Love Aikawa

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Bleach: The Death Save the Strawberry
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Love Aikawa (愛川 羅武(ラヴ))

Date of birth: October 10th
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 189 cm (6'2")
Weight: 86 kg

Love Aikawa, former captain of the 7th Division, is a tall man sporting sunglasses, a spiked afro, and a jogging suit. He seems to be very laid back, usually reading Shōnen Jump or some of Lisa's erotic manga in his spare time. He and Rose seem to be close friends. His zanpakutō's hilt is in the shape of a heart, and he carries its sheath on a tōju hanging from his shoulder like a messenger bag.

Source: Bleach official character books II

His zanpakuto becomes a giant spiked club in its shikai state.

Voice Actors
Willingham, Travis
Inada, Tetsu
Moury, Bruno
Campos, Ramon
Portuguese (BR)
Paixão, Adriano
Portuguese (BR)
Pérez, Manuel

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