the Crimson Princess (Rias) and the Priestess of Thunder (Akeno). She made the foolish mistake of making fun of Issei in front of Rias for how badly he looked when Reynalle played him for a fool during their first date. She too was blown to pieces by Rias’s Powers of Destruction. She also has black angel wings and is capable of flight, as well as throwing around light-based spears.


High School DxD Dohnaseek
Dohnaseek is the sharply-dressed black-haired Fallen Angel. He is in cahoots with Reynalle and together plotted to steal Asia’s Sacred Gear for themselves. He is a middle-aged looking man wearing a trench coat and a fedora. He crosses paths with Hyodo Issei when he was wandering around after he had just been resurrected as a demon. Believing him to be a random stray demon, Dohnaseek attacked Issei. Rias and her team suddenly appeared before him to defend Issei and claiming him to be a member of her team. He later joined forces with Mittelt and Kalawarner and fought Rias and Akeno to stall for time while Reynalle completed the extraction ritual. He foolishly laughed at Issei and how badly he was treated by Reynalle when they first dated. He too was blown away by the angered Rias. He can also fly and use light-based spears which seemed to be quite effective against demons.



High School DxD Kokabiel
Kokabiel is one of the founding leaders of the Gregori, a Fallen Angel Organization. Unlike the other Fallen Angels, Kokabiel has always enjoyed war and has been plotting to start another Great War between the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Demons. He stole three of the seven Excalibur fragments, hoping it would start a war with Michael the Archangel. After setting his sights on Kuoh Academy, he finds Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri, heiresses of highly-esteemed demon families. He believed that killing both would force Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan (members of the Four Great Satans) to start a war between the Fallen Angels and the Demons. He is annoyingly arrogant and overly confident in his own power. He even waited for Issei to complete his boosts so he could use Transfer on Rias just to prove that he can withstand any attack.

Like all Fallen Angels, Kokabiel can use light-based weapons. He can even dual-wield them like the time when he simultaneously fended off Kiba’s and Xenovia’s best attacks. The number of wings each being has reflects that person’s strength and power. Kokabiel is a ten-winged Fallen Angel which proves that he is remarkably strong and incredibly powerful. He can also use feather-like projectiles at his opponents. He is even capable of using summoning magic to summon Cerberus, the so-called Guardian of the Gates of the Underworld. His magic alone is strong enough to fend off a fully-boosted attack from Rias.


High School DxD Azazel
Azazel is a founding member of Gregori and the former Governor General of all the Fallen Angels. He was first introduced as a regular patron of Issei and later became a Chemistry teacher at Kuoh Academy. After proving himself, he later became the adviser of the Occult Research Club and an important member of the team. Although he seemes quite laid-back and lazy, he is actually very intelligent and wise for his age. He is known to be a collector, especially when it comes to Sacred Gears. Although a core member of the Gregori Organization, he despises violence and prefers to peacefully talk things through.

As a fighter, Azazel is remarkably strong. He can instantaneously create multiple spears of light out of thin air and shoot them like a high-speed projectile. His magic and stamina are so vast that he hardly runs out of magic. He is capable of performing high-level magic although he prefers not to use them. Azazel uses the Downfall Dragon Spear, an artificial Sacred Gear said to have sealed Fafnir of the Five Dragon Kings. He can also use his own version of a Balance Breaker donning gold armor and holding a two-pronged spear. He also has the Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade which is an artificial Sacred Gear with both light and dark natures, just like Kiba’s Sword of Betrayer but stronger.


High School DxD Baraqiel
Baraqiel is one of the leaders of the Gregori Organization. He is the Vice-Governor General and Shemhaza’s right-hand man. He was later revealed to be Akeno’s father. This gruff-looking guy is quite the battle maniac who loves fighting stronger opponents. He too is quite the masochist, which Akeno inherited from his father. He was initially against Issei being too friendly with his daughter. Akeno has always blamed Baraqiel for her mother’s death and being unable to save her, especially when she needed him the most. Despite the misshapen situation they both have, Baraqiel still loves her daughter and would do anything to protect her. Baraqiel has earned the nickname as the God of Lightning because he mostly specializes in combining light and lightning to create Holy Lightning which is a skill that Akeno also inherited.


High School DxD Valiper Galilei
Valiper was a former scientist of the Church before he was excommunicated for his extreme and inhumane experiments. He was left in charge of the “Holy Sword Project”. He was so fascinated with Holy Swords, Excalibur in particular, that he wanted to create children that could wield Holy Swords to fight demons. When the Church decided his research was a failure, he came to the realization that he could use the spirits of children as catalysts so that normal human beings could wield the all-powerful Holy Swords. He was banished from the Church and later resurfaced as a member of Kokabiel’s group. After much research and experimentation, Valiper finally managed to combine and fuse all the Excalibur fragments into one which he gave to Freed Sellzen.


High School DxD Freed Sellzan
Freed is the battle-crazed stray exorcist in High School DxD. He was in cahoots with the Fallen Angels when they plotted to steal Asia’s Sacred Gear. He later resurfaced as a subordinate of Kokabiel, which is when he came into possession of Excalibur. Although claiming to be a priest, he really doesn’t act or speak like one. In fact, even Kiba noted that he can be quite vulgar. He has an uncontrollable obsession to kill monsters and demons and is willing to do anything, even align himself with the Fallen Angels, to do so. After Kokabiel was defeated, he slithers away yet again and finds himself with the Khaos Brigade.

Although he doesn’t look like it, Freed is remarkably skilled at swordsmanship to the point where he was even referred to as a genius. He was able to fight Kiba on equal ground and even managed to handle the newly-fused Excalibur. He is remarkably fast and quite a master swordsman. He initially used a Light Sword which Kiba easily defeated using his Holy Eraser sword (a sword of darkness that absorbs all light). He also used an Exorcist Gun loaded with blessed bullets that are effective against demons. When he came in possession of the Excalibur, he was able to use all four Excalibur fragments: Rapidly (grants the user immeasurable speed), Transparency (allows the user to temporarily become invisible), Mimic (a free-form sword that can take on any shape the user puts his mind into) and Nightmare (allows the user to use illusions and hallucinations).



High School DxD Michael
Michael is one of the Archangels and the acting leader of all Angels. He succeeded God in his place in Heaven after God died in the previous Great War between Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons. He first appeared in the series to give Issei the Holy Sword Ascalon hoping it would help him in his fight with Vali, the host of the White Dragon Emperor. He later resurfaces in a peace summit between the leaders of all Three Factions: the Demons (represented by Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan), the Fallen Angels (represented by Azazel) and the Angels (represented by Michael). All Three Factions believed there is hope for peace by signing a truce between factions hoping it would prevent yet another Great War.

Michael is the highest and strongest being in Heaven. He has twelve golden angel wings which show that he has immeasurable strength and unlimited magic. He is able to create and form weapons of light out of thin air. He has full control of the Holy System which God created back in the day to control the balance between good and evil.


High School DxD Irina Shidou
Irina is Issei’s childhood friend who later became an exorcist for the Church, alongside Xenovia. She is a devout follower of the faith. She was given orders by the Church to find and destroy the missing Excalibur fragments, which were stolen by the Fallen Angels. She was quite a carefree, laid-back and cheerful type of person who always seemed to see the best in people despite who or what they had become. She disappeared after the Kokabiel incident and later resurfaced during the Peace Summit of the Three Factions as Michael’s bodyguard. Turns out, she was reincarnated as an angel by Michael to serve him as his Ace.

Although not as skilled a swordsman as Yuuto or Xenovia, Irina is still a capable fighter. When she was an exorcist of the Church, she was given the Excalibur Mimic with its unique ability to change its shape to whatever she wills it to be. After being reincarnated as an angel, she is now able to use light-based weapons. She was even able to use light magic which looked like a Halo. She used it on Fenrir’s puppy during their fight with Loki and Fenrir. Seeing her potential, she was given the Holy-Demonic Sword which has the ability to change its elemental attribute to fire, ice, water, lightning or a combination of them.



High School DxD Odin
Odin is the perverted leader of the Gods of Asgard. He has the tendency to act upon his lewd perversions like harassing random women he passes them on the street. Appearances aside, Odin is remarkably wise and intelligent. He first appeared during the Three Factions meeting commenting that everything has changed ever since God’s death and that the world had become a playground for Sirzechs, Azazel and Michael (the current leaders of the Three Factions). He later resurfaced during Rias and Sona’s Rating Game, Loki’s appearance, and during the attack of the Khaos Brigade.

Being the all-powerful chief God of all Asgard, Odin is exceedingly powerful despite his age. He easily fended off hundreds of the Old Satan Faction with the stroke of his fingers. He also wields the legendary Gungnir, a spear of untold powers and rides on an eight-legged horse he calls the Sleipner.


High School DxD Loki
Loki is the Norse God of Mischief. He came to the human world following Odin in hopes that he could kill him once and for all. He believes that by doing so, he can forcefully cause Ragnarok, the end of the world. Loki was later forced to retreat when Issei (Red Dragon Emperor) and Vali (White Dragon Emperor) joined forces. He was later defeated when Issei managed to get his hands on the all-powerful Mjolnir, a replica of the Hammer of the Lightning God. Loki was later sealed away by Rossweisse under several layers of Norse magic.

Loki’s power is definitely on a different level than weaker beings. He is extremely powerful, even strong enough to fend off both Azazel and Baraqiel at the same time. He even defeated Rias and the rest of the Occult Research Club single-handedly. He has immeasurable knowledge of Norse magic and is capable of casting several spells instantaneously. He also knows summoning magic, calling upon Fenrir and his two pups when he fought Issei and the group.


SIRZECHS LUCIFER (formerly known as Sirzechs Gremory)]

High School DxD Sirzechs Lucifer
Sirzechs is one of the leaders of the Four Great Demon Lords, alongside Serafall Leviathan. He earned the nickname the “Crimson Satan” for his crimson-colored hair. He is actually Rias Gremory’s older brother. Despite his position and rank, he is quite mellow and laid-back. He does share similar traits with Azazel, being a pacifist and all. He tries to resolve conflicts by talking things through. Despite being the all-powerful Satan, he does tend to show a sweet and caring side towards those close to him, especially Rias. He can tend to be overprotective when it comes to his sister or his wife, Grayfia Lucifuge. He first made his appearance during Rias’s engagement party. He sanctioned Issei and Riser’s duel for Rias’s hand in marriage.

Without a doubt, Sirzechs possesses vast demonic powers fit for his rank as the current Lucifer. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Underworld, where even Hades fears him and his powers. He too has the Power of Destruction which he inherited from his mother. He was able to master his own power to the point that he can destroy anything he touches. While he is quite talented in magic, he has even greater hand-to-hand combat abilities.

SERAFALL LEVIATHAN (formerly known as Serafall Sitri)

High School DxD Serafall Leviathan
Serafall is also one of the members of the all-powerful Four Great Demon Lords. She is mostly seen doing foreign affairs like the meeting between the Three Factions. She is actually Sona Sitri’s older sister. Although she looks like a highly spirited magical girl, she does have a serious side to her especially when it comes to Sona. Overall, Serafall is a cheerful, bubbly and laid-back type of person, quite unlike the serious and strict Sona. Her childlike personality and her deep infatuation with her sister have often led to a few of Sona’s rather embarrassing moments. She is also overprotective of her sister and gets mad at people who make fun of Sona and her ambitions.

Most women in the Sitri family specialize in water and ice magic. Serafall excels in both. She once used ice magic that changed the entire terrain into ice (her signature move called the Celsius Cross Trigger). Serafall is without a doubt the strongest female demon in the Underworld, where she is capable of destroying an entire nation with the snap of her fingers. As a Demon Lord and the current Satan, she possesses an immense demonic powers that can even put Riser’s regenerative powers to shame.

AJUKA BEELZEBUB (formerly known as Ajuka Astaroth)

High School DxD Ajuka Beelzebub
Ajuka is also a member of the Four Great Satans, alongside Sirzechs and Serafall. He first appeared during the Young Devils Gathering together with the other Satans. He is Sirzech’s childhood friend and a well-respected rival. He has a strong bond with Sirzechs and would even fight Sirzech’s enemies if necessary. He too despises violence and prefers to be someone who “creates” things. He eventually came up with the Evil Pieces system which eventually led to the creation of the widely popular Rating Games.

Despite his reservations against fighting, Ajuka is said to be one of the strongest demons in the Underworld, where he earned the nickname as one of the so-called “Super Demons”. He later earned the title as Satan for his immeasurable strength and powerful magic. He is a reputed master inventor. He became the Chief Adviser of the Technology Department at a young age.



High School DxD Sairaorg Bael
Sairaorg is the heir of the all-powerful Bael clan. He is actually Rias Gremory’s cousin. He first appeared during the Young Devils Gathering who was chosen to participate for the said event. Although a high-class demon himself, Sairaorg was constantly shunned and ostracized by his own family just because he didn’t inherit his family’s Powers of Destruction like Rias and Sirzechs. Instead of wallowing in his misfortunes, he focused more on training his body. Now, he is considered to be one of the strongest demons in the Underworld, capable of facing even the revered High-Class Demons with his strength alone. Although generally kind-hearted, Sairaorg is considered by many as quite the battle maniac and enjoys fighting strong opponents.

Sairaorg is an expert martial arts fighter. His rigorous training gave him incredible stamina and god-like speed which perfectly complement his superhuman strength. He excels in hand-to-hand combat, trying to overwhelm his opponents with sheer strength alone. He wields the Regulus Nemea, the legendary battle ax said to house the spirit of the Nemean Lion Regulus. He also has his own version of the Balance Breaker called the Regulus Rey Leather Rex.


High School DxD Diodora Astaroth
Diodora is the young heir of the Astaroth Clan. He is actually Ajuka’s younger brother. Despite his rather sweet and gentle-looking appearance, he is actually manipulative, wicked and cruel. He is the same person who got Asia excommunicated from the Church. Knowing how extremely kind Asia was, he purposely injured himself so Asia would heal him, knowing fully well that it would brand her as a heretic. Freed once commented that Diodora has an obsession with nuns and that he sweet talks them into becoming his servants. He has a reputation for being a sadistic being who constantly finds joy in other people’s pain, sadness and depression. Diodora shows some skill when it comes to using magic.


High School DxD Ravel Phenex
Ravel is Riser’s younger sister. She is part of his peerage and serves as one of his Bishops. She too inherited the powers of the mythical creature, the Pheonix. Despite her well-mannered personality, she can get stubborn to the point where she can be very childish, especially when she doesn’t get what she wants. She is shown to be remarkably perceptive, always trying to assess the situation and provide support whenever she is needed. Ravel strongly believes her brother is the strongest demon in the Underworld, considering that he is immortal after all. Although she never actually joined the battle during the Gremory-Phenex Rating Game, she does seem to have quick regenerative abilities like her brother. She mostly uses fire-based magic like everyone else in Riser’s peerage. She is also a skilled strategist and a master tactician.



High School DxD Shalba
Shalba is one of the founding members of the Old Satan Faction. He is a descendant of the original Beelzebub and is a strong believer in keeping the Demon bloodline pure. He thinks that using humans and resurrecting them into demons is tainting the pride of all demons. Shalba and several of his compatriots are determined to make a change by overthrowing the current leaders and killing the Four Great Satans. He is known to be very manipulative, like when he tricked Diodora Astaroth into working for the Khaos Brigade and brutally killed him the very minute he outlived his usefulness. He controls the Old Satan Faction with cruelty and ruthlessness. Shalba is also shown to have the unique ability to control bees.


High School DxD Katarea
Katerea is one of the leaders of the Old Satan Faction. She is a direct descendant of the first Leviathan. Like Shalba, Katerea despised the new system of the Underworld (Evil Chess Pieces and Rating Games). She thinks that it is a disgrace for demons to rely on humans or use them as servants. They believe a change is in order and to do so, they must first kill the Four Great Satans. They interrupted the Three Faction meeting hoping to kill both Sirzechs, Lucifer, and Serafall Leviathan. Being the descendant of the original Leviathan, Katerea possesses an immeasurable demonic powers, strong enough to even fight the all-powerful Azazel on equal grounds. She has the unique ability to transform her arms into tentacles which she uses to restrain Azazel.


High School DxD Creuserey
Creuserey is the black-haired leader of the Old Satan Faction. He is a direct descendant of the original Asmodeus. Just like Shalba and Katerea, he is a strong believer of the former Satans. He thinks the new Satans are a disgrace to their title. Hoping to change and reform the Underworld, he and several of his compatriots planned on killing the current Satans during the peace summit between the Three Factions. Although he barely shows it, Creuserey does care for his teammates. Being of original descent of the first Asmodeus, Creuserey possesses massive demonic powers which earn him the rank as an Ultimate Class Demon. He was able to draw out 100% of his power when he used Ophis’s snake. Although a strong and capable fighter, he didn’t stand a chance against Sirzechs Lucifer and his Powers of Destruction.



High School DxD Ddraig
Ddraig is the Welsh Dragon later known as the Red Dragon Emperor. He is one of the two Heavenly Dragons said to possess enough strength and power to even kill a god. He is the destined rival of the Vanishing White Dragon Albion and was sealed in the Boosted Gear, a Sacred Gear said to be one of the Thirteen Longinus Items. Ddraig is undeniably loyal to Issei, even when Euclid Lucifuge offered a more powerful host than Issei. He had to put up with Issei’s perverted antics, including the "creative" nickname he received, the “Breast Dragon Emperor”. He genuinely cares for Issei and is crushed at one point when Issei died. He has the unique ability to boost his powers to the limit or transfer his powers to his allies. His power is so strong that it is capable of breaking through all of his opponent’s defenses.


High School DxD Albion
Albion is the English Dragon who later earned the nickname as the Vanishing White Dragon because of his unique powers. He is also one of the Heavenly Dragons and shares an intense rivalry with Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor. Like Ddraig, Albion is also sealed in a Longinus Sacred Gear called the Divine Dividing. Albion also has his own share of embarrassing nicknames, such as the “Butt Dragon Emperor”, after Vali was outed for his fascination with women’s butts. Albion is overly confident in his own power. He is also shown to care deeply for Vali, pretty much like how Ddraig cares for Issei. Quite the opposite to Ddraig’s power, Albion’s power halves his opponent’s power and absorbs them. He also has the unique ability to reflect incoming attacks.


High School DxD Great Red
Great Red is the True Red Dragon Emperor, the Dragon of all Dragons. He is a gigantic Red Dragon that travels around the Dimensional Gap. He is the single strongest existence capable of rivaling Ophis. He likes to be left alone, which is part of the reason why he lives in the Dimensional Gap now. He gets cranky and aggravated when people stare at him.

His powers are beyond this world. Even a portion of his power was strong enough to destroy the Underworld. He can single-handedly cause the world’s apocalypse hence the nickname “the Apocalypse Dragon”. Not even the almighty Gods or the all-powerful Dragon Kings stood a chance against him. He is reported to have a strange ability allowing him to manipulate dreams, turning them into reality.


High School DxD Ophis
Ophis is known in all realms as the Infinite Dragon God (the Ouroboros Dragon). She was later revealed to be the founder of the infamous Khaos Brigade. Don’t let her cute lolita appearance fool you, Ophis is actually one of the most powerful dragons in history. She wanted to return home to the Dimensional Gap only to find out the Great Red decided to make it his new residence. She has since then been trying to kick and banish Great Red from the Dimensional Gap once and for all. As a being originally born from nothing, Ophis hardly shows any emotion.

Ophis is mostly seen using snakes. She is capable of drawing out a Sacred Gear’s full power although it may kill the host in the process. Without a doubt, Ophis possesses immeasurable strength and power rivaling the Great Red. She is also seen shape shifting into an old man when the Khaos Brigade first formed.


High School DxD Tannin
Tannin is the Blaze Meteor Dragon, a former member of the Dragon Kings. He is the purple Western Dragon who was later resurrected as an Ultimate Class Demon. Ever since he became a demon, he has been joining Rating Games in the Underworld where he eventually became one of the Top 10 contenders. In preparation for the upcoming fight with Vali, Issei heads to the mountains where he meets Tannin who seemed like an out-of-control dragon at first. Turns out, he is actually a demon working with Azazel and wants to help Issei control his Balance Breaker.

Tannin is without a doubt extremely powerful, he is, after all, an Ultimate Class Demon. Tannin has remarkable endurance and durability. He withstood all of the Occult Research Club’s attacks including Xenovia’s Durandal, Kiba’s Sword of Betrayer and even Akeno’s Holy Lightning attacks. He is also able to breath fire.

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