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Zommari Leroux (ゾマリ・ルル)

Zommari Leroux is a tall, heavily featured, dark-skinned arrancar who displays a calm, contemplative personality and rarely spoke until his confrontation with Byakuya. His chin is marked by several triangular tattoos. The remnants of his hollow mask consist of a small row of bony spikes extending along the crest of his head, skull-shaped earrings, and a bony necklace. Zommari's first major appearance is shortly after Aaroniero Arruruerie's death. As he is about to finish off Aaroniero's killer,Kuchiki Rukia, he is interrupted by Kuchiki Byakuya. The two do battle and, after releasing his zanpakutō, Zommari takes control of Rukia's body to use as his puppet against Byakuya. Byakuya counters this attempt and attacks Zommari with his bankai. Zommari barely survives, realizing that he has lost. He begs for his life before he angrily dismisses shinigami as arrogant for believing they have a right to hunt and judge hollows simply because they consider them evil. Byakuya counters by stating he was fighting simply because Zommari "pointed [his] sword at [his] pride" (referring to Rukia), then coldly kills the Espada with a single strike. Zommari dies shouting his praise for Aizen.

Zommari's sonído is the self-proclaimed fastest among the Espada, to the point that he can leave up to five afterimages of himself behind when he moves, which earned it the name Gemelos Sonído (双児響転(ヘメロスソニード), Spanish for "Twins Sound"). His zanpakutō is called Brujería (呪眼僧伽(ブルヘリア), Buruheria?, Spanish for "witchcraft," Japanese for "sangha of bewitching eyes") and resembles a regular katana except for the guard, which appears as a thick disk with spikes around the rim. It is released by the command "suppress" (鎮まれ, shizumare?). When released, Brujería covers his entire body with fifty open eyes, and his legs are replaced by a pumpkin-like structure surrounded by cycloptic faces. Using the eyes on his body, Zommari can take control of one object per eye. He refers to the effect as amor (Spanish for "love"). This is signified by a sun-shaped mark on the affected area and dilation of the activated eye. Although he can take control of an opponent's limbs individually, he can also take control of their entire body by targeting their head. The release can also be used as a defensive resource, as its lower half can become a full sphere that covers his upper body. This sphere was strong enough to barely withstand the attack of Byakuya Kuchiki's bankai, at the cost of depriving him the use of a substantial amount of eyes.

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Voice Actors
Kusunoki, Taiten
Eagles, Greg
Kaplan, Neil
Monteiro, Douglas
Portuguese (BR)
Zucca, Mario
Reyes, Salvador
Tomé, Antoine

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