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A Guide to the Bleach Characters: Arrancar Saga Edition

Want to learn more about Bleach? Check out the characters from the Arrancar Saga here! The battle between Shinigami and Arrancars was one of the major plots in Bleach, so don't miss this guide.

by Camelot3
Oct 23, 2015 3:24 AM | 37,675 views

One of the noteworthy arcs in Bleach is the Arrancar Arc. This is the point where Aizen takes action and starts acting on his plans to create the Royal Key and become the strongest being in the world. The Arrancar Arc is significant in various ways because Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of Bleach goes through more obstacles and challenges that help him grow stronger. To highlight this arc even more, the Bleach characters from the entire Arrancar Saga, including the Arrancar Arc, Hueco Muendo Arc, and Fake Karakura Town Arc, are featured here. If you're new to this anime, can learn more about it without even watching Bleach. In this character guide, I've outlined the Karakura Town group, the main members in the Gotei 13 who participated in the battles, the Visoreds, and other notable characters in the Arrancar Saga. Take your time looking through this guide and discovering more about the Bleach series.

Karakura Town

Karakura Town is one of the main settings in Bleach, and it's also the hometown of the main character, Ichigo, as well as the supporting characters. The Karakura Town Group play a major role throughout the series.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach Ichigo

Ichigo is the main character of Bleach. Ever since he was a child, he was able to see ghosts, and he was treated like a delinquent because of his hair. When he runs into Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami from Soul Society, Ichigo receives the power of a Shinigami and begins a new journey in his life protecting people from Hollows, which are corrupt beings that eat human souls.

Ichigo is a teenage boy who lives a relatively normal life as a high school student. He has two sisters and an eccentric father. When he was a child, his mother was killed by a Hollow named Grand Fisher and died saving Ichigo. Ichigo was well-known to be a mama's boy, but he grew up isolating himself and putting up a wall. One of his habits is to take on everything himself and keep everyone around him at a distance. But throughout the series, Ichigo shows his more childish side whenever he gets emotional or tries to hide things from his friends and family. He sometimes needs the support of his friends to help him get through tough times, though he doesn't realize it himself until his friends come to him first.

During the Arrancar Arc, Ichigo struggles with the Hollow inside him and gets help from a group called the Visoreds to help him control and use the Hollow power. Because of his insecurity with his Hollow powers, Ichigo loses battles and doesn't feel strong enough to fight the powerful new enemies that have arrived.

When Ichigo discovers that Orihime has disappeared, he becomes emotionally distant from his friends. Tatsuki, Orihime and Ichigo's friend, confronted Ichigo and asked him where Orihime was because she thought Ichigo would know. She reveals that she knows Ichigo transforms into someone else who wears black clothing (aka a Shinigami), which surprises Ichigo. But because he believes he has to do everything himself, he keeps quiet and stays distant from Tatsuki and the rest of his friends, though deep down he wants to tell them the truth. Ichigo, along with Uryuu and Chad, go to Hueco Muendo to save Orihime.

During their visit in Hueco Muendo, Ichigo fights various strong opponents, including some of the strongest Arrancars known as Espadas. Eventually, some of the Shinigami from Soul Society come to help Ichigo and fight the other enemies waiting at Hueco Muendo.

Sado Yasutora

Bleach Chad

Sado, also known as Chad, is one of Ichigo's friends, and he possesses a unique power based on strength. Due to his large, strong build, Chad was once a violent boy and used his strength to hurt and intimidate others. However, thanks to his grandfather, Chad learned that he could use his strength to help others instead of hurting them.

Chad and Ichigo become friends after Ichigo helped Chad when a couple gang members were trying to hurt Chad. Ichigo found out about Chad's past and discovered that his grandfather gave him a Mexican coin that was special to him. When Chad was abducted and his coin was threatened to be destroyed, Ichigo once again helped Chad. They both had the same values about protecting others and promised to watch each other's backs whenever either of them need aid.

During the Arrancar Arc, Chad tries to attack the Espadas Yammy and Ulquiorra, but was defeated easily. Chad also realizes that Ichigo takes over fights for him when Ichigo thinks he can't handle the opponents, which makes Chad feel insecure about his power. He seeks out help from Urahara to help build his strength and power and later becomes strong enough to take on a powerful Arrancar at Hueco Muendo. Chad also learns that his spiritual pressure is similar to a Hollow's when he's in Hueco Muendo and gains more power by being in the area.

Inoue Orihime

Bleach Orihime

Orihime is another friend of Ichigo's, but she was once only a classmate. Before she found out Ichigo was a Shinigami and before she gained her special powers, she lived a normal life. She lived with her brother for several years after he ran away from home and from his abusive parents, but he passed away. In the beginning of the Bleach series, Orihime's brother turns into a Hollow and haunts Orihime, which causes Ichigo to come save her in his Shinigami form. It's after this incident that Orihime gains the ability to sense and see Hollows and a special ability to fight them. During the Arrancar Arc, Orihime learns more about her powers. Hachi, a Visored who shares similar abilities, tells Orihime that her hairpins that give her the powers she possesses are like a Zanpakuto.

When Urahara tells Orihime to stay out of the battle between Aizen and Soul Society, Orihime becomes upset that she can't fight alongside her friends and protect Karakura Town. Even though she's told that she should stay out of the battlefield, Rukia helps Orihime train and become stronger before the battle. But Orihime is confronted by an Espada named Ulquiorra while she's on the way back to the World of the Living and is told that she has to come to Hueco Muendo on Aizen's orders. Ulquiorra says that, if she doesn't come, all her friends would be hurt. Orihime, being the kind and caring person that she is, she obeys Aizen and goes to Hueco Muendo.

Aizen has an interest in Orihime's powers because she can basically reverse time and return something to its original state. He even shows Orihime the Hogyoku and Orihime comes to the conclusion that she can use her powers to return the Hogyoku to its original state. However, it was part of Aizen's plan to lure her into thinking that she can reverse the Hogyoku. Because Aizen knew the value of her powers, he also knew that Soul Society would make their move if he had that power in his possession.

After hearing that Orihime has been kidnapped by the Arrancars, Ichigo, Chad, and Uryu go to Urahara who transports them to Hueco Muendo through a Garganta. Ichigo eventually saves Orihime from the Arrancars, and she stays in Hueco Muendo to heal the Shinigami staying there.

During the Arrancar Arc, Orihime reveals her true feelings for Ichigo and is in love with him. Even though she feels this way about him, she can't help but be reminded of her brother when Ichigo uses his Hollow mask. But Nel, an Arrancar and a new friend Ichigo made when he was in Hueco Muendo, told Orihime to support Ichigo since he came to save her. The bond between Ichigo and Orihime grows during this time. Orihime also grows as a character during the Arrancar Arc and becomes stronger as the series goes on.

Uryu Ishida

Bleach Uryuu

Uryuu is a rare species: a Quincy. He doesn't like Shinigami, but he does get involved with Ichigo from time to time, and they also have a long-standing rivalry between them. However, they do have their moments where they show that they trust each other. For example, when Ichigo fights Byakuya Kuchika in the Soul Society Arc, Uryu mentally supports Ichigo and tells him to win.

In the Arrancar Arc, we see more of Uryuu's father, Ryuuken Ishida. Although their relationship is strained, Ryuuken helps Uryuu regain his Quincy powers, which he lost during a battle with a Shinigami in the Soul Society Arc. Uryuu promised to not get involved with Shinigami again, but he also goes to help Ichigo and Chad to save Orihime in Hueco Muendo. Uryuu gets injured by Ichigo's Hollow form and stays in Hueco Muendo to get healed during the Arrancar Arc.

Ryuuken Ishida

Bleach Ryuuken

We do see some of Ryuuken Ishida in the Arrancar Arc, but only when he helps his son regain his Quincy powers. Because Ryuuken doesn't like to get involved with the spiritual world and he says he doesn't like Quincies, this has caused a rift in his relationship with his son, Uryuu. Ryuuken makes it clear that he doesn't like his son to get involved with Shinigami, and he avoids contact with them too. But he does show that he cares for his son despite their strained relationship.

Urahara Kisuke

Bleach Urahara

Urahara is introduced as a man who owns a small curio shop. However, he knows more than your typical shopkeeper, and he mysteriously sells Shinigami items in his store. He was the captain of the 12th Division and the founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute about 100 years ago. But he was framed for a crime and was exiled; he has been living in the World of the Living ever since.

Urarahara plays more of a supporting role to the other characters in Bleach. For example, he helps Chad train to become stronger, and he also helps Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad get to Hueco Muendo. Despite being exiled, Urahara gives a helping hand to Soul Society to prepare for the battle against Aizen and his army.

Yoruichi Shihouin

Bleach Yoruichi

Yoruichi is a close friend to Urahara Kisuke, and she was also a former captain in Soul Society. However, about 100 years ago, she helped Urahara escape from the sentence he was given by Central 46 after being framed by Aizen for a crime he didn't commit. She left Soul Society for good after the incident and helps Urahara on occasions. During the Arrancar Arc, she also helps Soul Society fight against Aizen, using fighting tools that Urahara developed.

Tessai Tsukabishi

Bleach Tessai

Tessai is another close friend of Urahara, and he helps around the shop. He was once a renowned captain of the Kido Corps in Soul Society. But he was also exiled from Soul Society about 100 years ago with Urahara and was framed by Aizen for a crime. Tessai doesn't directly help Soul Society like Urahara does, so he plays a minor role in the Arrancar Arc. He does occasionally help Urahara, such as helping heal anyone who's been wounded.

Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya

Bleach Jinta and Ururu

Jinta and Ururu are employees at Urahara's shop. They're both humans with superpowers, and they sometimes help fight against enemies. In the Arrancar Arc, Ururu reacts to an Arrancar's spiritual pressure and sleepwalks and enters her Genocide mode, fighting the Arrancar. But the Arrancar has the upper hand, seriously injuring Ururu. Jinta tries to fight off the Arrancar, but he's too strong for Jinta to fight off. Even though Jinta bullies Ururu at times, he does care for her and worries for her while she's healing from her injuries. They have a brother-sister relationship, despite their opposing personalities, and act as partners during any fights they're involved in.

The Kurosaki Family

Bleach Isshin

Besides Ichigo, the Kurosaki family includes Karin and Yuzu, his younger sisters, and Isshin, his father.

Karin is a tomboy and loves playing sports. She acts tough and tells it like it is. Yuzu is more gentle and girlier than Karin, and she acts like the mom in the family. Isshin owns a clinic and was once a Shinigami. He was able to regain his powers again and defeat Grand Fisher, the Hollow who killed his wife.

In the battle against Aizen, Isshin appears in his Shinigami form, shocking Ichigo. Isshin helps fight against Aizen, but Aizen successfully escapes to the real Karakura Town hidden in Soul Society. Isshin helps Ichigo defeat Aizen by teaching him the ultimate technique: the Final Getsuga Tensho. Isshin doesn't reveal the truth about his past and his identity to Ichigo right away, and Ichigo insists that Isshin can come talk to him when the time is right.

The Shinigami From Soul Society

The Shinigami or Soul Reapers from Soul Society play a big part in the Arrancar Arc. Since Aizen was a former captain of the 13 Court Squads or Gotei 13 of Soul Society, and Aizen has declared war against them, the Shinigami had to be involved in the battle.

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Bleach Yamamato

Yamamoto is the head captain of the 13 Court Squads. He's lived for 1,000 years and no one has taken his place because there has not been a Soul Reaper who matches him in strength. Yamamoto is a highly respected individual in Soul Society.

During the Arrancar Arc, he did not aid in saving Orihime from the Arrancars, claiming that she went on her own, making her a traitor. However, despite his orders for all Shinigami to not provide assistance to Ichigo, some of the Soul Reapers went to help save Orihime, such as Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki.

When it's time for battle, Yamamato traps Aizen, Gin, and Tousen in a circle of fire from his Zanpakuto to save time and prevent Aizen from making a move while the other Shinigami captains fight the Espadas. He eventually comes to help his subordinates and joins the battle. However, he's defeated by Aizen and loses an arm in the process.

Yamamato's Zanpakuto is a fire-release type. The Shikai release is called Ryujin Jakka. The known moves for his Zanpakuto are Hitosume: Nadegiri and Onibi. Hitosume: Nadegiri is a swift cutting move that slashes the opponent before they even realize they've been cut. Onibi is a move that requires the Zanpakuto to stay in its sheath and thrusts into the enemy, creating a large hole. Yamamoto is known as the strongest Shinigami alive, despite his old age.

Shunsui Kyouraku

Bleach Shunsui

Shunsui is the captain of the 8th Division in the 13 Court Squads. He's known for his easy-going personality, and he also prefers to avoid fighting. In the battle against Aizen and the Arrancars, he's matched against Coyote Starrk and fights alongside Ukitake.

When Wonderweiss enters the battle from a Garganta and immediately slashes down Ukitake, Shunsui attacks Wonderweiss, but drops his guard against Starrk. Starrk uses the opportunity to attack Shunsui. But Shunsui regains consciousness and ends up defeating Starrk in the end.

Shunsui's Zanpakuto Shikai release is named Katen Kyokotsu. It takes a twin sword form. His Zanpakuto is unique because she likes to “make children's games real.” Every move is based on a child-like game, but the results are extreme. In Shunsui's words, “You win, you live. You lose, you die.”

Juushiro Ukitake

Bleach Ukitake

Ukitake is the captain of the 13th Division and is often ill. He's known to be a kind, understanding individual with an unwavering will. Despite his health issues, he does take his captain duties seriously. He was the one that discovered Aizen's goal, which was to recreate the Oken using Karakura Town. Thanks to his discovery, the Court Squads know that they need to protect Karakura Town during the battle against Aizen.

Ukitake joins the battle against one of Aizen's Espadas, Starrk, along with Shunsui. But Ukitake is defeated by Wonderweiss when he suddenly appeared and slashed Ukitake.

Ukitake's Zanpakuto is called Sogyo no Kotowari and is a twin sword like Shunsui's Zanpakuto. Ukitake's Zanpakuto can absorb an opponent's attack, control the speed, and shoot the attack back to the enemy.

Toushiro Hitsugaya

Bleach Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya is the captain of the 10th Division, and he's renowned as a prodigy. Shunsui once said that in another 50 years, Hitsugaya may even surpass him.

Hitsugaya leads a group of Soul Reapers to the World of the Living during the beginning of the Arrancar Arc. The group are dressed as students in Ichigo's high school and attend like regular students, too. They're in the World of the Living to gather information on Arrancars and protect Karakura Town from any invasions. Hitsugaya and his group confront Arrancars during their stay and he notes that the Arrancars are much stronger than they thought.

During the battle against Aizen, Hitsugaya fights the Espada, Harribel, and two Visoreds eventually join his battle to help him. However, Aizen, who's tired of waiting, cuts down Harribel and faces the remaining opponents.

When the Shinigami and Visoreds are fighting Aizen, Hitsugaya stabs his sword in Aizen's body. But it's revealed that they've been hypnotized by Aizen's Zanpakuto, and Hitsugaya actually stabbed Hinamori, his childhood friend. This makes Hitsugaya lose control and get emotional. He charges at Aizen, but Aizen's attack reaches him first. Hitsugaya is defeated along with the other captains and Visoreds.

Hitsugaya's Zanpakuto is called Hyorinmaru, which is an ice-release Zanpakuto. His form is a long, ice dragon, and Hitsugaya can control the weather and water around him.

Retsu Unohana

Bleach Unohana

Unohana is the captain of the 4th Division and takes care of all the medical matters in Soul Society. Unohana doesn't fight against anyone during the Arrancar Arc unless she needs to. She focuses on healing the injured during the battle. She also plays a minor role in helping Ichigo heal and prepare to attack Aizen while they're in the Garganta that leads to the fake Karakura Town.

Unohana is known for her incredible medical knowledge and abilities. Her Zanpakuto is called Minazuki and has a stringray-like form. The Zanpakuto can transport many people at once and can use its stomach acids to heal the wounded.

Byakuya Kuchiki

Bleach Byakuya

Byakuya is the captain of the 6th Division and is from one of the noble families in Soul Society. He's also the head of the Kuchiki Clan and Rukia Kuchiki's adoptive brother. Byakuya was once married to Rukia's sister, Hisana, and took Rukia to fulfill his promise to Hisana to take care of her sister.

Before the Soul Society Arc, Byakuya vowed to follow the clan's rules and customs to keep his promise to his parents. Because of his duty as the head of the Kuchiki Clan, he was strict and came off as arrogant or aristocratic. However, after Aizen's plot was revealed and Soul Society changed because of Ichigo's interference, Byakuya became more laid-back. This is seen in the Arrancar Arc when Byakuya indirectly lets Rukia know that she can go to Hueco Muendo even though the Head Captain forbid it. Byakuya stated that he was only ordered to bring back the Shinigami who were staying in the World of the Living, but nothing more. Byakuya eventually comes to Hueco Muendo to save Rukia from getting killed by an Espada and enters the fray. He stays in Hueco Muendo while the other Soul Reapers fight in the fake Karakura Town.

Byakuya's Zanpakuto is named Senbonzakura and releases into countless blades that look like cherry blossoms. It's almost impossible to deflect all the tiny blades and makes it a deadly Zanpakuto.

Kenpachi Zaraki

Bleach Kenpachi

Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th Division. Even though he fulfills his duty as a captain, Kenpachi is known to be violent and loves a great fight more than anything, seeking out strong opponents. He's one of the Soul Reapers and captains to go to Hueco Muendo to fight off the Espadas and Arrancars. He's also seen to have some animosity toward Byakuya Kuchiki when they fight Yammy.
He hasn't discovered his Zanpakuto's name yet, making him the only captain unable to release his Bankai.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Bleach Kurotsuchi

Mayuri is the captain of the 12th Division and was once working under Urahara Kisuke. Mayuri is the “crazy scientist” in Soul Society and loves to experiment and study. When he goes to Hueco Muendo, he fights an equally mad scientist Espada and finds many subjects to study and test. He also stays with the other Soul Reapers in Hueco Muendo while the rest fight Aizen and his army.

Mayuri's Zanpakuto is named Ashisogi Jizo, and it takes the form of a baby-like insect in Bankai form. The Shikai form is similar to a trident with curved blades. The Zanpakuto is poisonous in both forms and affects the enemy's neural system.

Sajin Komamura

Bleach Komamura

Komamura is the captain of the 7th Division and takes the form of a large dog. He was once ashamed of his appearance, but left the bucket-like helmet off his head for good after the Soul Society Betrayal Arc.

Komamura was once a close friend to Kaname Tousen, but never realized he would betray Soul Society and join Aizen. Tousen became a Hollow and fought Komamura and Hisagi, his former lieutenant. Komamura is a kind, wise being and forgives Tousen for his crimes. He also has a strong sense of justice and peace, though he can get emotional and be rash, for example, when Aizen kills Tousen for being defeated.

Komamura's Zanpakuto is Tenken, and it takes a large, samurai-like form that's covered in armor when in Bankai form. Komamura uses Bankai more than the Shikai form. The giant from the Bankai form mimics Komamura's actions and makes his attacks more destructive.

Soi Fon

Bleach Soi Fon

Soi Fon is the current captain of the 2nd Division. She was once Yoruichi's personal guard when Yoruichi was still captain of the 2nd Division. Soi Fon is a harsh and stern captain, avoiding any emotional connection with her subordinates. She also stands firm with her beliefs and ensures that she completes her duties following these beliefs.

During the Arrancar Arc, Soi Fon joins the fake Karakura Town group and fights the Espada Baraggan. She loses an arm in the battle when he uses his ability against her. When the Visoreds arrive on the battlefield, Soi Fon teams up with Hachi to take down Baraggan even though she didn't want to at first. Despite her stubbornness, Soi Fon knows when she needs to let it go to complete her duties as a captain.

Soi Fon's Zanpakuto, Suzumebachi, is a stinger-like blade with a forearm armor or gauntlet in its Shikai form. When stung once, a butterfly pattern appears on the enemy. When stung again on the same spot, the opponent dies. The Bankai form is exponentially larger than the Shikai, and it takes the form that's similar to a missile. Soi Fon hates her Bankai and rarely uses it because it's not stealthy.

Renji Abarai

Bleach Renji

Renji is the lieutenant of the 6th Division and a close friend to Ichigo and Rukia. He was one of the Soul Reapers who went to Hueco Muendo to help save Orihime. He also battled against a few of the Espadas and was part of Hitsugaya's group in the beginning of the Arrancar Arc. He fights alongside Uryu, Chad, and Rukia in Hueco Muendo and doesn't leave it to battle in the World of the Living with the other Soul Reapers.

Renji's Zanpakuto is named Zabimaru, and Renji is one of the first lieutenants to achieve Bankai form in the series. In Shikai form, Zabimaru becomes an extending sword.

Rukia Kuchiki

Bleach Rukia

Rukia is Byakuya's adopted sister and was the one who gave Shinigami powers to Ichigo. Rukia is a strong-minded, independent individual, and she's also the voice of reason to Ichigo whenever he needs sense talked into him. Rukia goes with Renji to Hueco Muendo to help rescue Orihime and is also part of Hitsugaya's group in the World of the Living.

Rukia fights Espada 8 and was able to defeat him; however, she almost dies at the hand of another Espada until her brother, Byakuya, came to Hueco Muendo to rescue her.

Rukia's Zanpakuto, Sode no Shirayuki, is known as the most beautiful Zanpakuto in Soul Society. When it's released in the Shikai form, it can use ice-related abilities. Sode no Shirayuki depends on Rukia's spiritual pressure and body temperature. Rukia can take her body temperature down to an abnormal level to freeze the ground and transfer the temperature to her Zanpakuto for her abilities.

Rangiku Matsumoto

Bleach Rangiku

Rangiku is the lieutenant of the 10th Division and likes to laze around rather than work. During the Arrancar Arc, Rangiku fights Harribel's subordinates alone until Hinamori comes to help her. She plays a bigger role when she tries to stop Gin Ichimaru, a childhood friend, when he goes to Soul Society with Aizen. This is when it's shown that Gin and Rangiku have a rather strong bond despite all of Gin's betrayal. After the Arrancar and Aizen fight, Rangiku reveals feelings she's had for Gin, which adds more depth and complexity to her character.

Rangiku's Zanpakuto is called Haineko, and the Shikai form turns the sword into ash. Rangiku can use the ash to attack her opponent or use it for defense.

Shuuhei Hisagi

Bleach Hisagi

Hisagi is the lieutenant of the 9th Division, and his captain was Kaname Tousen. Hisagi is in charge of protecting one of the four pillars holding up the fake Karakura Town. He also eventually joins Komamura to fight Tousen and gives the deciding blow to Tousen himself.

Shuuhei's Zanpakuto is Kazeshini, a grim-reaper-like Zanpakuto when it's released in Shikai form.

Momo Hinamori

Bleach Momo

Hinamori is the lieutenant of the 5th Division. Her former captain is Aizen, and she was once intensely infatuated with him and admired him deeply. During the Arrancar Arc, she struggled to accept that he was an enemy. However, when she joined the battlefield, she stood ready to face the man whom she once trusted.

Hinamori is skilled in Kido and her Zanpakuto is Kido-based. She can use a wide array of Kido and combine them to make powerful attacks, which she used against Harribel's subordinates who were fighting against Rangiku. Hinamori didn't stay in battle long after Harribel's underlings released a beast called Ayon and it attacked Hinamori and Rangiku, causing massive injuries.

Izuru Kira

Bleach Kira

Kira is the lieutenant of the 3rd Division, which was the division that Gin Ichimaru took over when he was captain. Kira is a soft-spoken individual and doesn't enjoy battle, but he does get serious when he needs to perform his duties as a lieutenant.

Kira fights one of Baraggan's men to protect a pillar during the battle. He also takes the role of healer when Hinamori, Hisagi, and Rangiku are injured. Kira's Zanpakuto, Wabiske, can increase the weight of anything it strikes. The shape at the end of the sword is like a 3-sided square, leaving one side open to slice off the enemy's head.

Marechiyo Oomaeda

Bleach Oomaeda

Oomaeda is the lieutenant of the 2nd Division and is the complete opposite of Soi Fon, his captain. He's loud and obnoxious and shows more cowardice than strength on the battlefield. However, he does engage in combat with one of Baraggan's men and wins against him. He also fights with his captain against Baraggan and is forced to cut off Soi Fon's decaying arm during the battle.

Gegetsuburi is the name of Oomaeda's Zanpakuto, and its Shikai release command is “Crush.” When Gegetsuburi transforms, its appearance is a large spiked ball with a chain that allows for long-distance throwing attacks.

Ikkaku Madarame

Bleach Ikkaku

Ikkaku holds the 3rd Seat position in the 11th Division, the division that Captain Kenpachi is in charge of. Ikkaku is one of the few Soul Reapers who have reached Bankai even though they hold lower positions in the Gotei 13. Ikkaku is a proud fighter and doesn't want anyone to know about his Bankai. Unfortunately, when fighting one of Baraggan's men to protect one of the pillars that held the Fake Karakura Town together, Ikkaku didn't release his Bankai. This caused him to lose against the Arrancar he was fighting because he held back on his strength. In the anime, he doesn't engage in any other fights after his defeat at the hands of the Arrancar.

Ikkaku's Zanpakuto is named Hozukimaru, and he has reached both Shikai and Bankai stage with his Zanpakuto. His Shikai extends into a spear-like weapon and can split into three parts on command. His Bankai transforms into two large blades that are connected to a central blade by chains.

Yumichika Ayasegawa

Bleach Yumichika

Yumichika is a close friend of Ikkaku and admires both Ikkaku and his captain, Kenpachi. He's the 5th Seat in the 11th Division of the 13 Court Squads. Yumichika is a narcissistic character and loves to look his best, which can be quite amusing at times. He plays a major role in protecting one of the four pillars of the Fake Karakura Town during the battle against the Arrancar Army and successfully defeats his enemy. Like Ikkaku, Yumichika is a very proud man and almost let himself get defeated by the Arrancar he was fighting because he didn't want anyone to see his Zanpakuto, which he thinks may lead to Ikkaku and Captain Kenpachi isolating him if they found out about his Zanpakuto.

Yumichika's Zanpakuto is called Ruri'iro Kujaku, but, most of the time, Yumichika calls it Fuji Kujaku. This is because he doesn't want to reveal the true form of his Zanpakuto. Since it's a Kido-type Zanpakuto, Ruri'iro Kujaku isn't fit to be part of the 11th Division, which is known for its brutality. Yumichika's Zanpakuto isn't for battles that are centered around strength, so Yumichika hides its true nature from most people. For example, when he was surrounded by the enemy's black rose bush while protecting a pillar, Yumichika is able to release his Zanpakuto and use it to suck out the Arrancar's spiritual pressure since he wouldn't be seen from outside of the bush.


The Visoreds are a group of former Shinigami who were, unfortunately, Aizen's experiments. In order to perfect creating an Arrancar Army, Aizen wanted to test out Hollowfication, which is basically the procedure to give a Shinigami Hollow powers. The experiment failed, but the damage was done – the Shinigami who were transformed into Hollows were exiled from Soul Society along with Kisuke Urahara, who was framed for the crime. In the battle against Aizen, all the Visoreds appear and fight with the Shinigami to help defeat him. The Visoreds also play a major role in helping Ichigo control his Hollow powers.

Shinji Hirako

Bleach Shinji

Shinji acts as the leader of the Visoreds group. He goes to recruit Ichigo and wants him to be part of his group since Ichigo has a Hollow inside him, which practically makes him a Visored as well because of his combined Shinigami and Hollow powers. Shinji lures Ichigo by saying he can teach Ichigo to control his Hollow powers, but Ichigo doesn't take the bait. Shinji even goes to Ichigo's school to convince him to join.

Shinji acts goofy and laid-back, but he's an insightful individual. He was a former captain of the Gotei 13 and took Aizen in as his lieutenant because he was suspicious of him (rightly so!). But, after being betrayed by Aizen and used as an experiment, Shinji realized too late what Aizen was up to and Aizen stated that Shinji didn't pay enough attention to him to catch him in the act. Shinji was the last one of the Visoreds group to be overcome by the Hollowfication, which says a lot about Shinji's own will and how he can calm himself even in dire situations – at least enough to assess a situation.

When he arrives at the Fake Karakura Town where the Soul Reapers are, he attempts to fight Aizen himself, but Tousen interferes. Later on, he fights Aizen with everyone else but gets defeated in the end.

Hiyori Sarugaki

Bleach Hiyori

Hiyori is a loud, short-tempered, tomboy girl who always seems to be in some argument with Shinji. Hiyori has a tough girl appearance and likes to tease others, which is apparent when she's arguing with Hitsugaya. But she does show her soft side, and she reveals that she loved Soul Society and her life there. Aizen took that away from her, which is why she hates him and why she goes in to attack him first without thinking. Her anger can get the best of her, and she stayed out of the battle after being seriously injured. Hiyori was a former lieutenant to Kisuke Urahara in Soul Society. She hated him at first and was tough on him, but she soon softened up toward him little by little.

Love Aikawa

Bleach Love

Love was a former captain in the Gotei 13. He's a laid-back individual, but he was also seen as serious and ethical when he was a captain. Love and Rose help Shinsui fight Starrk, but Love gets defeated, like the rest, when he fights Aizen.

Roujuuro “Rose” Otoribashi

Bleach Roujuuro

Rose was another former captain of the 13 Court Squads, and he loves music. His own Zanpakuto is even based on music. Rose is often paired with Love, and they fought Starrk together when Shunsui was incapacitated after Starrk's attack. Rose was also defeated by Aizen in the battle.

Lisa Yadoumaru

Bleach Lisa

Lisa was Shunsui's former lieutenant and seemed to have deeper feelings for him than a typical captain-lieutenant relationship. When the Visoreds arrive on the battlefield, she goes to Shunsui, who's lying on the ground after Starrk's attack, and steps on his head to wake him up and greet him. Lisa seems to be calm, but when she's around Shunsui, she's short-tempered. Even when she was his lieutenant, Lisa was sassy towards him and did things that weren't normal for a lieutenant to do, such as eavesdropping on an emergency captain meeting. Lisa fights Harribel with Hitsugaya and Hiyori and is also defeated by Aizen later on.

Hachigen “Hachi” Ushouda

Bleach Hachi

Hachi is the former Vice Chief of the Kido Corps in Soul Society. Hachi is skilled in Kido and is known to make strong barriers. During the fight against the Espadas, Hachi helps Soi Fon and Oomaeda defeat Baraggan with his Kido. He loses his arm in the process.

Hachi also helps Orihime learn more about her powers. She's the only one who can walk through Hachi's barriers. He realized that Orihime has similar powers to himself. Hachi helps her by explaining more about her powers and reviving Tsubaki (one of Orihime's hairpin fairies), who was shattered in a battle with Yammy.

In the fight against Aizen, Hachi doesn't take part in the battle and stays by Hiyori's side instead.

Kensei Muguruma

Bleach Kensei

Kensei was a former captain in the Gotei 13, and he was the first one of the Visoreds to be Hollowfied. He was on a mission to figure out why souls were disappearing. Unfortunately, Tousen was with the group that was on the mission and Tousen betrayed the team. Kensei fights against Wonderweiss after Mashiro, his partner, was taken down by him.

Mashiro Kuna

Bleach Mashiro

Mashiro was Kensei's lieutenant in Soul Society, and she has a childish personality that's the complete opposite to her former captain. Mashiro can use her Hollow mask and powers for hours, which isn't true for any of the other Visoreds. She's always partnered with Kensei in fights, and she seems to enjoy teasing him.

Nel and Friends

Bleach Nel and Friends

Nel first appears in the anime as a young child with a broken Hollow mask. She's an Arrancar and she runs into Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad when they're in Hueco Muendo to save Orihime. Ichigo and his group thought Nel was being chased by Hollows, but she was actually playing tag with her friends: Dondochakka, Pesche, and Bawabawa. Nel has a masochistic streak and she also has interesting powers, such as healing saliva.

Nel gets to know Ichigo and realizes he's a good person, even though he's a Substitute Soul Reaper. She gets attached to him and decides to help him save Orihime by taking him to the castle she's imprisoned in, Las Noches. Later on, when she faces Nnoitra, Nel transforms back into her former self. She was the former 3rd Espada, and her full name is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. Dondochakka and Pesche were her Fraccion. Nnoitra hated that Nel held an Espada number higher than his, and he always tried picking a fight. By teaming up with Szayel Aporro, Nnoitra defeated Nel and created the crack in her Hollow mask. She turned into a child after that, but can transform into her adult form at certain critical times, such as when she wants to help Ichigo since he helped her several times.

Aizen and His Espada Army

Aizen and his Espada Army are the main antagonists in the Fake Karakura Town and Hueco Muendo battles. The Espadas are the top 10 strongest Arrancars in Aizen's army, so they'll be highlighted here. A unique trait about the Espadas is that they each represent an “aspect of death.” The aspect of death for each Espada will be shared in the list below. The Espadas have the power of both Shinigami and Hollows, so they each have unusual and unique abilities.

Sousuke Aizen

Bleach Aizen

Aizen is the main antagonist of the Bleach series and his plot was revealed in the Soul Society Saga. His goal was to be the most powerful being in the world; he also wanted to create the Royal Key to destroy the Soul King using Karakura Town. Using the Hogyoku, Aizen created his Arrancar Army to fight against the Soul Reapers.

During the Arrancar Saga, Aizen is ruling over Hueco Muendo. He controls all of the area, and he also creates Arrancars when he needs them; e.g., Wonderweiss is an Arrancar he created during the Hueco Muendo Arc. Aizen planned to use his Arrancar Army to defeat the Soul Reapers, but he ended up fighting them himself. He also fights the Visoreds, Ichigo, Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi. But Aizen continued growing stronger due to the Hogyoku and defeated everyone.

But despite his transformation and incredible powers, Aizen was defeated by Ichigo and Urahara's seal. Although he can't be killed, Aizen has been sealed for 20,000 years.

Gin Ichimaru

Bleach Gin

Gin was once a captain of the 13 Court Squads, but he joined Aizen's betrayal against Soul Society. Gin plays a background role during the Arrancar Saga. However, when he and Aizen go to the real Karakura Town in Soul Society, Gin shows his true objective: to kill Aizen and take away the Hogyoku, which houses countless souls. One of the souls that the Hogyoku contained was Rangiku's.

Gin and Rangiku were childhood friends, and Gin saw Aizen's underlings take Rangiku's soul for Aizen's own Hogyoku. From that day forward, Gin vowed to take back Rangiku's soul; that's why he stuck by Aizen until the right moment when he can take back the Hogyoku. Even though Gin was able to retrieve the Hogyoku by poisoning Aizen with his Zanpakuto's powers, he was killed by Aizen since he transformed once again; he was able to see Rangiku one last time, though, when she's crying over his dying body.

Tousen Kaname

Bleach Tousen

Tousen was one of the captains of the Gotei 13, but he was actually Aizen's subordinate. He was one of the people who didn't fall for Aizen's Zanpakuto's hypnosis since he was blind; the other party needed to see Aizen's Zanpakuto in order to be hypnotized.

During the Arrancar Saga, Tousen turned into a Hollow and abandoned his former Soul Reaper being. His Hollow form allowed him to see for the first time in his life. He fought Komamura and Hisagi, but lost when Hisagi stabbed him in the head. Aizen killed Tousen after Tousen failed to complete his mission.

Aaroniero Arruruerie

Bleach Aaroniero

Aaroniero is the 9th Espada, and his aspect of death is greed. Aaroniero played a unique role during the Hueco Muendo Arc. He fought against Rukia Kuchiki and appeared as Kaien, Rukia's superior and someone Rukia admired. However, Kaien was absorbed by a Hollow, and that Hollow was absorbed by Aaroniero, which is how Aaroniero turned into Kaien and was able to use Kaien's abilities. Aaroniero was defeated by Rukia.

Szayel Aporro Granz

Bleach Szayel Aporro

Szayel Aporro is the 8th Espada and represents madness. His persona is like a mad scientist as he likes to experiment and create. He fights Renji and Uryu in Hueco Muendo and weakens them with his ability to control one's body. But Szayel Aporro meets his match when he fights Captain Kurotsuchi and is defeated.

Zommari Rureaux

Bleach Zommari

Zommari is the 7th Espada and carries "intoxication" as his aspect of death. In Hueco Muendo, he aims to kill off Rukia, but Byakuya steps in before he can do so. They engage in battle and Zommari is defeated by Byakuya's Bankai and Kido. Zommari appears to be a calm individual, but he can get emotional and rash when he's in a dire situation.

Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez

Bleach Grimmjow

Grimmjow is the 6th Espada and represents destruction. He was one of the first Espadas to appear in the Arrancar Saga when he decided to go to the World of the Living and fight anyone with spiritual pressure. But, because of his impudence, Grimmjow was severely punished by Aizen. His arm was cut off and he was replaced with another Arrancar, Luppi. However, Luppi doesn't last long because Grimmjow's arm is regenerated by Orihime when she's taken to Hueco Muendo by Ulquiorra. Grimmjow uses his new arm to kill Luppi and take back his place as the 6th Espada.

At one point during the Hueco Muendo Arc, Grimmjow rescues Orihime from two Arrancars who are bullying her when he wants her to heal Ichigo so Grimmjow can fight him again. Ichigo and Grimmjow battle each other and Grimmjow is defeated, though not dead. When Grimmjow tries to fight Ichigo again, he gets seriously wounded by the 5th Espada, Nnoitra, who wants to fight Ichigo and test out his strength.

Nnoitra Gilga

Bleach Nnoitra

Nnoitra is the 5th Espada, and despair is his aspect of death. He aims to fight the strongest and believes he's the strongest Espada. He also has a complex about women being stronger than men, which is the main reason why he defeated Nel since she was the former 3rd Espada. Nnoitra is known for his tough body, but he is defeated by Kenpachi.

Ulquiorra Cifer

Bleach Ulquiorra

The 4th Espada is Ulquiorra Cifer. His aspect of death is Emptiness. Ulquiorra was one of the first Espadas to appear in the series, and he was doing research for Aizen. He referred to anyone he thought was useless as “trash” and is a cold and aloof character. However, Ulquiorra showed the greatest change in any Espada.

Ulquiorra was the one who took Orihime to Hueco Muendo. While Orihime was imprisoned, Ulquiorra got to know her and questioned the human heart a lot. Because he was originally a Hollow and his aspect of death was emptiness, the human heart was a mystery to him; he didn't understand why people cared for each other enough to risk their lives and be reckless. But, when Ulquoirra was severely wounded by Hollow Ichigo and started dissolving, he reached out to Orihime and asked if she was scared. She said no and reached out her hand toward him. Ulquoirra suddenly understood what the human heart was when Orihime reached out for him and he died thinking that he had a heart in his hand, too.

Because of the life he lived and the being he was, Ulquiorra discovering a “heart” or understanding the human heart is miraculous for someone like him. That's why his character is complex and intriguing in many ways. He genuinely sought out the answers to his questions and discovered them right before he dissolved completely, and that changed him. A being like Ulquiorra changing or relating to humans is something that's not often heard of.

Tier Harribel

Bleach Harribel

Harribel is the 3rd Espada and the only female Espada in the group. She represents sacrifice and has three Fraccion subordinates. They are Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun. Harribel fights Captain Hitsugaya while her underlings fight against Hitsugaya's lieutenant, Rangiku. Later on, Harribel fights Hiyori and Lisa, who are Visoreds, as well as Hitsugaya. Harribel always appears calm, even when she's overcome with emotion, such as when her Fraccion were defeated by Yamamato. She was the only Espada who didn't get defeated by a Shinigami; instead, Aizen slashed her for disappointing him by not defeating the enemy.

Baraggan Louisenbairn

Bleach Baraggan

Baraggan is the 2nd Espada and the oldest out of all the Espadas. His aspect of death is aging, and he has the power to decay anything he touches. When Hachi from the Visoreds group joins Soi Fon and Oomaeda in the fight against Baraggan, it's revealed that Baraggan can be affected by his own powers. He decays into oblivion when he gets defeated by Hachi's clever Kido attack. But Baraggan threw his Zanpakuto at Aizen before he completely disappeared, which shows that he held a grudge against Aizen.

Baraggan was the former king of Hueco Muendo. Aizen came to him at one point with Gin and Tousen to make a deal. Baraggan saw Aizen's magnificent power and decided to be part of his army. But he forever held a grudge against Aizen for stealing his position; his pride as the former king was still with him and he vowed to take back what Aizen took from him. Baraggan showed his true colors in the end, but did not accomplish his goal to defeat Aizen.

Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerback

Bleach Starrk and Lilynette

Although Starrk has the Espada number on him, Starrk and Lilynette are actually one person. They're both the 1st Espada. Starrk once lived alone as a Hollow, but weaker Hollows kept dying when he was near them because of his powerful spiritual pressure. He created Lilynette to cure his loneliness. You can see why Starrk's aspect of death is loneliness. Because Starrk was alone in his past for a long time, he wanted to be around people who were strong enough to be near him. He was grateful to Aizen for allowing him to have comrades who were strong, but Starrk detested being strong because it caused him his loneliness.

Starrk and Lilynette have a unique fighting style. Lilynette is actually Starrk's Zanpakuto, and she transforms into a gun when Starrk goes into Resurrección mode. Starrk fights Shunsui and the Visoreds, Love and Rose. However, Shunsui is the one to deal the final blow to Starrk.

Yammy Llargo

Bleach Yammy

Yammy holds two positions: He is Espada 0 and Arrancar 10. When Yammy releases his Zanpakuto, he becomes Espada 0. His aspect of death is rage. Yammy is mostly seen with Ulquiorra and also accompanies him to the World of the Living in the beginning of the Arrancar Arc. Yammy fights multiple Shinigami, but is ultimately defeated by Captains Byakuya and Kenpachi from the Gotei 13. It's shown that Yammy has a Hollow dog as a pet, which is strange for his character since he seems hateful and angry all the time.

If you haven't seen the Arrancar Arc yet or you've never seen Bleach before, don't miss out! The action, complex characters, excellent plot, and the creative and unique elements are what make up this anime series. If you enjoy watching anime series with all of the above, check out Bleach and add it to your list.

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