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20 Funny Moments from Noragami That Will Surely Make You Laugh

Noragami revolves around a weird deity named Yato who makes a living by "ghostbusting" and doing other odd jobs. This anime is packed with funny moments that will definitely brighten your day! Here are 20 of the funniest!

by sashamayer19
Oct 27, 2015 9:39 PM | 85,545 views

Yato should not have snatched the fish away from the stray cat… Because it came back and got a revenge!

Funny Moments Noragami Yato cat

Yato managed to raid Hiyori’s house without her parents knowing. They would be shocked to see him standing on top of the fridge with a piece of meat hanging from his mouth!

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori fridge

Yato has a terrible advertising technique (read: illegal graffiti). He is seen doodling advertisements even inside the crowded train.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato train

Yato is an easy victim for any scheming rascal. He has been scammed into purchasing a whole bunch of random items thinking they would bring him money and fame.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato lucky vase scam

Yato accidentally lands on top of his client, causing him to fall off the tall building. Instead of saving the poor guy, he starts to advertise his services.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato free falling

Yato is about to clean the client’s doghouse when Hiyori calls up and invites him to visit a shrine. Who cares about an assignment when there are going to be a ton of food stalls?

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Yukine dog

Hiyori was washing hands in the girls bathroom when Yato unexpectedly appeared on the top of the cabin and greeted her: "Fancy meeting you here, Hiyori!"

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori bathroom

Hiyori is just checking Yato for blight. That's all she's doing. Seriously!

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori blight

Hiyori is awakened by the phantom voices at midnight and horrified to find an evil-looking monster in her bed. Oh my gosh, is that… Yato?

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori nightmare phantom

Yukine wants to borrow Hiyori’s old textbooks which causes Hiyori and Yato to start crying in happiness. Meanwhile, Yukine looks as though he is about to run or cry... or both.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori Yukine crying

Yato decides to finally get started on Hiyori’s job. However, Tenjin does not believe him so they get into a verbal war.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Tenjin boasting

Yukine takes a bath at Hiyori’s house and gets excited thinking she could use the same water. Unfortunately, her father walks in and ruins his dreams.

Funny Moments Noragami Yukine

Yato takes advantage of being invisible to others and sneaks into Hiyori’s house. Just look at this sly dog!

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori house

Yato gets a call from Hiyori who claims to have found him a Sacred Tool. He teleports only to find that so-called Sacred Tool is actually a phantom ready to devour both of them.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori phantom

Yes, it happened again. Hiyori dropped her body without having knowledge of doing so.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori body

After a stray cat steals their would-be lunch, Yato asks Hiyori to treat him and Yukine to a meal. They are so hungry that they scarf down the food within a minute!

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Hiyori Yukine restaurant

Hiyori saves Yato from a phantom by performing a martial arts technique Jungle Savate championed by her favorite boxer Touno.

Funny Moments Noragami Hiyori Touno Jungle Savate

Yukine and Hiyori are amazed to find out that Tenjin, the god of learning, is totally different from Yato. They treat Tenjin like a real god and snub Yato who quickly becomes jealous.

Funny Moments Noragami Hiyori Tenjin Yato god

Yukine and Hiyori go shopping, Yato follows them. When Hiyori notices him, he pretends to take a break at the kids playground.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato kids playground

The morning after the ceremony of Ablution, everyone is looking exhausted. Yukine and Yato say that they are glad to be alive, to which Kofuku, the god of poverty, ironically replies that they are already dead.

Funny Moments Noragami Yato Kofuku Hiyori Yukine Ablution Kazuma

Memorable characters, good animation and humor make Noragami one of the most entertaining anime shows worth watching. If you are looking for supernatural series with dark themes, definitely check it out!

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