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20 Inspiring Quotes from Kuroko no Basket to Fuel Your Inner Athlete

Kuroko no Basket brings the blood, sweat, pain, and tears of high school basketball to life. Here are 20 quotes from the anime that capture the epic rivalry between friend and foe on the court and off!

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Oct 13, 2015 12:54 AM | 80,098 views

"It's always better to have stronger opponents than weak ones." – Taiga Kagami

Kagami & Mitobe - Kuroko no Basket

"Nothing beats cultivating talent." – Riko Aida

Aida Riko - Kuroko no Basket

"You better add the word "revenge" to that empty dictionary of yours." – Yukio Kasamatsu

Kasamatsu - Kuroko no Basket

"You can only speculate based on the past. You won't really know what will happen until you play." – Tetsuya Kuroko

Kuroko alone - Kuroko no Basket

"The strong don't win. The winners are the strong ones." – Tsutomu Iwamura

Iwamura - Kuroko no Basket

"But don't difficult situations light a fire in you?" – Tetsuya Kuroko

Kuroko & Kise - Kuroko no Basket

"I guess you could say I hate you because you're like me. I just don't want to lose to you." – Kazunari Takao

Takao & Kuroko - Kuroko no Basket

"You don't give up until the very end." – Taiga Kagami

Kagami & Midorima - Kuroko no Basket

"The only one who can beat me is me." – Daiki Aomine

Kuroko, Kagami & Aomine - Kuroko no Basket

"I know losing sucks, but come on! Yesterday's enemies are today's friends!" – Ryouta Kise

Kuroko, Kagami, Rise & Midorima - Kuroko no Basket

"If my opponents lose the will to play, what's fun about basketball anymore?" – Daiki Aomine

Aomine & opponents - Kuroko no Basket

"Humans grow. Don't act like you understand when you don't even realize that!" – Riko Aida

Seirin & Riko - Kuroko no Basket

"If winning were so simple, it would be too easy." – Tetsuya Kuroko

Midorima & Kuroko - Kuroko no Basket

"That's it. Show some spirit so you can entertain me, even a little." – Daiki Aomine

Kuroko & Aomine - Kuroko no Basket

"The possibility of victory is only 0% when all the players give up. No matter how impossible it may seem, I refuse to make it 0% myself." – Tetsuya Kuroko

Kuroko & the basketball - Kuroko no Basket

"When you're trying to learn a new technique, first you have to understand yourself." – Teppei Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi - Kuroko no Basket

"A man who cannot play by himself cannot improve by himself." – Shintarou Midorima

Midorima - Kuroko no Basket

"Even if they give everything they have, not every challenger can become a winner." – Riko Aida

Riko & Seirin - Kuroko no Basket

"If you're going to climb a mountain, you've got to aim for the top. But let's not forget to enjoy the scenery." – Teppei Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi & Hyuga - Kuroko no Basket

"Life is all about challenges. There's no point in living if there's no one strong to play." – Taiga Kagami

Kagami Taiga - Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket tells the stories of a group of prodigies who collapse under their own weight of overwhelming talent and their former teammate who embarks on a quest to teach them that their approach to basketball is wrong. There is no 'I' in this anime! I hope these quotes offer some insight into Kuroko's world of pure teen spirit!

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